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The 18th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition (Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition 2017 will kick off next Monday, November 27 at Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)!!) What are the highlights of this exhibition? Let me show you around!!

Theme: Zhihui cross-border new textile

Building on the success of the traditional textile machinery exhibition, Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition 2017 will build a new cross-border smart production sector, consolidating the industrial tradition of the textile industry while using innovative technology to make the textile industry stand out. With the theme of “Pudong New International ‧Zhihui Cross-border New Textile”, this year’s exhibition is based in Pudong and oriented to the world. In addition to displaying the top machinery in the textile industry, it will also present breakthrough cross-border new applications integrated with textile technology and other industries, so that all textile buyers and friends can enjoy the future textile technology and trends!


10,000 square meters of 9 exhibition halls

To create the most comprehensive international textile industry exhibition

Many well-known enterprises from various terminals have signed up for the visit!

The following Xiaobian will take you to see some of the list of big coffee buyer groups:

Company name

GAP Inc.


Under Armour

Li & Fung (Hong Kong)

Luenthai International Group (Hong Kong)

Po Chen International Group (Taiwan)

Longchang Group (Taiwan)

Yuanxin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Kaelis On Board Services SL (Spain)

TaiHan Textile (South Korea)

Kingtex Corporation Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)

Nantong Teijin Group

Shanghai Jialinjie Textile Company

Black Peony Textile Co., Ltd

Shenghong Group

Guangdong Esquel Textile Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Hangmin Damei Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd

Jiaxing Kanglong Textile Co., Ltd

Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Sunshine Group Company

Wuxi Baihe Weaving Co., Ltd

Wuxi Simian Textile Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Jingmeng Knitting Enterprise Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Xinao Textile Co., Ltd

Shanghai Huachang Yarn Factory

Ningbo Mengheng Garment Accessories Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Good Harvest Golden Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Joy Home Textiles Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Shenji Textile Co., Ltd

Jinxiang Textile

Shanghai Shen’an Textile Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Jingtai Group

Zhejiang Zhongding Textile Co., Ltd

Kuanda Fiber Technology Co., Ltd

Jiashan Anxun Weaving Co., Ltd

Jinlun needle cloth (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd

Toray Sake I-Dye (Nantong) Co., Ltd

Guangdong Forward Denim Co., Ltd

Huaxiang Wool Sweater Co., Ltd

Fujian stands

Dezhou Yuanji Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Huashixiu New Material Technology Co., Ltd

Xintai (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd

Fujian Huafeng Industry

Suzhou Deyi Textile Co., Ltd

Sanyang Textile Co., Ltd

Shanghai Liyide Special Silk Co., Ltd

Haian Jinhong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Cai Butterfly Industrial Co., Ltd

Wuhu Fuchun Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd

Tongxiang Longxin Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd

Gaoqing Ruyi Textile Co., Ltd

Hongdou Group

Langsha Group

Bangjie Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Mon-El Knitting Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Ailian Knitting Co., Ltd

Finley Group

Fencherin seamless underwear

Hongdou Group Hongdouju Company

Wing Lee Garments Limited

Shanghai Sangun (Group) Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Wanyu Knitting Co., Ltd

Derun Group

Eryou knitting

Ningbo Kailian Technology Co., Ltd

Huzhou Color Butterfly Knitting Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Qiduozi Garment Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Qiuer Tingting Garment Co., Ltd

Guangdong City Beauty Underwear Co., Ltd

Xuanyao brand underwear operation center

Zhejiang Yiting knitting

Guose Tianxiang Group (Hong Kong) Garment Co., Ltd

Langsha Group Limited (Hosiery Industry)

Zhejiang Langzi Industrial Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Mingmeng costume

Zhejiang Baonas Socks Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Saile Socks Industry Co., Ltd

Foshan Nanhai Hexing Socks Industry Garment Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Hanbaoliluo Socks Industry Co., Ltd

Xiangfeng Socks Industry Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Diano Knitting Co., Ltd

Yixing Yidie Knitting Co., Ltd

Shui On Guangyu Group

Zhejiang Hongshang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Dongguan Xingqi Knitting Co., Ltd

Suzhou Huade Textile Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Handa Meng Sports Products Design Co., Ltd

Zhucheng Yumin Knitting Co., Ltd

Shanghai Duocai Cotton Garment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Metersbonwe Garment Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Meibang Textile Co., Ltd

Jinhua Jimmy Sail Clothing Co., Ltd

Haining Jinbaili Socks Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Jiansheng Group Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Samei Industrial Co., Ltd

Kunshan Tengfei Underwear Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Huar Textile Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Aoxiang Garment Co., Ltd

Sanyuan Holdings Group Limited

Ruyi Technology Group

Jinyi Group

Dali (China) Ltd

Mianyang Jialian Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co., Ltd

DuPont China Group Limited

Vosges Group Inc

Lutai Textile Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Annunciation Bird Clothing Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Kaixiya International Co., Ltd

Daily Broadcast Fashion Group Co., Ltd

Qingdao Jifa Group Co., Ltd

Sanli Group cashmere products company

Eagle Knitwear Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia Ordos Cashmere Group

Nantong Jingpu Textile Co., Ltd

Dongguan Chaoying Textile Co., Ltd

Guilin Esquel Textile Co., Ltd

Ningbo Kangseni Group Co., Ltd

and more than 1,100 other textile industry leaders and big brands…

(List in no order)



Successfully invited


Leading and brand enterprises in the industry



, the above list shows only partial lists.

In addition to the above big coffee corporate buyer groups, ShanghaiTex also invited some

Relevant trade associations

The big guys came to visit.

