In the face of the hot summer, it is indispensable to go out on the street is sun protection, although there is the blessing of sunscreen, but still feel uneasy, then wear a sunscreen clothing! In the face of a wide range of sunscreen shirts, I finally picked up a simple white shirt, a simple and clean white shirt is not easy to make a mistake, it is really versatile.

When the sun is scorching, the white shirt can be said to be the best sunscreen clothing this summer, and the simple and refreshing fit is not only versatile, but also very fashionable to match.

What are the white shirts that can bear the burden of “sun protection” in summer? Today I will share with you which white shirts are suitable for sun protection.

A little bit of sun protection clothing

The white shirt with sun protection is a little transparent, not only breathable and comfortable, but also brings a touch of hazy beauty to the inside, breathable and comfortable and fashionable.

Xi Mengyao is wearing a yellow print T-shirt, oversized white shirt, a slightly sheer white shirt, not only sun protection but also a hazy feeling, full of fashion, wearing a pair of ripped denim shorts, big beautiful legs. A refreshing and simple styling match, full of vitality.

The white shirt with a slight sheer effect is not only sunscreen and breathable, but also very temperamental, and a refreshing and neat styling match, which is not only simple and neat, but also enhances the overall attractiveness and allure, super fanciful.

The princess Fan’s puff-sleeved shirt adds sheer elements, and the overall look is more refreshing and fashionable, delicate and chic.

And a little bit of texture

Textured clothing is more fanciful to wear, soft and not collapsed fabrics, not only can make the overall look more clean and tidy, but also very high-end, Tencel, chiffon and other materials of shirts, not only light, breathable and drape is also better.

He Sui is wearing a white silk shirt with a pair of white cropped slacks, a white styling match, refreshing and comfortable, especially the silky white shirt, the glossy texture shows a sense of premium, cropped wide-leg pants with a high-heeled mattress, not only showing the leg length but also showing the temperament.

Finally, a little bit of leniency

Summer white shirts should be both sun protection and fashion sense, then the fit must not be too slim, casual loose fit is not only relaxed and comfortable, but also can wear fashionable fan, oversize fit is not very suitable, just good casual fan can be, sun protection is comfortable, and not bloated.

White vest bottom, with casual cotton white shirt, white slacks underneath, a refreshing and simple styling, fashionable and comfortable, stepping on a pair of flip-flops, but also a little ruffian. Cool.

Simple white letter print T-shirt with white shirt at the bottom of the press, casual and natural wear, comfortable and fan, wear a pair of black cargo pants underneath, simple styling, full of fashion and fan.

The cool slip dress with a white shirt is also very good, refreshing and casual, and very fashionable.

In the world of flowers and flowers, there is really only a white shirt that is pure and unwanted, and it is as stable as Mount Tai with its plain white and simple versatility. If you don’t know which sunscreen clothing to choose in summer, then choose a white shirt~

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