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According to the “European Times” WeChat public account “Weicheng” news, Wiener Linien said that for the safety of public transport, security personnel have been given more rights, security personnel can check the identity of passengers, can also arrest others. For example, if the passenger shows aggression when the ticket inspector checks the ticket, and the passenger does not stop after the security personnel warns, then the security personnel can control the TA and call the police until they are taken over by the police. Christoph Heshmatpour of Wiener Linien said this was stipulated in section 30, paragraph 3 of the Railway Act.

Irina Steirer of the Vienna Police Department said: “According to the provisions of the Railway Law, security personnel can control or remove offenders who deliberately use emergency parking devices, pose a threat to the lives and property of others, etc., and then they must call the police for the police to make a real arrest.”

Security personnel at Wiener Linien will be equipped with pepper spray, gas masks and stab vests. By the end of the year, the number of employees will increase from 90 to 120. Wiener Linien will also invest 800,000 euros (1 euro ≈ 7.83 yuan) in video surveillance in 2019, and more than 13,000 cameras will be used in Wiener Linien’s vehicles and stations.

Special attention

Wiener LIninen has implemented a complete “fasting” on all metro lines from 15 January 2019, i.e. saying no to food on all Wiener metro lines, even food without smell, regardless of the age of the passengers. A Wiener Linien spokesperson said that non-food such as chewing gum is allowed, but apples, biscuits, sausages, chocolate, snacks and other foods are completely prohibited. As to whether a “fasting” order has also been imposed on the platform, the spokesman said that it is allowed on the platform. Breastfeeding in the subway is also allowed.

In a survey conducted by the Vienna newspaper Today on the safety of public transport in Vienna, 48.76% of people chose to be very safe and 7.82% to choose very unsafe.

Although Vienna’s public transportation is nominally unmanned, in fact, 100 ticket inspectors raid each Vienna metro station or light rail station every day to randomly check whether passengers have purchased tickets.

If a passenger is caught evading a ticket, they face a fine of €105 (effective January 2018), which rises to €115 if they fail to pay the fine in cash on the spot or by bank transfer within 3 days, and may face legal action.

Vienna metro ticket prices

One-way ticket (Einzelfahrt): One-way ticket with no specific duration limit, all public transport (including trams, metro and buses).

Note: When taking the subway or light rail, the ticket will take effect after the ticket is placed at the ticket machine outside the platform; Ticket machines for trams and buses are inside the car.

Price: 2.4 euros

24-hour/48-hour/72-hour ticket: Valid for 24/48/72 hours after ticketing, transferable and valid for unlimited use of all inner-city public transport.

Price: 8 euros for 24 hours, 14.10 euros for 48 hours, 17.10 euros for 72 hours

8-Day Ticket (8-Tage-Klimakarte): 8 squares on one ticket, which can be played 8 times. Can be used by multiple people at the same time and is transferable. Each ticket is valid until 1am the next day and unlimited travel on all public transport in the city.

Price: 40.80 euros

Weekly Pass (Wochenkarte): No ticket required, valid from 0:00 on Monday to 9:00 on the following Monday. Unlimited times are available for all public transport in the city.

Note: Weekly passes are valid for calendar weeks and do not start from the date of purchase.

Ticket price: 17.10 euros

Commuter Pass (Monatskarte): No ticket required, valid from 0:00 on the 1st of the month to 23:59 on the 2nd of the following month. Unlimited times are available for all public transport in the city.

Note: Commuter passes are valid for calendar months and do not start from the date of purchase.

Ticket price: 51 euros

Annual Pass (Jahreskarte):

Note: Annual passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Ticket price: 365 euros (lump sum Einmalzahlung)

396 euros (paid in monthly installments of Teilzahlung)

Ticketing locations: All Vienna Transport Office ticket windows (larger metro stations), ticket vending machines (all metro stations), coin-operated ticket machines on trams.

Don’t take chances, think that you can evade tickets without checking the tickets, since you live here, please abide by the local rules and order. (Han Han)