Here’s a look at a list of these associations:

Name of the association

China Cotton Textile Industry Association

China Filament Weaving Industry Association

Taiwan Textile Expansion Association

Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile & Weaving Association

Thai Weaving Industry Association

Association of Thai Textile Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing and

Finishing Industries

Vietnam Cotton & Spinning Association

Hong Kong Kowloon Textile and Dyeing Industry Trade Union Association

Indonesian Textile Association

Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association

Haining Socks Industry Association

Zhuji Internet Business Federation Socks Industry Association

Ryan Knitting Association

Wenzhou Garment Chamber of Commerce

Ruian City Garment Chamber of Commerce

Binh Duong County Garment Chamber of Commerce

Wenzhou Foreign Trade Garment Chamber of Commerce

Wenzhou Printing and Dyeing Washing Industry Association

Ningbo Garment Association

Taizhou Garment Industry Association

Haining Home Textile Industry Association

Hangzhou Textile Industry Association

Zhejiang Cotton Textile Industry Association

Hangzhou Silk Industry Association

Jiande Home Textile Association

Yuhang Home Textile Association

Gaoyang Towel Association

Zhangjiagang Yarn Chamber of Commerce

Tongzhou Home Textile Association

Haimen Home Textile Association

Nantong Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Nantong Textile Industry Association

Nantong Garment Chamber of Commerce

Jiangsu Shengze Oriental Silk Market

Jiangsu Sheyang County Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry Association

Jiangsu Province Popular Color Association

Northeast Hosiery Park

Liaoyang County Socks Association

Guangdong Foshan Sanshui Textile Association

Guangdong Foshan Zhangcha Chamber of Commerce

Haiyang Sweater Association

Shandong Yantai Muping Textile Association

Shanghai Home Textile Industry Association

and more than 60 other leading textile industry associations…

Actually invited

Industry associations

There are more than that

60 homes

There are more than 20 overseas associations

Themed concurrent events (1) A sports bra

With the improvement of health awareness in China, everyone is pursuing sports underwear styles, and we are honored to invite a forum to China to explore new technologies in the design and use of sports bras.

“Sports. Glamour” underwear technology seminar


: November 27th




: W1 Sports Tech Arena



Topics of discussion

Guest speakers


Sports bra fiber material

Ms. Li Yunxia

Aquafil S.P.A products in China


A breakthrough in knitting technology for sports bras

Ms. Guo Lulan

Marketing Manager of Santoni (Shanghai).


2017/18 Sports lingerie trends

Dr. Gu Wen

Head of Fashion Trends, Fashion Research Center, Donghua University


Focus group: female runners versus market

Discussion of the experience of sports bras

– Mr. Luk Shiqi

Adjunct lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

- NuclearKitty

Special presentation at the same venue

Bra experts led a group of female users to discuss the current sports bra wearing experience, from underwear design, yarn, fabric characteristics to seamless textile technology, and deeply explore the application and improvement of sports bras.


Mr. Luk Shiqi

Special guests


Women’s running group

Theme Fringe Events (2) A WTTDC Textile Design Competition: Grand Final

The competition gathers the creativity of young designers to integrate wearable technology and textiles to design a smart textile that can improve people’s lives. The winning teams will also have the opportunity to ANTELOPE.CLUB internships in Germany.

: November 28th


Star Review

Mr. Ge Yiwen

Hong Kong Research and Development Centre for Textiles and Apparel

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Philipp G. Schwarz

German ANTELOPE.CLUB company

Founder and CEO

Professor Tao Xiaoming

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Chair Professor of Textile Science and Technology

After the competition, they will discuss the latest applications of smart textiles in wearable technology. Their views believe that they can lead the industry to innovate in the sporting goods market!

Thematic fringe events (3) A green forum for denim printing and dyeing

The event focused on the latest environmental protection technology, design, market and other future trends of denim, and jointly started the green journey of denim.


: E1 smart factory and C2M experience area

Spring/Summer 2018 Women’s Wear

Eco-friendly denim trends

Ms. Agnes Kubiak

French Style-

Creative Director of Vision

Eco-friendly laser denim washing


Mr. Liu Wen

Dongguan Dr. Guang Laser Technology Co., Ltd

chief executive officer

Cold transfer printing and dyeing technology and sustainable development of textile printing and dyeing industry

Mr. Lai Yannan

Changsheng Textile Technology Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

General Manager of Equipment Marketing Center

Themed Fringe Events(4) 1 “Face to Face with Top Buyers”

Trade Forum: Marks & Spencer – Plan A 2025

Marks & Spencer visited Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition 2017 to hold a business forum, which not only introduced the latest development trends of Plan A to the audience, but also provided a platform for experts from home and abroad to discuss green production countermeasures.


More exciting fringe events

There are other wonderful events at Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition 2017, which you can’t miss!

11.27 (Monday)



2017 Shanghai International Textile Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum

DoubleTree by Hilton Shanghai East Jin Jiang


Textile “Industry 4.0” Intelligent Manufacturing Forum





11.28 (Tuesday)



Technical exchange meeting. Comb the special session



Technical exchange meeting. Spinning specialty


“Zhihui Textile. Infinite Future” Innovation Seminar

MOUVENT press conference


Digital printing, what are you waiting for?


11.29 (Wednesday)


Digital Printing Trends Forum



Seminar on “The Technological Revolution of Running Shoes”

(List in no order)


, the above list shows only partial lists.

“Sports. Glamour” underwear technology seminar
















: W1 Sports Tech Arena


Topics of discussion

Topics of discussion

Topics of discussion

Topics of discussion

Guest speakers




Adjunct lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

: November 28th

: November 28th

: E1 smart factory and C2M experience area