Which is stronger cotton gloves, silk scarf, suede, polishing “artifact”?

First, the difference between cotton gloves, silk scarves, and suede

First of all, the so-called “plate play” of the skewer is a continuous process of fine polishing and polishing the wood of the skewer itself, using the characteristics of wood combined with oxidation to finally form a slurry. The reason for the selection of different materials in stages is due to the characteristics of the material itself, and only the above three common and commonly used materials are analyzed here, and other unused materials such as old facial cloth bags will not be explained.

First of all, cotton gloves are equivalent to about 2000 mesh of sandpaper, silk scarf is equivalent to about 4000 mesh, and suede is equivalent to about 5000 mesh, this metaphor is relatively accurate, can be compared like this. If the above is true, the following things are logical,

Cotton gloves – silk scarves – suede

, step by step, of course, this order is not rigid, individuals can use it flexibly, can be cotton gloves directly on the suede, can also use a silk scarf after cotton gloves, or cotton gloves until the formation of slurry.

The reason why cotton gloves have always been used is because when beads or wood are first started, the first thing to do is to clean the wax layer and dirt on its surface and repolish, even if the beads or wood are produced without waxing or polishing well, it is also necessary to consider the early color loss of rosewood, dyed cotton gloves are better than dyeing silk scarves and suede.

Second, how to choose, how to use, and tips in the process of using cotton gloves, silk scarves, and suede materials

1. Cotton gloves


Types and choices of cotton gloves: common “cotton gloves” on the market, according to different materials, generally divided into pure cotton, polyester cotton, polyester, in fact, can be used, I am more inclined to pure cotton gloves, the difference between pure cotton and polyester is that one is a natural fiber, soft texture, comfortable to the touch; One is a chemical fiber material, which will cause static electricity, and long-term friction with the skin is not good for the body and can easily cause allergic symptoms of sensitive skin. Generally, experienced friends, you can know whether it is pure cotton when you touch it, if you are not sure, there is an easy way – burn, pull some broken threads from the gloves (be careful not to use the suture part, most of the sutures use polyester) or simply cut a little cloth from the useless place below to burn, become ashes and rub it is pure cotton, burned into a hard ball is polyester. Some friends will ask, what if the store does not let you test it when buying offline? It’s very simple, buy one pair for two dollars, check if you are deceived, throw it directly in his face and leave, if there is no problem, buy two more pairs of spares, these things have little money, they are widely used, and they are not bad at home, hehe. In addition, some bar friends also mentioned the use of a bath towel to wax to get dirty, I feel that try not to use it, you can consider the pure cotton thick gloves used for labor protection instead, that is, the kind worn during car maintenance (see the figure below), the effect is very good.


Ways to buy cotton gloves: There are many ways to buy cotton gloves, online and offline, I buy them in a labor protection supply store.


Tips for the use of cotton gloves: It is estimated that many friends with sweaty hands will have this confusion, when playing in the summer, not to mention the empty hand plate, that is, wearing a glove plate, the gloves will be wet for a while, blowing the air conditioner is useless, the body is cold, the hands are still sweating, and rosewood this wood, tired of oil and water, before the formation of a certain slurry, try not to let their sweat affect the later stage of the play piece, I am a sweaty hand, I have also suffered this trouble, but since having it, all troubles have disappeared, what is it? ——”Medical disposable film gloves” are here! Yes, that’s it (see image below)! Put it on first, then put on cotton gloves, no matter how hot the disk is, no matter whether your hands are sweating or not, there is no problem. Some friends may have said again, wearing this film glove, not breathable will be very uncomfortable, everything in the world is difficult to achieve, I think, do this, uncomfortable is the hand, pleasure is the heart.

2. Silk scarf


Types and choices of scarves: Audrey Hepburn once said: When I wear a scarf, I have never felt so clearly that I am a woman, a beautiful woman! It is this soft and beautiful thing that lingers in every inch has also been developed by our clever and wise literary people, and from now on it is not a rare thing for men to hold a silk scarf in their hands, if others are not used to it, they only need to silently despise him in their hearts: cut, you are not worthy of being a person in our circle! Oh, back to business, the types of silk scarves are also divided into many according to the different materials, the common ones are silk, cashmere, pure cotton, linen, blending, etc., what we want to use, single refers to silk this one, silk according to the fabric performance and technology, and divided into many kinds, in this aspect of the ladies in the bar should be experts, I will not be wordy, anyway, no matter what kind of thickness or thin, the raw material composition of silk is basically silk, this is okay. Silk feels soft, smooth and elastic, and the main thing is that it has a certain skin care and health care effect on the human body, in summary, silk scarves have also joined the ranks of our sharp tools! Only when we play with our beloved things with silk discs can we truly delight the soul and strengthen the body!


