Black technology/APP/game, “Mad Pill Science” may be the most fun you have ever seen Today’s headlines

Mechanical enthusiasts pay attention, today Mad Pill wants to introduce you to a set of DIY blocks containing various mechanical movement principles, which are very playable. Can spell out

At least 32 kinds of flexible and movable mini machines, and only 89 yuan.

Let’s first take a few GIFs to feel, using the principle of gear transmission, a turn can trigger a small whirlpool of coffee stirrers:

An important textile equipment, the magical weft rolling machine:

Model aircraft taxiing on the runway:

Rotorcraft helicopters using the principle of gear transmission:

Use bearings to connect the gears on both sides, and then add pulleys to fix them to form a balance:

Spelling out a fishing rod crane by means of a power lift in the vertical direction is an excellent embodiment of the principle of levers in physics.

Each box of bricks has 100+ parts, including technical beams, shafts, gears, racks, connectors, pulleys, rubber bands, link pins and other parts. Of course, the meticulousness of the test cannot be compared with the Letech series, but the quality and fit are completely worthy of the price.

While building mechanical models and physical devices, you can also exercise your thinking and abilities in mechanical, electronic, and physical fields.

There are guides for using models and parts in the tutorial book, so I am not afraid that I will not play.

In addition to the 32 representative machines, you can also use your own creativity, such as this amphibious combat vehicle assembled using basic building block elements combined with round shafts and gears.

In addition to the basic set, there are also in the same series

Upgraded set Super Mechanic and Chain Reaction

, the difficulty is a little greater than the above.


chain reaction set,

529 building block elements, 10 kinds of bearing actuators.

2) Super Mechanic Set,

There are 40 types of mechanical devices.

↓ Poke “Learn more” in the lower left corner to get the necessary tools for mechanical engineers