Entering the winter, running equipment should also be added, before Black Friday, several UA compression suits, CW-X with sweatpants under is enough to wear, that is, the upper insulation layer and the outer windproof jacket The existing equipment is not very satisfied. C3/R1 has not been reduced in price, Merino is too delicate, temporarily use the existing sweatshirt top, but I have two windproof warm jackets are black, running at night is not very safe, so I plan to enter the color is more bright! Pass off Marmot’s divine clothes, expensive and ugly! A few running jackets that pass the bird, expensive! AD/NK is directly skipped, the cost performance is too low! Finally, I turned over a satisfactory running jacket in UA, UA ColdGear Infrared Jacket China official website price 999, too dark! (has been removed) Meiya third-party delivery also has freight, Yingya several are in stock, the price is okay, but does not support direct mail. Running in winter without a hat is not good, and I put together a UA knitting hat, a total of 60 pounds, not bad! Tragedy happened after the order was placed… All tears, broken down later.

UA ColdGear Infared Lite Jacket Introduction:

(Removed from the shelves)

Incredibly light and warm, the ultimate autumn track jacket. The jacket slips into your pocket so you can fold it and take it with you.

The entire jacket can be tucked into a zipped chest pocket.

Ultra-light, transparent nylon spun fabric is windproof and resistant to harsh weather.

ColdGear InfraredĀ® technology uses a soft, thermally conductive lining to absorb and store body heat.

The thumb hole design gives your sleeves more shape.

The reflective logo, cuffs and hem are safer to move in low light.

Fabric: nylon

What the hell is ColdGear Infrared technology? It seems to be used in its soft shell, where does this dress have: soft, thermally conductive lining? Is it obviously a single layer, don’t tell me that it’s those silver-gray coated strips on clothes?

And what the hell is nylon, encyclopedia:

Nylon (nylon), translated name “nylon”, “nylon”, scientific name polyamide fibre polyamide fiber, there are many varieties of nylon, there are nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11, nylon 610 of which the most important is nylon 66 and nylon 6. Widely used in industrial fields such as cords, transmission belts, hoses, ropes, fishing nets, etc. The advantages of nano nylon are that its thermal properties, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, and barrier properties are higher than pure nylon, and the manufacturing cost is comparable to ordinary nylon. To put it bluntly, it is a branch of nylon, a very ordinary fabric, many down jackets also use this fabric, look at the shiny kind!

Through the above analysis, on the surface, UA this running jacket has no technical content, but through try-on, fabric observation found that UA jacket does have a unique feature, indoor heating of more than 10 degrees, wearing less than 1 minute to feel: stuffy, hot! There is no ventilation design under the armpit of the clothes, and the fabric is also very poorly breathable, and stuffiness is inevitable! Hot, not completely stuffy, feel the heating up quickly, the same room temperature GTX punching clothing wearing is not so fast heating speed, (GTX punching clothing 3 layers static wearing is also very stuffy) This reflects the heat reflection effect, mainly those silver-gray stripes inside, which plays the function of heat absorption and heat storage! Regarding stuffiness, running with wind should not feel obvious, static will be more stuffy!

Tanning the real thing

Knowing so much is also blind, but also tragic: when placing an order, the hand is cheap, obviously asking for an S code, somehow ordered an M code, did not pay attention to the settlement, only to find that the upper body behind the circle is larger, and what is more tragic is that it was also taxed by sleeping in the four directions! Look at his family’s low price, greedy for cheap! Ay.

The outer packaging has exploded, the inner packaging has also been raped by Hai X, and personal items of hundreds of dollars must be so strict, what the hell sunshine clearance.

I don’t feel like a second when I see clothes, how do I feel so big! This time it wasn’t made in China! Made in Indonesia.

Don’t understand why pockets are designed on the chest? Put it underneath to install the mobile phone, and don’t you put a time bomb on the chest of the mobile phone?

There are reflective strips on the cuffs and hem edges, and the LOGO on the back is also reflective, which is a good design!

The pull lock turned out to be not YKK

Then there are a few signs: this product doesn’t need to be washed anyway

The fabric is thin and transparent, like candy wrappers. Don’t look down on him, the technical content is still there, those silver gray stripes are the core technology, I don’t know what kind of coating, the heat absorption and heat storage ability is very good, the nylon fabric is light and tear-proof.

Real beast 170 60 The bust is bigger, and the sleeves are not much longer, and the small body cannot be controlled!

UA knitted thermal cap

The size of the clothes is not suitable, the hat is too thick, and it is like a dry cleaning after running back, not only the hair is wet, but the inner layer of the hat is also soaked.

The performance of fabric acrylic is similar to wool, elasticity is better than wool, warmth is better than wool, known as synthetic wool, but the skin-friendliness is not good, a little meat, and static electricity is also very strong. This goods is still double-layered, the static package is very warm, and it is too hot to exercise. This time it didn’t surprise everyone: made in China

UA’s cut is well designed, and it comes off as soon as it is torn along the line, and the T-shirt cut is also designed this way. In the past, there was a pair of panties, the cut label was sewn directly at the seam, I picked the cut line open, it was tragic, what an anti-human design!

Summary of chopping failures:

UA’s running jacket is still more practical, very functional, the fabric is light and strong, and it is also relatively easy to take care of, basically no need to wash! The heat reflection effect is better, and the heat storage temperature rise is relatively fast. The disadvantage is that this fabric has poor breathability, the clothes are not ventilated, and the pocket design is inconvenient to use on the chest! There is also the wrong size of my own hand, and I can only change hands and enter another size S. UA This knitted hat warmth is too much for running, daily travel is still a good choice! In the future, you must be careful and careful before chopping, and do your homework before chopping!