Ways to buy silk scarves: There are many ways to buy, some online and offline, not wordy, I use the old lady feels outdated and does not wear.

3. Suede


Types and choices of suede: suede can be said to be a heavy weapon for playing, and it is also highly recommended by players in the bar, so here to focus on suede, suede is divided into two categories, natural suede and artificial suede, I recommend to choose, of course, natural suede, artificial will not talk about it, suede is actually a wild animal “suede” skin, now basically not used, but with sheepskin, deer skin instead, now common on the market, mostly sheepskin, suede and two kinds of raw suede and cooked suede, usually used to wipe the car is raw , The literary and play industry is more familiar, and the main thing between the two is that the degree of softness is slightly different, I think this can be used without being so particular. When purchasing, you can also explain the use to the merchant, and you can choose lambskin instead of old goat leather, which is relatively soft and delicate, suitable for wood plate play. Another point to explain to you is that the thickness of suede made of natural sheepskin is basically about 1 mm, not too thick, if you encounter more than two or three mm, please be cautious, at this point, it is only a personal opinion, don’t blame it.


Suede purchase channels: Like gloves and scarves, there are many ways to buy, and you can choose freely according to your personal situation, and you buy it online.


Suede use tips: a suede is generally divided into thick and fine sides, choose the fine side when using, and some suede is double-sided grinding, the difference is not much, both sides can be used, in addition, it must be washed before use, because suede is made of “oil kneading method”, there are a lot of oily substances inside, if it is not washed off, it will have an impact on wood, and it will emit a relatively large fishy smell and mutton smell, the washing method is: soak in cold water for five minutes, Add a small amount of shampoo (the amount of gay men short hair to wash their hair once) or non-alkaline cleaning liquid such as body soap, rinse with water repeatedly after rubbing, remember to dry after washing, exposure to the sun, will make the cortex hard affect future use, remember to rub it with your hands a few times before drying, which is also conducive to keeping the leather soft, with this method, wash three or four times, you can use it with confidence. In addition, many players in the bar also use suede to invent a lot of creative play tools, such as “suede gloves”, “love handbags” and so on, which are very good and can be used for reference.

Third, the method and steps of playing

The material is selected, the rest is how to disc, there have always been two concepts of hand plate and cloth plate in the bar, in fact, the two are not opposites, there are many commonalities, I feel that it is best to use cloth tray in the early stage, and you can also switch to dry hand tray in the later stage, in fact, the effect of suede is similar to dry hands, when discipling, attention, try to avoid vigorous discs, for beads to be gentle one by one, put pieces or ornaments, the same gentle rubbing, there are many specific steps and methods on the Internet, in fact, we play casually, There are not so many methods and rules, the most important thing is to like and enjoy the process, if the new friend has to seek a clear way and method, then the following steps can provide you with a little reference:


After the beads or wood are in hand, do not rush to disc, first open a small opening of the sealed bag and place it for a period of time, so that it gradually adapts to the local climate and mainly humidity, three or four days or a week.


Rub the surface of the beads or wood with cheesecloth gloves a little harder, clean the wax and dirty colors on the surface and re-polish them for one or two hours a day.


This stage takes a month, disc a week sealed bag placed for a week, two cycles, disc to use soft cotton gloves, every day time is not too long, about half an hour can be, this process of gloves on the surface of the red marks are normal phenomenon, a week later will gradually fade until there is none, here it should be noted that this stage of the plate after play to put into the sealed bag to avoid too fast oxidation, the purpose of this is like women’s makeup, and first put on makeup before makeup is a truth.


The time of this stage is not fixed, it can be a few weeks or months, the same is a week of sealing for a week, but the material used for playing can be changed to silk or suede, and the time of playing every day can also be appropriately extended, how long is not too much requirement, and the same is put into the sealed bag until a beautiful glass bottom appears, and this stage is over.


Place it naturally for a period of time, so that the surface of the beads or wood is evenly in contact with the air and forms an oxidation protective layer, that is, the presentation of the preliminary slurry, and then it will be very casual, as long as it is not exposed to a lot of moisture and oil and other dirty things, you can play how you want, fully enjoy the pleasure brought by the wood.

After talking so much, and finally finishing it, there will definitely be friends who question, just such a little thing, is it necessary to make such trouble? I also think that there is really no need for this, playing with plates, discs are wood, cultivating is the mind, it is a relaxed, pleasant, self-cultivation thing, why do you have to do so complicated and tired, but the mood of literary play is different.

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