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When it comes to the fashion circle in 2020, brand performance has declined, fashion week has been suspended… The impact of the epidemic on the fashion industry is really not small.

But amid the many surprises, Coke can still feel the hopeful fashion trends for the future from this year’s runway.

Under this new trend, people have a deeper thinking about dressing.

Designers began to focus on wearing comfort, self-expression, and reconnecting with nature.

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01 / Corset


It’s an era prone to nostalgia, with trends coming and going, and all seem to replicate the past.

The corset returned to the runway in 2021 and can be seen on major runways such as Versace and Hermès.

Top: Hermès Bottom: Versace

But this year’s progress is that it goes beyond functionality, with designers redefining the role of the corset in the wardrobe.

It is no longer limited to the sole role of underwear, but becomes

Separate tops

Can be sexy,

It can also be dynamic, balancing the two.

In addition to independent ready-to-wear, the runway also provides more inspiration for dressing, slipping, layering… But the safest way to wear it every day, Coke still recommends matching a suit.

Cola recommended

Bershka ¥39 / H&M ¥69.9

MO&Co. ¥449 / staud ¥568

Dion Lee ¥3,444 / Orseund Iris ¥1,265

02 / Large cuff design


The presence of the large cuff design on the runway is also impossible to ignore.

It seems that after a year of “confinement”, the cuff design is more vivid and bold.

For the spring/summer 2021 collection, the designers created voluminous pleats for the entire sleeve.

The collision of soft cotton and linen fabrics with out-of-the-box tailoring brings a rich texture and layering, showing femininity

Strong and soft image

When walking and swinging, it exudes an ethereal and romantic feminine charm.

Fluffy sleeves are the representative element of retro, but in 2021, it will be known as

Fresher and fuller

The appearance of rendering.

Ellery Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear

The beauty of femininity and power blooms again.

Topshop ¥177 / H&M ¥159

Tach Clothing ¥1,068 / COS ¥810

ARKET ¥1,750 / STAUD ¥2,167

03 / Lapels


The collar design has been one of the focus of the runway in recent seasons, extending the distinctive collar shape, adding novel details to the piece.

As a result, the most traditional lapel designs are once again “spoiled”, reminiscent of discotheques of the 1970s.

It’s easy to set up a high street sense in daily wear, but I didn’t expect this “daddy shirt” to be really good!

It is a very traditional collar type, but once enlarged, it can become avant-garde and make the collar become a collar

The focal point of the entire garment

The contrast between different colors, the contrast between different textures between materials, the exaggerated dramatic effect…

All make this oversized lapel a presence that cannot be ignored, telling

The complex beauty of women

UR ¥199 / ZARA ¥229

MANGO ¥195 / MOUSSY ¥359

ARKET ¥999 / Marni ¥8,888

04 / Broad-shouldered suit


Fashion is never just about dressing, and the expression of female power has never been absent in the fashion industry.

Maison Margiela

The broad-shouldered suit has been a favorite of designers for many seasons, and it may not be new, but the love for it in the fashion world has never waned.

This year is making a comeback, the silhouette is the opposite

More and more broad

Alexander McQueen

Balmain presented the most dramatic version.


Walk off the runway and leather shorts, straight-leg trousers and sportswear can be created

Ultra-modern style

to make the overall look more unique.

The wide shoulders are shaped to make women shine brightly, instantly enhancing the overall sense of seniority of dressing.

MONKI ¥240 / TOPSHOP ¥409

Massimo Dutti ¥990 / & Other Stories ¥964

ARKET ¥1,750 / JACQUEMUS ¥5,628

05 / Loose pants


Because of the epidemic at home, comfortable clothing has dominated the clothing needs of more people, and this trend will continue into 2021.

In addition to the wider suit, the pants have gradually become more and more loose in recent seasons.

Fendi’s low-rise model, paired with bright pop colors and loose shirts, exudes fresh elegance.

Effortlessly able to wear a relaxed and casual look, is a look that Coke wants to wear a spring.


Plus, loose pants

The compatibility is very high

, long coat + it’s very chic, we can move freely in a loose silhouette.


Even with high heels, this contrast is really wonderful.

Circle powder, such pants are okay

Retouched to a variety of leg shapes

, it’s really fragrant!

Dress comfortably ≠ abandon fashion, which is the new elegance and sensuality:

Be true to yourself and find a light and comfortable posture

MANGO ¥179 / ZARA ¥259

VERO MODA ¥229 / MOUSSY ¥239

Marni ¥3,817 / STAUD ¥1,455

06 / Ribbed knit


This season also introduced an expressive texture – ribbed knitting – which has a place in High Fashion.

Because of the focus on comfort and self, the adoption of knitting offers greater durability and versatility.

Baum und Pferdgarten S/S 21

The ribbed texture is the focus, making the basics more chic.

But now that wearing one piece alone is no longer fashionable enough, Coke has found a high-class and warm way of dressing –

Wear it as a set

At the same time, it takes into account comfort and fashion, expresses a lazy and casual attitude, and wears out

Comfy Casual

There is no excessive elegance, and there is no excessive laziness.

If you prefer a long dress, colored stripes are a good choice.

The slit design is extraordinary, and the exposed leg line is doubly sexy, and the scale between sexiness and elegance is just right.

H&M ¥79.9 / UNIQLO ¥199

Madewell ¥579 / tach clothing ¥1,546

DEVEAUX ¥1,690 / JACQUEMUS ¥2,847

Call! Today’s trend analysis is here, how to buy new clothes, have you all learned to waste~

In Coke’s view, fashion trends are not only a guide to dressing, but also a good opportunity for introspection –

Relying on the change brought about by clothing is not as powerful as internal change

, learn to know yourself, develop your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and express yourself through dressing.

Of course, trends are changing rapidly, so the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you, after all, only the style lasts.

What are you all going to buy? Come and comment, and please remember to give Coke



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