With the arrival of summer, a comfortable and durable sports underwear has become an indispensable equipment for fashionable sportsmen. At present, many products on the market claim to be “breathable, antibacterial, moisture absorption and quick drying” to attract consumers.

In order to understand the performance of related products and help consumers choose suitable sports underwear, the Municipal Consumer Protection Commission has carried out comparative tests on such products. It was found that breathability became the biggest defect of women’s sports underwear, 12 out of 25 samples had poor breathability, and sports brand underwear such as Puma, Reebok, and Under Armour were only rated three stars.

This comparative experiment purchased 30 brands and a total of 40 sports underwear products through brand stores, sporting goods stores, e-commerce platforms and other channels, including 25 pieces of women’s sports underwear (bras) and 15 pieces of sports tops such as men’s sports vests, T-shirts, and knitwear, covering not only sports brands such as adidas and NIKE, but also traditional underwear brands such as Gujin and Maniform, as well as fast fashion brands such as H&M and Uniqlo. Prices range from 39 yuan to 595 yuan.

This comparative experiment focuses on the comfort, durability and functionality that consumers pay more attention to when purchasing sports bras. It was found that the color fastness and antibacterial inhibition of all samples passed the test. The breathability and stability of women’s samples differed significantly.

Women’s sports bras (bras) often have thicker inner pads on the cup area, and consumers are particularly concerned about the breathability of the product when purchasing. The test results showed that the highest air permeability rate in 25 samples was 243mm/s, the lowest was only 33mm/s, of which 4 samples were above 200mm/s, the air permeability rating was 5 stars, 9 samples were between 75-200 mm/s, 12 samples had a permeability rate of 75mm/s or less, and the air permeability rating was only 3 stars. Brands that received 3 stars include sports brands such as Puma, Reebok and Under Armour.

Consumption Tips:

You can’t blindly pursue low prices or brands

Sports bras should not only be beautiful, but also have corresponding functions to protect the body. This comparative trial found that there was no clear positive correlation between features and price. Therefore, when buying sports bra, you cannot blindly pursue low prices or brands. It is recommended to try it on, shop around, and choose the product that suits you.

2. Focus on practicality and take into account aesthetics

When choosing sports bras (bras), women should first confirm the bust size, try to choose a full-cup bra, and do not choose a half-cup or other revealing bra because they are greedy for good looks. In addition, different sports underwear (bra) should be selected according to the intensity of exercise, such as running, ball games and other high-intensity sports, it is recommended to choose sports underwear (bra) with higher bottom pressure; Low-intensity exercises such as yoga and Pilates can choose sports underwear (bra) with relatively low bottom pressure.

Men can choose products according to sports when choosing, such as products with hygroscopic and quick-drying functions with large amounts of exercise, and products with perspiration and bacteriostatic functions that are long-lasting may be selected.

3. Try it on before you buy

Women should not only try on but also recommend that they can wear it before purchasing, the shoulder straps should not be too tight, and the bottom circumference, cups, and shoulder straps should provide proper support for the chest. It is recommended to buy products with anti-slip rubber pads, which can reduce friction during movement.

Men can do more stretching movements when trying on to feel whether the clothing will contain the body and affect sports performance.