“An autumn rain and a cold”, it has been raining recently, and it obviously feels that the weather is much cooler, and the sweatshirt that has been sleeping for a long time should come in handy again…

When it comes to wearing sweatshirts, everyone naturally thinks of “sweatshirt + jeans” or “sweatshirt + sweatpants”… Today, let’s learn the “sweatshirt + skirt” outfit!

1) Sweatshirt + small leather skirt

Black hooded sweatshirt with black patent leather skirt, and a pair of Martin boots, the whole look is cool? In order to brighten the effect, the model chose bright blue Martin boots, the color of the handbag can be freely selected, and the LV handbag of the old flower belongs to the dark color, which is more harmonious.

2) White sweatshirt + small leather skirt

The loose version of the sweatshirt with a white monogram pattern is simple and stylish, and the shoes can be paired with flat sandals or all-round little white shoes.

3) Gray hooded sweatshirt + purple printed skirt

If you look closely, you will find that the logo of the light gray sweatshirt on the model has purple, so the skirt chooses a purple printed skirt that echoes, the irregular skirt design of the skirt and the flowing material are in sharp contrast with the sweatshirt, so that the “both harmonious and contrasting” matching method is worth learning, shoes and hats are selected purple, maintaining consistency in color, high heels, berets with sweatshirt + skirt, and from the style of integration of casual and Lady feeling, eye-catching.

4) Black hooded sweatshirt + black printed skirt

As in the picture above, the sweatshirt and skirt form a contrast from the material and style, and the color maintains a certain degree of harmony, note that ⚠️ the small bag is selected green, and the skirt also has green in the décor, so it meets the accessory matching principle of “multi-color / colorful clothes”, which will not be repeated before. Feel free to wear the shoes with flat casual shoes or small white shoes. It still conforms to the principle of 3-color matching.

5) Gray sweatshirt + khaki skirt

The style of the skirt is relatively slim, so the sweatshirt is tied into the skirt to show the waist, it is worth noting that it is not tied too neatly, the monogram pattern of the sweatshirt is big red, so the big red high heels were chosen, which played a finishing touch. The handbag is also a combination of red and gray colors, which adds a sense of harmony to the whole look.

6) Light gray sweatshirt + dark gray pleated skirt

Light gray hooded sweatshirt with dark gray pleated skirt, belongs to the same color dark and light color matching, shoes are also light gray, it is worth mentioning the combination of socks + high heels, usually we rarely wear this, but the good match is also very outstanding, and at the same time can play a warm role.

7) White sweatshirt + pink short skirt

It is worth noting that the monogram pattern of the sweatshirt is big red, and the edge of the skirt is also big red, which can play a role in echoing each other, and there is also red in the design of the shoes, and the processing of these details is worth learning.

8) Blue-black sweatshirt + printed skirt

Blue-black and big red themselves are a good color combination, the base color of the skirt is white, and at the same time it plays a role in enhancing the brightness, and the matching of the belt adds a sense of formality, which is a good workplace outfit.

9) Black sweatshirt + Barbie pink irregular skirt

The sweatshirt and shoes are black, the skirt is a ruffled Barbie pink irregular skirt, and the waist bag is selected as a big red, which is both red and can play a contrast effect of dark and light colors, and can also brighten.

10) White sweatshirt + green printed skirt

White and green itself is a good color combination, the print pattern and chiffon skirt material contrasts with the sweatshirt, skirt + boots are also a good mix and match combination, the bag also chooses green, the whole outfit conforms to the 3-color principle at the same time, really good-looking.

Well, the wearing of autumn sweatshirt + skirt will be shared with you here, have you learned? Let’s be a beautiful sweatshirt fashionista.

PS: I am “Angel to See the World”, welcome everyone to follow me, let’s be beautiful to old together!