Sand sculpture roommates are known to be magical creatures who can always give you unexpected answers with superhuman understanding.

And we often don’t fit in because we don’t have enough sand sculptures.

Next, let’s take a look at the amazing operation of these sand sculpture dormitory people

▽This wave ~ This wave of bedrock formations

Xiaohuang: WDNMD, it’s really a blessing

▽ Your mind is dangerous

▽Why do I want to try, because sometimes I can’t sleep with a cough and I’m very irritable, but I’m afraid of the big night. Do you have the best of both worlds?

▽The young man’s skull is quite strong.

▽ Curious about what he experienced in his dreams

▽ This kettle is not good, it is generally pulled by an S and an N


I may not be human, but you are a real dog

▽ One word absolutely

Homophonic terrier salary

▽So what are you going to do with it

▽Good people have a safe life.

▽Vice Principal: I didn’t expect it

▽When I have money, I will buy a glasses that do not fog