Autumn is the most beautiful season, but it is also very short, like many beautiful things. Dressing in such a season has become a problem for many people, and today the editor will give you a grand introduction to the most reliable items from how to fashion, the king of autumn and winter underwear – sweatshirts.

There are many kinds of sweatshirts, including hats, round necks, and polo, etc., and the following will introduce them one by one to everyone crazy planting grass!

01 Crewneck sweatshirt, the king of versatility

The first is the king of the crewneck sweatshirt, because it is so versatile that it can be worn alone with sweater chains and tight skirts. Layer, add a shirt under a crewneck and pair it with jeans. And don’t pick a figure, so it’s not surprising that it’s always been in the C position.

The beige distressed crewneck sweatshirt is the first choice for temperamental babies, and is more casual than the languid French vintage, with light blue imported machine embroidered flowers and stitching on the edges to add a touch of fashion to the whole.

This natural praline sweatshirt is made of lace-proof jacquard fabric, 3D floral jacquard weaving process, more comfortable and breathable, easy to care for, and can be washed in ordinary water. Loose sleeve cage, the inner buckle of the shoulder line is thin, friendly to the figure, wear it inadvertently fashionable.

Beef Yugo’s clothing taste always gives people a sense of casual premium, whether it is the cut or the fabric, it is hidden in various details.

Simpleretro’s crewneck sweatshirt is always simple and lazy, and the letters on the chest will make the sweatshirt more casual, and it is a very lively student girl with jeans!

02 Hooded sweatshirt, age-reducing and dynamic

Compared with the crewneck sweatshirt, the hooded sweatshirt adds a touch of sporty and lively temperament, which can normally be paired with sneakers and then coiled with shark clips that are very popular this year, which is very Korean. Of course! Mixing and matching short skirts can also be a way to get out on the street during such a season when fashion weeks are in full swing.

If you have a preference for burgundy, you can’t miss it, the editor of the hooded sweatshirt prefers a solid color without logo, because it is fashionable to layer it with a white T-shirt alone.

Compared to other tops, you have to consider dressing, but you can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt with any bottoms. Or the lower body directly plays missing is not a problem, when it is cold, superimpose a coat to go out, easy to go out on the street.

Van Lo’s piece can be said to be the original suit of autumn, because this fit will not be overly fat, grasp a just the right elasticity, all kinds of body shapes can be handled, this front patch pocket is a good street concave styling weapon.

03 Polo collar sweatshirt, neutral and sexy

The polo neck is a style that has suddenly regained popularity in the past two years, with a neutral temperament and a thin V-neck, and the sweet and cool wind can be pinched in minutes.

Anyway, Polo is the kind of effortless fashion insulation item, the half-turtleneck zipper gives the overall feeling of a full retro sports style, the design of the zipper makes it possible to shape three different types of shapes, the thread of this gray polo cuff is difficult to deform is also one of the advantages.

The retro and special retro weak street style sporty feeling, presumably fashionable elves can’t refuse! The texture of the corduroy fabric is full of points. This style is the least abundant item for autumn and winter.

If Polo was placed in the past, it would have been a wardrobe item for dads, but after keeping up with the times, it removed a lot of “daddy flavor” and redesigned it in the color, cuffs and hem, but it looked fashionable and foreign. This short polo raises the waist-hip ratio, and the smaller girl wears it high.

04 Small details sweatshirt, fixed eyes on love

In addition to the above sweatshirts, the editor also specially divided the small details of the sweatshirt, most of which added some fashion cuts on the neckline and hem to increase the fun and personality of the sweatshirt.

V-neck sweatshirt, the editor is recommended to hand one piece, wear alone to show a small face, exude a casual lazy temperament is very poking, and then cold layered underwear and then kit jacket is not a problem at all, with the necklace is also just the right decoration, is not to pick the figure of the fit Oh!

The treasure item at the bottom of the final press box certainly can’t escape this thin weapon with a hollow shoulder design, carefully exposing the delicate collarbone, absolutely eye-catching~ Sisters with shoulder flesh must try, the versatile sweatshirt that can optimize the head-to-shoulder ratio is definitely a proper drop.

The shape of the sweatshirt is the most important, as is the choice of material. The styles on the market are uneven, need to choose carefully by babies, according to their own characteristics must be able to choose a sweatshirt that meets their own characteristics, the editor summarized these hopes to help you who have a choice of obstacles ~

Source: IC, brand