The oil head is spicy, and there is no good hair oil

In recent years, there has been a revival of oil heads, and many men have followed the trend and changed to this handsome hairstyle. But when the overall effect is made, I always feel that something is wrong. At the end of the day, you may not have chosen the right hair oil.

Hair oil has a long history in the United States. Each company’s formula is different, and there are thousands of types of hair oils produced. If you want to make a good oil head, a hair oil that suits your hair type is very important.

Hair oil can be broadly divided into two categories: oil-based and water-based. The oil base is the most traditional one, and the biggest advantage is that it can be shaped many times, but it is more troublesome to clean. The water base is a product of the new era, and the water solubility is easy to clean, but the ability to shape multiple times is relatively weak.

For beginners with oil heads, the choice of hair oil can be nerve-wracking. Xiaobian summarizes several global word-of-mouth hair oil brands, you may wish to choose the most suitable one for yourself from these products.

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||| Skull Suavecito pomade|||

American skull hair oil is famous all over the world, it can be said that it is the most used one, and it is a must-buy product that needs to be bought at the beginning of playing with oil.

Although it belongs to the water-based texture, the support and shaping force are not bad. Whether the hair is soft or hard, the skull can basically meet the basic needs. One point, it smells like cologne, and friends who can’t accept it may want to consider other models.

American Suavecito brand, super popular products. The shape is layered and very convenient to take care of. The effect lasts long, and the most important thing is to repeat the hairstyle without messiness. Water-soluble texture, rinse with clean water to clean.

The skull spring-limited special edition, the paste is grass-green, it smells particularly springy, and the styling effect is the same as that of the regular version.

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|| Dutch pig Reuzel Pomade|||

The Dutch pig was developed by a barber shop called Schorem in the Netherlands. From the outside light, it is very old school style, and it looks good when placed as decorations.

There are four products of Dutch pigs, namely water-based blue caps, red caps and oil-based green caps and powder caps. The paste is thick and heavy, and when you open the lid, it will emit a light fragrance. Glides on hair for a matte finish. But its viscosity is medium, but fortunately, the remodeling ability is excellent, and it is OK to tidy it up in time.

Dutch Pig Blue Cover: All indicators are above medium, and the overall is very balanced. A light vanilla creamy flavor, suitable for men who don’t like the smell of oil. Water-based, extra shiny, coarse hair is the first choice.

Dutch pork powder lid version: Because it is oil-based, the support and viscosity are better than the blue cap. The taste is small and fresh, the luster is natural, and the shaping power is strong, but it is more difficult to clean.

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||| Golden Light Shiner Gold |||

The biggest feature of golden light is fragrance. Rubbed on the head, it feels like it is flying against a coconut. Taste-sensitive partners can basically pass this one. Moreover, although it is water-based, it is actually oilier than oil-based, and it will be more greasy on the head.

Its advantage is that it will be very bright when oiled, which may be the origin of the name of Golden Light. The oiliness also makes it one of the most viscous water-based products, and the sideburns of coarse and hard hair can be completely organized.

Water-soluble formula imported from the United States, rich coconut aroma, extremely shiny after application. Suitable for a wide range of hair types, it is easy to wash thoroughly.

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||| Boxer uppercut|||

Boxers have several products, the most classic is the monster hold in the picture above and the UPPERCUT Deluxe in the picture below. Monster hold scent is a light plum scent, oil-based, the paste is very hard, it looks like it has an oily wax feeling, and it is easy to push away unevenly in winter. But in terms of viscosity and styling, it works well and is suitable for coarse hair.

UPPERCUT Deluxe is a water-based texture, and the burgundy paste is closer to the feeling of jelly. High viscosity, creamy vanilla flavor, all hair types are held.

UPPERCUT’s most famous zombie hair oil, the styling effect is excellent. Suitable for men with thick and hard hair, the hair will become soft and shiny after use.

UPPERCUT Deluxe burgundy jelly colloid, good viscosity and gloss, water-based formula, easy to clean.

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||| Japanese rooster cook grease pomade |||

The Japanese rooster is of course from Japan, and the water-based texture is more suitable for Asian hair types than those European and American hair oils above. Hair becomes softer and more malleable after use.

The pineapple fragrance is still fresh, with high viscosity but average styling effect. However, the modeling ability is good, it is still more recommended.

Water-soluble formula, highly moisturizing, does not damage hair quality after application, and enhances shine. Suitable for people with soft hair, moisturizing and styling effect is better.

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||| California orange Bona fide pomade |||

Bona Fide is excellent at water-based hair oils and is known as the strongest water-based hair oil. Because of the taste of oranges, it is also called California oranges. The styling effect is good news for men with thick hair. Bona Fide’s paste has a strong sticky feel, but it spreads well and works better for people with medium-to-long hair.

Bona Fit is available in four red, orange, yellow and white pastes. The water content decreases sequentially, and the gloss is also reduced.

The red version has the best moisture content and gloss. Water-soluble texture for easy cleaning. After application, it has a rubbery feeling, full of elasticity and non-sticky hands.

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