March is the beginning, but it is also the season of “February and August dressing”, the temperature during the day gradually rises, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the temperature change in spring is like a child’s face, today is still a dozen degrees of sunshine, tomorrow it will instantly drop to three or four degrees.

Don’t talk about children, that is, parents also have some “can’t hold on” to this temperature change, so in kindergartens, there will be children wearing less to cause colds, or wearing more to cover a sweat, the child’s body is sticky, providing a “hotbed” for bacteria, then eczema and dermatitis will also “find the door” by themselves.

So what exactly should I dress my child in spring? How much do you wear?

Many parents will think that children are young and must wear more than adults, but in fact

Children over the age of 3 can already understand warmth and cold, and can accurately express their feelings

So as long as the child does not say that he feels cold, parents do not have to cover the child so tightly.

In spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the temperature at noon is high, and the children have more activities in the kindergarten, not only will they not feel cold, but they will also be a little hot. You can wear as much clothing as adults, or you can wear one less than adults, and wearing one less thing will not make children freeze

Properly exercise the body’s ability to withstand the cold and enhance physical fitness.

In addition, there are two direct ways to determine whether a child is hot or cold:

Touch your collarbone and back.

If the collarbone is warm to the touch, it means that the clothes are just right; If the back sweats, or even soaks the clothes, it means that the clothes are worn too much, and it is necessary to reduce the clothes in time and change into clean clothes.

Understand the principle of clothing increase and decrease, and pay attention to some details when choosing what to wear for children, although it seems inconspicuous, but a slight carelessness will bring threats to children.

Many parents like to wear more decorative clothes for their children, such as sequins on the chest, strings on the hat, etc., sequins are easy to use when the child undresses

Scratch the skin

, fine sequins are also easy

Accidentally ingested by a child

。 If the rope on the clothes is accidentally stuck and entangled when the child is active, it will be irreparable.

In spring, you can wear sweaters and wool sweaters and wool sweaters with simple decorations and easy to put on and take off, which can not only play a warm role, but also will not cause harm to children when putting on and taking off.

Many mothers like to wear tight and hard clothes such as suspenders and jeans for their children, although it is indeed very fashionable to wear on the body, but they are not convenient to put on and take off and are not conducive to activities. The suspenders are too cumbersome, difficult to put on and take off, and if you are just in time for the child to go to the toilet in a hurry, it is easy to pee the pants. And if the suspenders are not done well, they will strangle the child, and the metal buttons on them are more likely to accidentally hurt the child.

Choose pants

Loose fit sweatpants

, which is convenient for activities and easy to put on and take off, both warm and not tightly wrapped around young children, is the best choice for spring.

At the same time, avoid zippered pants, for young children who have not fully developed their fine movements, the zipper process can easily clip to the skin. Kindergartens will encourage children to wear their own clothes, buttoned pants or skirts if the child can’t get it himself, after the nap will be delayed because of the buttons, and the child will also have frustration.

Girls like to wear long skirts, but long skirts are easy to move inconveniently, in case of tripping themselves during group activities, it is easy to bump and hurt other children when falling, and it is easy to be stepped on the skirt by other children, which is also easy to cause accidents.

Parents should also be careful not to comb too complicated hairstyles for girls, hairstyles are too complicated, teachers do not have time to comb so beautifully after naps, for some girls with strong self-esteem, it will cause low mood and even crying. Trinkets, necklaces, bracelets, plastic rings and other accessories, it is best not to wear them, in case of breakage, poor care, it can also cause danger.

Children’s spring dressing guide is nothing more than three principles: “warmth”, “convenience” and “good dressing and taking off”, as long as you master the rules of kindergarten life, I believe that every parent can let their children spend this spring healthy and comfortable.