Every late winter and early spring, many sisters will enter the ’embarrassing season’, heavy winter coats are too stuffy, and trench coats and sweatshirts are easy to bump. Sisters who don’t know how to dress in winter and spring, you may wish to try mixing and matching styles, which can not only make the style burst out of wonderful and diverse fashion charm, but also meet everyone’s clothing needs with both temperature and demeanor. Gu Ailing’s mixed and matched look is simply a large-scale grass planting scene, so warm and fashionable in early spring, and the eye-catching index has reached a new high~

Gu Ailing is not only very talented in sports, but also her performance in dressing and matching. Gu Ailing, who appeared in the Forbidden City with her family, wore a baseball uniform and mixed suit pants, and the combination of a sunny casual and a business formal style seemed to be incompatible, but it accidentally collided with a dazzling sense of fashion.

Interpretation of the shape and style of the baseball uniform

Baseball uniforms were originally worn at school baseball games, but if you look closely, you will find that the shape of the baseball uniform is similar to that of a jacket, featuring a short length, loose bust, tight cuffs + hem. Baseball uniforms are typical youth sports-style items, not only the student party loves to wear, but also likes sports, casual style, or sisters who want to create age-reducing styles can use baseball uniforms to enhance the vitality of the youthful feeling.

Gu Ailing’s baseball uniform highlight design interpretation ↓

Embroidery elements: say goodbye to the ordinary, enhance the sense of three-dimensionality, and add a sense of design

Gu Ailing’s baseball uniform jacket is very eye-catching, and the reason for creating this stunning visual effect is not only the bright yellow color, but also the embroidery element is also a key element to enhance the eye-catching appearance of the baseball uniform jacket. The embroidery elements combine classical culture with modern elements well, and the playful and fashionable embroidery pattern makes the baseball uniform say goodbye to the sense of ordinariness and show a bit of modern and modern sense. Through the embroidery pattern, the shape is given a three-dimensional sense, making the shape more delicate and high-end design.

Yellow and black contrast: bump into nobility and vitality

Color contrast matching is an eye-catching trick that can quickly capture the public’s attention, but it is very difficult to control, and the slightest mistake will give people a sense of pompousness. This baseball uniform jacket is very worthy of the sisters’ reference in terms of color matching, bright and lively yellow and deep and attractive black collide, light and dark combination of color matching first visually balanced, a light and dark contrast combination neutralizes each other, so that this group of contrast combination combines the advantages of both sides, colliding with the dual charm of nobility and vitality.

Analysis of baseball uniforms ↓

Cropped crop tops add sexy vitality, accentuate your curves and enhance your proportions

Gu Ailing’s baseball uniform looks not only sunny and girly, but also a short crop top that makes the look a little sexy for young girls. This navel-baring dress adopts a slim design, highlighting the beautiful figure of young girls by outlining a slender and graceful body closely, and the navel-free design further highlights the advantages of the figure, generously showing the small man’s waist at the same time, but also improving the proportion of the body, visually raising the focus of the figure, showing height and thinness in one step.

Straight-leg suit pants: define the leg shape and add a neat and handsome feeling

Compared with the old partner sweatpants of the baseball uniform, the straight-leg suit pants chosen by Gu Ailing are unexpectedly suitable. The straight-fit trousers have no idea how expressive they are in modifying the leg shape, and at the same time, this straight-fit pants can add a neat and handsome sense to the look, and they are a little more sassy in the original vitality.

Matching tips: Pair with solid color pieces “to simplify complexity”

This baseball uniform gathers eye-catching elements such as color contrast and embroidery, in fact, the difficulty of driving is quite high, and Gu Ailing uses the method of ‘simplifying and complex’, and the effect is very good. The solid color crop top and black straight-leg pants are designed to be simple, which can neutralize the fancy feeling of the baseball uniform, and achieve a visual balance between complexity and simplicity, which can highlight the key points without appearing too forceful.

Printed suspender puffy skirt = gorgeous princess style ↓

Gu Ailing’s figure is tall and slender, different from the slender ‘paper man’ figure, Gu Ailing’s figure is obviously more powerful, and the arm line and leg line are smooth and beautiful. Sisters with a similar figure to Gu Ailing can learn from her when dressing, a printed slip puffy skirt perfectly matches her healthy and well-proportioned body, the chest-high puffy skirt not only creates a dreamy atmosphere, the design of exposing a pair of beautiful legs as much as possible can neutralize the bloated feeling of the puffy skirt, and a pair of pointed heels shows the superior figure.

White shirt + tight bandeau + suit wide-leg pants = capable royal sister style ↓

Sisters who feel that the white shirt is mediocre like ‘boiled water’ don’t rush to throw it away, learn Gu Ailing to stack the white shirt with a tight bandeau like this, and use the tight bandeau to outline a good figure at the same time, but also give people a cool and dragging little sexy. Wear a pair of black suit wide-leg pants underneath to enhance the neatness of the look, reveal the slender ankles to break the dull look, and pair it with a pair of pointed toe boots to enhance the style of a royal sister.