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In the 80s and 90s, owning a phoenix and permanent bicycle was a symbol of prestige, and with the continuous upgrading of Chinese consumption, the kind of bicycles that were mainly based on transportation in the past began to be eliminated, replaced by high-end bicycles and electric bicycles that meet the needs of sports and mountain outdoors. As an old brand, Phoenix is naturally not to be left behind, and has also launched its own sports electric bicycle – Phoenix Explorer.

Looking at the appearance first, it basically follows the shape of the mountain bike, adopts a more comfortable one-line grip, the body body adopts a high-elastic steel frame, streamlined triangular structure, the ground span design is more convenient to ride, and the thickened pipe wall impact is not easy to deform. The battery compartment of the car is still suspended on the inside of the triangular frame as usual, and the outside is the electronic control system, making the whole car look more sporty.

The car is equipped with a sports LCD display instrument, equipped with LED fisheye shaped transparent headlights, high concentration long range, excellent handling handlebar, button centralized operation, more convenient riding, the saddle uses a large middle hole seat, stable and breathable.

Tires as one of the core components of electric vehicles, but also to ensure the safety of the vehicle forward, Phoenix Explorer is equipped with 26-inch three-knife integrated or integrated wheels, with Wanda anti-skid wear-resistant tires, tread smooth pattern design, provide grip when turning or cutting corners, tire internal encryption rubber, stronger resistance to puncture and wear resistance.

The vehicle size is: 1810/710/1100mm, belongs to a medium-sized mountain bike, high-end command with 27-speed package three-piece, flywheel configuration is Kandi 9-piece positioning tower wheel, front brake ventilated disc brake, rear BMW gray wheel disc, the vehicle’s gear shifting and braking effect is very good.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor, with an intelligent controller system, the blueprint’s 27-speed controller, the maximum speed can reach 45km/h, the maximum climbing reading is 30°, equipped with a 48V13.6Ah lithium battery, in the power mode, the power is exhausted, and the cruising range can reach 400 kilometers.

The car adopts an ergonomic design of human-computer interaction, and the footrest and saddle and the rider’s legs form a perfect triangular curved structure, but whether riding on the nest or standing up, it can form a good power posture and reduce the fatigue of the rider.

The car is set up with three riding modes, easy to switch between different modes, for various riding needs, calmly coping, including pure electric mode (no need to step on the power to turn on, twist the handle can move forward). Assist mode (intelligent assist with foot pedaling strength, providing power output within 50%), fitness mode (motor assist off, artificial foot pedaling), you can enjoy the fun in different riding modes.

Review Summary:

The Phoenix Explorer focuses on mid-range torque electric bicycles, suitable for ordinary people to ride, especially with a 27-speed transmission, which is still relatively generous. Compared with high-end models such as Giant, Xidesheng, BMW, and Monroe, both the appearance and the configuration are superior. However, the disadvantage is that the frame of the car is not lightweight, and if aluminum alloy is used, it is even more perfect. Okay, what do you think about that? Welcome your message!