Overwatch’s most comfortable event coincides with the festive season! We’ll bring out joyful, handsome, trendy personalized items to make every game a snowy wonderland. You’ll find plenty of great treats in your supplies, including the Christmas Snowball “Ball of Destruction”, the Frost Demon Genji, and the Wonderland Sleigh D.Va!

To celebrate the event, we caught up with concept artists Morten Skaalvik and Yiming Liu, and senior concept artists Qiu Fang and Nesskain to explore the birth of these magical versions of legendary skins.

Christmas Snowball “Destruction Ball”

To create a new skin for your hero, you first need to go through the ideation stage. It was at this time that concept artist Morten Skaalvik drew the first draft of the Christmas snowball “Ball of Destruction.” The theme of this skin is ice and snow, and the “ball of destruction” is wrapped around a red scarf, comfortably nestled in its own snowball, holding a cup of joy in his hand. Once the idea was complete, the art team began refining the conceptual design. Senior concept artist Nesskain added more Christmas elements to shape the skin. “We wanted to modify the legs and weapons of the Ball of Destruction so that they came from Santa’s workshop.” Nesskain infuses the body of the “Ball of Destruction” with a festive spirit, transforming the lively little hamster into the smiling Santa Claus.

Frost Demon Genji

Concept artist Yiming Liu and Senior Concept Artist Qiu Fang teamed up to create the cold-faced and ruthless Frost Demon Genji. In the initial design, Fang sealed Genji in jagged lines and sharp frost, exactly what you’ve seen in other Blizzard titles. “During the conceptual design phase, I first referred to the snowflake pattern and sharp corners, which fit well with Genji’s angular theme.” Fang said. He is inspired to turn Genji into a mysterious samurai frozen in his armor.

Liu then references the Gothic arches and the Frost Demon to perfect the skin. “We can see many similar styles from ‘Wrath of the Lich King’.” Liu said. Liu polished Genji’s weapons and armor and added more refined details. For him, it’s also the best part of the overall design. “In this skin, I like the ice attached to the armor the most. The ice I originally designed was too neat. With the help of the team, these details now look very natural and blend perfectly with the skin. ”

Wonderland Sleigh D.Va

Frost Demon Genji isn’t just the only Snow Country Wonderland look that Fang helped design! He was also responsible for the entire process of the Wonderland sleigh D.Va from conception to finalization. This is the second Snow Country Wonderland skin in D.Va, inspired by a different perspective of the festival. Her dress is inspired by the Japanese Lolita style, blended with a wide Victorian bell-shaped dress. D.Va also paired with mid-tube socks, hair and bows in the outfit, which are essential elements in the cute Lolita style. If you look closely at her dress, you’ll see that the iconic rabbit head logo has also changed its style in the snow and ice. “The process of designing D.Va dress is very special to me.” Fang mentioned. “It’s also an interesting challenge, I’m going to make her mech into a sled, and the barrel of the gun has a bell and a rein.”

D.Va has changed into a festive costume and she can join the other snow heroes in the scuffle! GG。

Snow Country Wonderland has gone live, bringing these joyful, chilling, personalized items that will end on January 8, 2022 at 3 a.m. Beijing time. Be sure to log in to the game, open supplies and try your luck with these brand new skins!