T-shirts are relatively common in life, but if you want to wear colorful, it is somewhat difficult, because most of the styles of T-shirts in life are relatively simple, and there are few alternative designs. If you want to wear a sense of fashion in life, you still have to choose different items as a match, let’s take a look at how to wear T-shirts to be more fashionable and colorful

Ma Sichun is a relatively well-known actress in China, although she is young, she has excellent acting skills and has won many awards. Such an excellent actress is relatively low-key in life, and there are few bad rumors, what kind of outfit is such an excellent and low-key girl in life, let’s take a look

Come and learn Ma Sichun’s daily wear, T-shirt with small skirt, I have to say very fashionable, Ma Sichun chose a dark blue T-shirt on the upper body, this T-shirt looks ordinary and has no highlights, but this T-shirt is versatile, with what kind of items will be very suitable, let’s take a look. Ma Sichun’s T-shirt with undershirt is very fashionable, in life, you can use this layering method to make everyone look more fashionable

In early summer, wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt layered with a high-neck long-sleeved undershirt is very good, warm and fashionable, Ma Sichun paired a white turtleneck undershirt in a black T-shirt, this white turtleneck undershirt is different from ordinary high-neck undershirts, Ma Sichun’s white undershirt is relatively loose, and the neckline is relatively pleated, with the meaning of pile collars, and the exposed half-cut white sleeves are also long and wide, which is very in line with the dressing methods of contemporary young people, but for girls with stronger upper bodies, It is still suitable for a tight undershirt

Don’t look at Ma Sichun’s upper body “strong” but the lower body is beautiful, the black short skirt shows beautiful legs, who likes it, the lower body of this small short skirt is very girly, and black is a more versatile color, black short skirt can be matched with most of the sense of harmony, it is recommended that everyone have such a piece in the wardrobe, you can use it as an emergency item when there is a bottleneck, there will be a good effect. And the hem of this skirt is relatively loose, which can make everyone’s legs look more slender, and the overall effect is girly

Ma Sichun “full of flesh”, T-shirt with undershirt, but the lower body makes people can’t take their eyes off, Ma Sichun’s leg shape is really good-looking, if the girl with a bad leg shape can choose to match a high-waist wide-leg trousers on the lower body, which can modify everyone’s leg shape very well, and looks different. High-waisted wide-leg pants can effectively lengthen everyone’s leg shape, and are very inclusive of everyone’s leg shape, whether you are X-shaped or O-shaped or whatever, you can modify it to look better

This purple T-shirt with black suspenders is also a good match, but some women may feel that black with purple is not used to changing to off-white pants, off-white pants may look cleaner than black, and purple with white is a relatively pure effect, giving people a clean feeling

Women with thicker shoulders can choose this loose shirt as a match. Loose clothes can effectively cover everyone’s flesh, like Ma Sichun’s clothes that prefer a straight collar, the overall feeling is more feminine, and it is good to expose everyone’s delicate collarbones, but like Ma Sichun without collarbones or do not wear it like this, it will look stronger

Follow Ma Sichun to learn T-shirt wearing, T-shirt with a small short skirt, show big legs, white T-shirt with black leather skirt, this effect can collide with a more fashionable feeling, although the leather skirt is a more mature item, but made into a suspender style is more sexy, in the match with a white T-shirt, it greatly reduces the sense of maturity, replaced by age