“Freight Navigation” is new, construction truck drivers can also enjoy this benefit, the latest operation guide recommended collection

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From traditional pass approval to online livelihood safety services, through digital empowerment and process reengineering, the whole process of freight vehicle travel can be managed online.

The digital reform of traffic safety of Hangzhou Public Security Traffic Police has made travel more convenient for everyone.

Recently, “Cargo Navigation” has been launched, and construction truck drivers can also enjoy this benefit. Let’s take a look at how to claim.

What is “Cargo Navigation”?

Truck drivers can claim routes and use the navigation function through the “Freight Navigation” service module of the “Uncle Police” app. “Freight Navigation” also has functions such as traffic information push, voice broadcast reminder, and driving safety education video.

In mid-November, Hangzhou Traffic Police innovatively launched the “Hangzhou Freight Navigation” digital scene construction application for the first time nationwide. After nearly a month of trial operation, some functions have been upgraded and improved.

What’s so good about “Cargo Navigation”?

Fast build. Through process reengineering, the original manual approval mode of truck passes is transformed into a system that directly generates safe and convenient passage routes through algorithms, eliminating the manual approval process, and realizing immediate action.

Wide application. The original passage in different districts and counties (cities) for different areas (time periods) has been transformed into a single application in the freight navigation system to achieve passage in the whole city.

Choose more. The system directly generates traffic routes, “opens” the subjective “forbidden” roads in traditional pass approval, avoids artificial interference in road selection, expands the scope of route selection, and makes traffic more convenient.

Melt security. The freight navigation system is highly integrated with “one yard and one map”, showing black, red and orange for the “five-color map” of enterprise traffic safety, black, gray and red codes for driver traffic safety, and the vehicle status is overdue unwritten, overdue, overdue, and undealt with multiple violations, etc., which is determined to have major accident hidden dangers, that is, start the risk warning of the urban cargo guidance system, and take measures to restrict the use of the freight navigation system to varying degrees until the hidden dangers are eliminated.

Strong service. After confirming the application route, the navigation service is activated, and the driver is provided with route navigation while broadcasting various road traffic safety tips and information provided by the traffic police department in real time.

What’s new on Cargo Navigator?

Wider range of users. At the request of the majority of drivers, the newly upgraded “freight navigation” applicable models have added engineering vehicles and blue plate trucks.

Better access lines. On the one hand, the traffic route is optimized to reduce unnecessary detours; On the other hand, according to the characteristics of different routes, 3 routes are recommended for drivers to choose.

Better user experience. Support vehicles to pre-record vehicle information and departure points in advance, and add “route point” and “run again” functions to reduce repeated entry of the same information.

Latest how-to guide bookmarked!

1. Download the “Uncle Police” APP

2. Register and log in

Follow the system prompts to complete the authentication, then click the “Freight Navigation” module, carefully read the relevant content of “Hangzhou Traffic Police Tips”, and complete the “Registration and Login” steps. (Special note: The system also provides a driving safety learning education video viewing service.) )

3. Sign a letter of commitment and video learning (required for the first application)

Follow the system prompts to turn on GPS positioning and authorization, carefully read and strictly abide by the content of the pledge and complete the mission video learning.

4. Bind the vehicle

Follow the system prompts to complete the steps such as vehicle filing, number plate type selection, and driving license upload, and submit the binding after verification.

(Special note: (1) The system will automatically guide you to the vehicle binding module for the first time, if you need to add a new vehicle later, please add it to the “Functions” module.) (2) The engineering vehicle does not need to be manually bound, the system automatically synchronizes the vehicle according to your personal information, if you find that your engineering vehicle is not displayed, please verify the binding relationship between the person and vehicle of Zhi’an Tong. (3) Ordinary trucks only need to upload the original driving license, such as trailers, you need to upload tractors and trailer driving licenses. )

5. Pre-recording and application for use

Follow the system prompts to select the vehicle, enter the place of departure and arrival, click the “Pre-record” button, click and check the route to apply for use.

(Special note: (1) If you do not find your desired departure or arrival place, you can click the map selection button.) Click the “Self-driving Location” button in the upper right corner, and the system will default to your current location as the departure point. (2) If the vehicle you selected is an engineering vehicle, you can click the “Construction Site” icon on the address selection interface to select your corresponding construction site as the place of departure or arrival. (3) If the itinerary changes, the passage time does not match, or the pre-recorded departure place does not match your current location, you can click to claim later or cancel and re-start the pre-recording. )

6. Real-time navigation

Click the “Confirm the above information, start real-time navigation” button to open navigation, and you can evaluate the system after ending navigation.

(Special tips: (1) During the navigation process, please ensure that the mobile phone has sufficient power, do not make or answer the phone or exit the navigation.) (2) In case of special circumstances to exit the procedure, the driver needs to choose the nearest parking area to park, repeat the above operation to apply for use. )

Hangzhou Traffic Police Tips——

Click the “Functions” menu at the bottom to enter the function page, where you can customize the ordering of vehicles or bind other vehicles. In addition, click the “Run Again” button, the system will show you your historical pre-recorded information, click to go now.

The “freight navigation” service is to better ensure the development of urban freight, standardize the order of freight, and improve the level of traffic safety services. During use, if you have any questions, you can call the consultation phone number 0571-85106657, 86906085.

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