With the broadcast of the show “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves”, Jin Chen’s popularity with talents such as dance has increased a lot. Gossip and variety shows have helped Jin Chen greatly increase the number and popularity of topics in the entertainment industry.

Jin Chen’s high appearance and good figure let many people know that there is a beauty that can be simple and rough, that is, Jin Chen’s temperament and legs. And it can be seen from her performance in the show that Jin Chen has a lively personality, and she is quite active when she attends the event

Of course, with straight and slender legs and star temperament, everything you wear is particularly feeling. As the spokesperson of Prada, Jin Chen is like a walking Prada hanger

Recently, Jin Chen arrived in Suzhou by high-speed train, dressed in a prada from head to toe, white shirt with pleated skirt, fisherman hat, refreshing and age-reducing summer school style outfit~

Jin Chen dressed Prada too clean! Isn’t the current early summer the season for shirts to shine loudly? The evergreen base in the fashion industry is none other than the white shirt, which has been classic for so many years, and it is still a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe

Jin Chen’s own temperament is originally very good, coupled with his tall figure, he is simply a natural hanger, and his versatile shape is still salty and sweet.

Jin Chen is a classic match of white shirt + little black dress, before she also shared a group of similar private clothes style, the oncoming youthful atmosphere, as if returning to the young campus life. The overall black and white tone, without the embellishment of excess colors, looks quite refreshing, and the water comes out of the hibiscus.

However, this time’s style, under the background of a long black hair wearing a fisherman’s hat and a white shirt, although there is no very strong makeup, but it can be seen that Jin Chen’s facial features are very delicate, but it feels a little bumpy

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