Here I would like to share with you a cotton and linen skirt with an elasticated waist, which is very simple to make.

Wear it with the cotton and linen shirt shared earlier.

Have you become more and more fond of wearing skirts and pants with elastic bands like me? Skinny denim is indeed good-looking, but it is really a crime to wear, after all, a good figure is gone…

Take a look at the pictures

It looks great when made white

Take a look at the crop. XL code

IF OTHER TYPES ARE REQUIRED, PUSH THE PLATE ACCORDING TO THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF 4CM AND LENGTH 1CM. The leather band on the waist is the most accurate to measure by itself, and the net body waist circumference minus 5-6CM is just right

XL size crop

Explanation of the production process

There are no big requirements for fabrics, and general fabrics can be, each with its own feeling.

It’s just that no matter what fabric is sewn, please wash it first, wash it in the basin and dry it

The decorative strip in the front middle is ironed with a cloth button and sewn by the method of snapping and stitching, and a small wooden button is fixed on it for decoration

Curved diagonal slip pocket, bag mouth sewing should remember to hit the knife edge, the more uniform the knife edge, the better the shape of the pocket turned out

Pocket effect

The front middle hem is split to the position of the trim strip

Just roll the hem

Well, this time the style sharing is here,

If you like it, you can try it, and if you don’t understand, you can leave a message or private message in the comment area.

After reading it, I think it’s not bad, like, forward can be oh. Thank you for carrying love!!!