The more it comes to the end of the year, the more empty the wallet, especially the annual Double 11 is coming soon, nothing can stop the itchy sisters from rushing to buy, buy, buy and buy, Miss Lin is the same, seeing the balance of the bank card “getting thinner and thinner”, still can’t control these hands!

Itchy hands can’t be cured, Miss Lin takes advantage of the time when everyone is still actively preparing grass sheets, first treat everyone’s “itchy feet”, oh no, is to give everyone Amway a pair of good wear and leg-length shoes, with it, this autumn and winter your good walking and long legs can have at the same time, a pair of top three pairs, is it really saving money for everyone?

Without further ado, let’s introduce this pair of witch shoes that have become popular this season! It is estimated that many friends must be thinking when they hear this name, what the hell is this? Miss Lin wants to say that this is not a ghost, witch shoes actually have a name called V-mouth shoes, the design is inspired by the shoes worn by witches in fairy tales, do they feel like it?

In addition to flat heels, thick heels and cat heels are also big hits this season.

The shoes first appeared on Celine’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway, and they were a sight to be seen by many fashionistas.

In the fall/winter 2016 advertising campaign released by Celine, the shoes and khaki cargo trench coat have become the main models, although the picture is permeated with a thick 5-cent cutout effect, but the sharp lines with simple and powerful expression, but make the eye more focused on the clothing itself, but has an unexpected sense of premium.

Niche brand Tibi directly made this witch shoe throughout the entire runway for autumn and winter 2017, and it is also fashionable to pair with various deconstructivist pieces.

However, the popularity of witch shoes is inseparable from the crazy call of a world-class fashion icon, she is Victoria Beckham, since her eponymous brand Victoria Beckham launched witch shoes in the spring/summer 2017 collection, she has personally contributed a number of sets of eye-catching looks to the world Amway shoes.

The knitted long skirt is matched with witch shoes in different shades to contrast and match, ginger with bright blue, or red with sky blue, the color mix is relaxed, and the whole body has focus and small details that make people find, which is amazing.

In addition to using a dress of the same color, Sister-in-law prefers to wear a light-colored shirt + pleated skirt with witch shoes, which gives the look a refreshing feeling, which is very suitable for daily wear as a workplace sister.

The print element is also a sharp weapon for Sister Pei to concave the shape with witch shoes, combined with warm colors is very elegant, and then mixed with witch shoes, with a bit of retro tone, charming and amorous.

Perhaps because she loves these shoes too much, Victoria Beckham’s 2018 early spring collection also put it in a heavy position, as a walking grass planter, Sister-in-law really contributed a lot to the popularity of this shoe.

Since Sister-in-law loves witch shoes so much, there must be a reason, these shoes use a large V opening design, which can increase the exposed area of the instep, this increase is not the kind of large-area exposure, but presents a “V” shape, can visually extend the leg line, even if it is a flat heel, it will look much longer than the actual leg.

At the same time, this V-mouth with a dot wrapping design will make the instep appear thin, and the little fat foot can be completely held.

The most important thing is that this pair of shoes is very versatile, pants and skirts can form a CP with it, and a pair of hands is definitely not too much.

NO.1 Dress + witch shoes

This combination is similar to the interpretation of Miss Lin’s sister-in-law just introduced, and the simplest and easiest to get started is to match a solid color dress, and witch shoes add elegant vitality to the basics.

A little further, you can match it with some textured printed dresses, and witch shoes with a strong sense of retro can add a lot of points to the whole, while not stealing the limelight of printing.

NO.2 Skirt + witch shoes

The limitations of dresses are quite large, and girls with a strong sense of fashion may wish to choose a skirt to match witch shoes, which can upgrade the sense of fashion and make your feminine beauty lighter and softer.

Miss Lin personally recommends wearing a shirt on the upper body, a simple and capable shirt brings elegance to femininity, and will not make witch shoes look too shy, on the basis of actual wear, it adds a lot of fashion.

Sisters can also not talk about shirts tucked into skirts, but like Yagi arisa, with a waist seal, the details release a little sexy, anyway, witch shoes can show the length of the legs, do not worry about the proportions at all.

Knitwear with a skirt releases tenderness, but also has the warmth of being wrapped, more suitable for cold winters, and the embellishment of witch shoes will make you more up-up in the aura.

If you want to create a good proportion of the sister paper that is not afraid of the cold, you can directly wear an open-waisted short top, and you have a slim waist and long legs.

For the sake of everyone’s body, Miss Lin recommends wearing a coat and leather jacket, the shape is vivid and not stereotyped, and the demeanor and temperature are both.

NO.3 Jeans + witch shoes

Black witch shoes are a perfect match for jeans, and even a simple basic look can be instantly unusual because of the combination of the two.

Winter needs a little bright color to add novelty, if you don’t want to take the low-key route, Miss Lin recommends using jeans with eye-catching witch shoes to enhance the brightness of the overall look, which is equivalent to wearing witch shoes as pointed heels to ensure skin exposure, the same tall and thin.

If the upper body piece is too fancy and a little overwhelming, white witch shoes are still the best choice, and the overall look will look much lighter.

NO.4 Wide-leg pants + witch shoes

Wide-leg pants are the most inclusive leg-shaped item, basically every girl has in her wardrobe, and with witch shoes, it is full of icing on the cake, the effect of lengthening the lower body is more obvious, and short girls are also applicable.

The addition of the coat does not look messy, it has a layering effect.

NO.5 Legging + witch shoes

There are many fashion icons this season who prefer to use witch shoes with leggings, although leggings have faded a little in popularity these seasons, but well-cut leggings also have the effect of modifying the leg shape, especially in winter, almost the standard of coats, use it to mix and match witch shoes, tall girls are worth trying.

Especially this front slit, you can wear it boldly, your legs will only grow long ~

In addition to leggings, there are even many fashion customers who mix witch shoes with the bodybuilding pants or stepping pants we used to wear as children, and there is a dramatic style that bold guest officers can taste.

Well, having said that, Miss Lin just wants to remind the guys to pick out a pair of witch shoes you like while your shopping cart is not yet full!