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Before, all kinds of small white shoes are flooded.

Recently, sports sandals, the trend of the dramal, the enthusiasm of the dramal is striving,


Who told them to be a good job?


A few days ago, there were fans and I said to recommend good (not spicy neutral drop) sandals,

That’s, look down, you have to change the little fairy ~

Chic Feng girl is suitable for sandals

In addition to sports sandals in this summer, the soda sandals also have large ticket fans in the rivers and lakes, especially suitable for artificial fairy, such as my baby.

If you are a Chic Fengxian for sports style, then you will not miss this stream strap sandals today:


Maybe you will ask me what is Chic style. In fact, I feel hard to explain clearly. She can sometimes be handsome, sometimes there is a little sexy, sometimes special, but very delicate, it is another Tide Striped Girl ~


Many BB wearing a sports style will try this style.

The origin of the tassel can be said to be very early. In the ancient my country in ancient China, there is such jewelry. At that time, the jewelry of the sash was originally only the aristocratic women can enjoy, with the development of society, later in the folk popular.

Nowadays, in the bag, the jewelry is still loved on the clothes, and the 婊 贝 all knows the pointed strap shoes to fry the chicken last year, and the hottest tassel tied with sandals this summer will The perfect combination of these are together.


Perfect combination of snorship and straps

It is appropriate to give you an overall points, and too exaggerated style will be equal to the disaster. Today, the tassels tied with sandals, but in the style, it is still careful.


Error demonstration, too exaggerated = disaster ❌


Both styles, choose high heel or flat, thick follow or fine, which color is suitable, whether there is much more and less affecting beauty, these are the need to take into account the sandals of Soviet.

And Meishao as a small white mouse, I want to tell you today: High heel is better than the flattened leg, the thick follow, the black and big land is safe, the red is very picking clothes, the straps are winding Less you better! (Painted weight)

Error demonstration ❌2

If you are not afraid of death, you are not afraid that you will be tired of 12cm. If you are as you are as tired, you will buy it.

Rough follow




5cm ~ 7cm



Although the beautiful but slightly mature, it is not suitable for our seven-year-old youthful girl, but the effect is different after the feet, who tries who knows.

If you don’t worry about high heels, you have a high-legged capital.

Although gold brown looks very autumn, it is actually very suitable for summer.

After reading this picture, you will understand why I say that there will be more and less, affecting it, and the strap starts from the back of the back. It is already a sense of resting. I have to add the sauce. The whole feet look It’s like wrapped in scorpion or sauerkuquat.

At the same time, you will also understand if there is no small leg wearing flat, with a multi-scale leg

If you are a Zhang Yang Girl, like the colorful style, the left Aquazzura has reached the extreme, the strap is only wrapped in the ankle, the fingertips have a snorkeling, and the appropriate exposed foot will not appear bloated;


And the style of the right is an exceptional painting snake, wearing a circus to the circus.


Less is more


There is a small skill when wearing the sauce with sandals. When it is also black, you can use your legs to do not cover, match your skirt, hot pants is better than wearing long trousers!

Tongue: Out of the legs to see you at the heart,

Black trousers will completely use its charm.

In the color choice, I will recommend naked colors in the color. It is equally safe, and it is not easy to make mistakes, with white, earth-colored clothes, etc., it can play a neutralization.


The styles of nude colors are also very special, but it is still not recommended to start with this colorful ball in the right. If you don’t care, you will wear very soil.


Material lamb skin will be more soft, suede, crocodile pattern, etc. It will make it look more exquisite ~


# 单品 推荐 1 #


ZARA This is recommended, the price is very high (Aquazzura is also placed there), the thick follow the foot walking is not tired, the height is also suitable, Zara is not bad, but this is good, Wearing can run, the only disadvantage is that there are too many straps, the price seems to be around 399.

# 单品 推 推 2 #

ASOS this flat bottom is also good, naked pink is mixed with ice, the water washed cowboy is good, the official website is priced at $ 25, equipped with soft sister coins 165.


Do you like it today to recommend shoes?

I still want my Amway to tell me in the commentary ~

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