Nestlé Group, the world’s largest food producer, recently made a big move, acquiring a majority stake in a joint venture owned by American company Guthy-Renker, taking the world’s best-selling acne brand Proactive.

Proactive as a comprehensive acne product, water milk three sets are complete, respectively fruit acid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, for acne is very effective, sales are high, foreign acne products will also use this brand as a comparison in the advertising slogan, which shows the classic status. Nestlé’s acquisition is to enhance the comprehensive strength of its subsidiary Nestlé Skin Health in the field of skin health.

Why enter the skin care industry, perhaps also aiming at this huge cake. If women’s wardrobes are always missing a piece of clothing, then their dressers are also missing a lot of skin care cosmetics, and their purchasing power cannot be underestimated. The same color number out of the new texture, buy; The usual skin care products were replaced with new packaging and bought; Even a collection of all styles is bought in a lot of people. Therefore, many brands that have done well in the industry have also looked at this market and cross-border play with skin care makeup series.


Fujifilm, which was once popular, has slowly declined with the spread of digital imaging technology, and has gradually transformed into a diversified company that develops products in various fields such as medical treatment, optical components, and high-performance materials. Esti is a cosmetics brand that they launched in line with the original antioxidant technology in the production of film.

The product is positioned in the middle and high-end, focusing on anti-oxidation and moisturizing skin care appeals, mild nature and good effect. But like a large number of Japanese brands in the Chinese market cold, Ashetti did not plan the right marketing direction for herself from the beginning, the main Fuji lineage made many consumers question “why film factories also produce cosmetics”, failed to highlight their own advantages, so once announced that they would withdraw from the Chinese market, and later the reopening of the Tmall flagship store showed some determination to continue to persevere.

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H&M:H&M Beauty

After Forever 21 and Topshop reached into the makeup world, H&M didn’t sit still, launching its own makeup line, H&M Beauty, last fall, with the slogan of parity, “We won’t have products over $50.” H&M Beauty includes eyeliner, nail polish, lip gloss, body hair care products, and in 2016, it launched a matching Conscious makeup line in line with the Conscious sustainable clothing line, all of which will be available by the end of March. H&M is in line with its “fast fashion” positioning by focusing on small, colorful items, and ignoring the base category that pursues a certain quality effect, which is a smart approach.

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Compared with the previous two, MUJI’s skincare makeup line is much more famous and maintains its quality very well. Because of the main additive-free gimmick, lotions, lotions and lightweight makeup remover gels for sensitive skin are all hot sellers, and lotions have been recommended by many beauty experts so far to make water films. The makeup line, eyebrow pencil eyeshadow and other items that highlight the coloring power are also praised, but the material and texture used in the base makeup are always a hurdle that the affordable series cannot pass.

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Christian Louboutin

Many women fantasize about having red-soled shoes, but before that day comes, they can also have Christian Louboutin’s makeup. After testing the water with nail polish in the early stage, Christian Louboutin launched a new lipstick, and the chic shape and brand effect made the price of this lipstick go all the way. Although it costs $90 (about $585) alone, it is very difficult to snap up, with the average price on Taobao around 700, and soaring to 1500 yuan. Now it claims to be one of the most expensive lipsticks no.



If most crossovers can play tricks with brand effect, then ONLY must be the one that failed.

For most people, ONLY is still only a women’s clothing brand that exists in department stores, and it has already launched its own skin care line, and at the beginning it found many beauty experts to recommend, and also cooperated with the well-known beauty community to do a lot of trial activities, but it could not save any situation. Too much backlog ends up turning into a full giveaway to buy clothes.

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If you pay a little attention to the information of skin care and makeup, you will find that there are really many brands that have entered this market in recent years, Michael Kors, GUCCI, MARC JACOBS, CK, DOLCE & GABBANA, Balmain… It’s all going through the storm. Burberry had a beautiful reception at a beauty flash shop in Tokyo. Perhaps most female consumers are happy to see this result, after all, beauty products are the minimum threshold for brand advancement.

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