Recently, an American drama with a Douban score of 9.4 ended~ it is “Succession”.

The show is about an $18 billion media tycoon who wants to choose one of his four children as his heir.

The reason why this drama is so highly rated is that in addition to the intricate plot, there are also the clothes of the characters close to the real rich.

The British edition of GQ magazine called it “

The ultimate guide to dressing as a billionaire


“The Logan Roy family bought a $2,000 sweater not to show others, but to be comfortable to wear.”

—Michelle Matland, designer

Unlike the glittering houses in traditional luxury dramas, various pigeon egg and diamond rings, and luxury goods printed with logos, the outfit of “Succession” looks very low-key.

Even if it is a dinner party, the skirt of Roy’s precious daughter Shiv is not the big skirt princess dress in the impression.

The two dresses are the $1851 Monse and the $1200 Talbot Runhof

Seeing this, I wonder if everyone has been inspired? How can we dress expensively?

The answer is obvious,

Comfortable to wear, emphasize texture, and return clothes to their essence

Take the billionaires we know, Jobs wore a sweatshirt to host the press conference, Zuckerberg appeared in a low-key shirt, even Musk, who wants to settle on Mars, the image in everyone’s impression is mostly black, white and gray.

In fact, not only these male rich people, Meng Wanzhou, which we wrote about before, and Dong Mingzhu, who has been frequently searched recently, are all recognized by everyone to dress appropriately, dress atmosphericly, and do not print the luxury logo all over the body.

Most of their clothes are smooth-cut atmospheric and simple style, even if they have a logo, at most they are only used as an embellishment in an inconspicuous place, taking a low-key luxury route.

Meng Wanzhou and Dong Mingzhu look at their appearance and figure, but they are actually similar to people of the same age around us. They are not the thin bodies of Internet celebrities, nor do they have beautiful faces, but every time we appear on camera, we can feel the confidence they exude from their hearts.

And it is this confidence, coupled with decent clothes, that makes them out of the style of Chinese women.

So in choosing clothes, we might as well use these female successful people as a template to learn their dressing ideas.

For example, when dressing daily,

Keep it neat and free of folds

。 Just like the shirt dress above, even if it is worn by a blogger, it is wrinkled and very unclassy.

In contrast, flat and stylish clothes will look more high-end, and will also give people a sense of taking life seriously.

Secondly, it is best not to choose too much and too much in the choice of clothing color. Of course, this is not to limit everyone to black, white and gray, some low-saturation colors are very good choices.

For example, this caramel, etc., are gentle, good-looking and textured.

The last point is probably the most difficult point for everyone to notice.

While ensuring comfort, we must pay attention to the cutting of clothing, simple and smooth, able to modify the figure.

In terms of fabrics, try to choose some natural fabrics, such as cashmere wool, which are comfortable and textured to wear.

There was an experiment that encouraged yourself in the mirror every morning, and the whole person would slowly become confident.

Let’s start with dressing appropriately.

Give yourself a good start, give yourself a psychological hint, the next female entrepreneur, maybe it’s you?


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