Mini bag cross-body bag full pass, backpack is the most cute and unpretentious versatile item~

South Korea’s most beautiful list, Yoona Oni is definitely on the list. Wear a pure white T-shirt under the bow vest skirt and step on the Vetements X Reebok fluorescent sneakers, the youthful vitality universe is invincible!

Such a look is most suitable for a youthful and convenient large-capacity backpack, which can be carried and shaped, and both dynamic and elegant big women can get on the body, this CHANEL drawstring backpack makes COCO have no reason to say no ~

Yoona’s backpack hin is real, and Sunmi’s backpack look is also extraordinary. Although there are only two thin bands, it can also echo the overall color system. It is easy to use and style, and the backpack is the standard for airport actresses~

Left: Cuckoo Right: Suki Waterhouse

In addition to exuding charm at the airport, you can also hold the der~ Whether you are a cool street girl or an elegant icon, a well-matched backpack is the most unpretentious king of the entire street~

Left: Lina Assayed Right: Camila Coelho

The backpack is well chosen, and it can also add a lot to the overall style. Paris Jackson transforms into a bohemian girl with a backpack contribution of 60%.

Carrying mini bags in places like Disney and Universal Studios where you can carry a mini bag all day is definitely self-sufficient! Look for! Dead end ~ small tissues, make-up air cushions, small snacks, where to put various peripherals? The beautiful and honest backpack is the right solution~

Take a long trip with the sisters, have a bulging backpack and feel like you can go to every corner of the world, and the look of the four sisters of the big S is the sample paper that a normal person should have

The area is large enough to be conspicuous, and at the same time it has its own style and aura, and it is also very spacious to find a corner to take a selfie photo~

Everybody’s love back photo backpack must be the point! SUNMEI WAS VERY TOUCHED BY THIS TRUE LOVE COCO OF BAGS~

So, which backpack is the most loved by actresses?


After rummaging through the small website of the ins gallery, COCO can finally give a positive answer. The IT bag in the fashion industry changes every day, and CHANEL’s backpack is the most existential evergreen in the bag industry. A CHANEL backpack with a nylon drawstring was brought to the world by Jennie~

In addition to the lightweight and large nylon model, the more preppy classic tweed mini backpack is also Jennie’s frequent item. Small and delicate and can digest various styles, CHANEL girls should not miss ~

is also a member of the powder and ink group, Barbie Lisa also has a great obsession with CHANEL ~ COCO’s current favorite is this red sheep leather embossed model, the classic pattern + super eye-catching color is instantly fashionable. With this bag, no matter how dull the clothes are, they can become the center of the audience in a second.

What is the magic of this black embossed drawstring bag that makes Lisa carry it every day?! WELL, COCO ADMITS THAT MUSIC FESTIVALS ARE BEST SUITED TO BRING THIS SMALL AND EASY-TO-CARRY BAG FOR YOUR BELONGINGS~

The best way to show love for a bag is to take a dozen beautiful photos of various styles~

The same bag Sistine Rose Stallone also started, and the different ways of taking it by different people have changed greatly!

The embossed drawstring style is very casual, and the more business style can also hold the daily wear, “Harlequin” Margot Robbie uses a caviar black backpack with striped bib pants without looking old, yes, CHANEL has such magic.

Seeing too much drawstring bucket models is inevitable aesthetic fatigue, is Miley Cyrus’ Vintage CHANEL special? Soft leather large embossing, lazy and relaxed feeling hin strong~

Song Qian’s denim embossing is also very unusual, casual and not lacking in sophistication, both fashionable and a little Vintage tone, perfectly fit the youthful and energetic style of denim bib pants, this wave of goods is very successful!

Japanese casual is absolutely indispensable for the presence of a canvas drawstring bag. The exquisite girl Naza also had a surprise this time, an intellectual striped shirt + casual beanie, and a lazy drawstring backpack mixed and matched very OK~


Must be included in the same paragraph

In addition to CHANEL, the Dior camp embroidered canvas backpack is also a unique existence, temperament, retro, style, sophistication, preppy style, such a modifier COCO can come to a dozen!

Mandy Bork

“The world’s most handsome actress” Ruby Rose not only Yan Chao poked COCO, her Fendi is also COCO’s Dream Bag all along, the modest appearance with the classic old pattern suddenly has an inexplicable sense of fashion, this casual attraction is the most charming ~

As a big man in the bag industry, Louis Vuitton must also have a name in the field of backpacks! Beaver’s Monogram Mini bag is small and versatile, and it can be carried over the shoulder without burdening it at all, so it is a surprise to buy it!

Supermodel Hunter Smith

Traveling to the airport is more testing of capacity and the weight of the bag, Zhang Tianai’s Louis Vuitton can see the thoughtful design from the shoulder strap, comfort 100 points.

Classic old flowers are a must-have for hipsters, and Li Feier’s denim is also a Louis Vuitton’s highly photographed backpack, casual and age-reducing, and a standard summer versatility.

Louis Vuitton is priced at 12592 yuan

Speaking of backpacks, Prada also does it very carefully~ The pink riveted nylon backpack that Han Xue carried before is Prada, which has convenient compartments to increase practicality, and bright, moderately sized phosphors outside to show a sense of fashion, which is worth starting!

It’s still Prada, Chen Yao’s mini is also super cute, you can put it cross-body on the front and it is also very stylish, and it matches the whole set of look~

Prada is priced at 7716 RMB

Other things to say, Chloé is absolutely undesirable. The CHANEL of the Lisa little sisters next door is very eye-catching, and Chloé Faye of Rose is not afraid at all, the same fashionable + easy to use, the logo ring + metal chain is more distinctive ~

Supermodel AA is also a loyal fan 很️ of Chloé Faye

Chloé is now 20% off at $10,900

Chloé Faye is very cute, Loewe’s Dumbo backpack has also attracted a wave of star fans this year, Wu Lei Ouyang Nana Chen Qiaoen got the same style, I have to say that it is really a sharp weapon to shape the sense of youth.

The new Loewe recently is also very summery, and you can go on vacation with the same series of fisherman hat + fan~

Summer heat requires a refreshing breeze, and Moschino’s backpack keeps you fresh all summer long.

Moschino is now 6% off for 1094 yuan

The world of backpacks is very colorful, let’s grow up together this summer~

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Chloé is now 20% off at $10,900