For daily bathing, we usually choose shower gel, or handmade soap and essential oil soap. Bathing cleansing as the premise of skin care, how did the ancients clean the skin? In ancient times, when there was no shower gel and soap, people at that time would apply a little salt to their bodies in order to achieve the effect of cleaning and inhibiting bacteria. At present, this method is not outdated, after a more elaborate production process and composition ratio, salt is still a good bath companion, and can even play a better skin care effect than shower gel.

Basquelin Skin Shower Salt from Japan has passed on and improved this tradition to make daily bathing more comfortable. Skin beauty shower salt granules are very delicate, will not damage the skin, applied on the body can soften the dead skin and keratin on the surface of the skin, bath water is easy, specially designed for shower, can be used instead of shower gel, to bring SPA-like moisturizing enjoyment to the skin. With natural plant extracts, it is washed and skinned at the same time, injecting sufficient moisture into skin cells, driving away dull skin and staying away from “chicken skin”.

There are three types of Basquelin Skin Shower Salts: elegant light fragrance, fruity type and floral type. Elegant light-scented skin shower salts contain hydrolyzed scortosin and grape leaf to hydrate and hydrate the skin for a radiant complexion; Fruity Skin Shower Salt contains royal jelly and shea butter to restore smooth and supple skin; Floral Skin Shower Salt contains Rosa Fruit Oil and Camellia Seed Oil to improve dullness and brighten skin tone, leaving skin soft and refined.

Basquelin is a classic Japanese bath salt brand, its brand concept is to combine Japanese hot spring mineral ingredients with herbal extracts to bring everyone a better bathing experience. Originating from Tsumura Co., Ltd. in Japan, Basquelin has been committed to the research and development and iteration of bath products since its establishment in 1893, becoming a household name in Japan, and selling well in many countries around the world, gaining the love and support of many consumers. In March 2019, Basqueline powder-type bath products were recognized by Guinness World Records for their impressive sales. At present, Basquelin bath salt products sold in China include warm aromatic bath salts, herbal bath salts, skin beauty shower salts and nourishing skin fragrance bath salts.