Throw out the sense of technology by throwing out the garbage, multi-mode optional one-key packaging, Tuoniu T1s intelligent trash can experience

Speaking in front:

With the development of science and technology, smart products have completely affected our lives, what smart homes, intelligent voice assistants, etc., make our lives more convenient and worry-free, so have you heard of smart trash cans? I believe that many friends have not heard of it, the author is also the first contact, today I will share it with you.

The smart trash can brought by the author today is a new product T1s produced by Tuoniu, this trash can can open and close the lid by itself, seal the garbage bag, and place the garbage bag, isn’t it amazing? I think so too, don’t talk nonsense, come and take a look with me.

Product Details & Experience:

Let’s first take a look at the packaging of this Tuoniu T1s trash can, using a carton made of kraft paper, the cover has a simple appearance picture, the upper right corner has the name of the trash can, and the lower right corner has the selling point of this trash can, supporting one-click air outlet, packing, and changing bags.

In terms of accessories, it is very simple, in addition to the Tuoniu T1s trash can body, it also comes with a USB charging cable for the user, and then an instruction manual. Without the power adapter, there will be no shortage of charging heads at home now, and it is also possible to use the same as the mobile phone.

Simply open Vientiane, let’s take a look at the appearance of this trash can, this Tuoniu T1s uses an all-white ABS material shell, the surface has a texture similar to matte, not easy to stain fingerprints, and it is also easy to clean. The size of this trash can is: 242mm*307mm*403mm, the internal capacity reaches 15.5L, which can store more garbage, if it is just to pack some dry garbage, so that it can be used for about 2-3 days.

The appearance of this Tuoniu T1s is very simple and versatile, and the size is also moderate, which is very suitable for placing it in the kitchen, bathroom or living room coffee table. In the center position of the front side of its top cover, a circular touch button is designed, which is very sensitive to operation, and can be opened and closed by clicking the lid, and can be automatically encapsulated if pressed for a long time. The working form of the trash can can also be adjusted through this button, which can be switched between induction opening and closing and always open modes.

Let’s look at the top cover of Tuoniu T1s, in the closed state, the fit between the top cover and the barrel body is very tight, which can effectively prevent a leakage, at the front end of the top cover, you can see a black long strip area, this is its sensor, its effective recognition distance is 0-35cm, so that we do not need to deliberately bend in use, it can be accurately identified, very sensitive. It will also automatically pack, only need to long press for 3s to time, automatic packaging, lid opening, closing, bag change and other operations in one go, the whole process is very smooth.

Let’s look at the back of the fuselage, about the center of the design of a power switch, and a charging port. Turn on the power switch on the back and it will work. In terms of battery life, I believe this is a problem that many friends are concerned about, it has a built-in car-level 18650 battery, the battery life is greatly improved, and it can be used continuously for about 30 days in the case of using 1 garbage bag every day. If you are worried about forgetting to charge, we can also connect the charging adapter directly to the trash can in long-term power supply mode, so that as long as the power is low, you can charge, which is more worry-free.

At the bottom of the back of the fuselage, a raised foot-like device is also designed, which is used to space the distance between the barrel and the front, so that it will not be close to the wall. Why is it designed this way?

Originally, two air outlets were designed on the left and right sides of the bottom, so that the effective distance was spaced, and the ventilation effect would not be hindered, and there could be a stable working temperature inside, and it would not hinder the opening of the cover air outlet. In addition, four large non-slip feet are designed at the bottom of the barrel, which are very stable on the ground and other positions.

Open the upper cover, the protective decorative cover inside the trash can can be removed, and the magnetic fixing scheme is adopted, which is simple and convenient. Underneath it is the garbage bag box, which is integrated with the garbage bag, and when the garbage bag is used up, this box needs to be replaced together.

The official price is 69 yuan for a group of garbage boxes, and there are six boxes in a group, and a box can be used about 25 to 28 pieces, which is about 3 cents a day on average.

The top lid of the trash can can be lifted by itself, so the advantage of this design is to consider how to seal when a large waste product is placed in the can. This design is to solve such a situation, and the top cover is not afraid of it when it is raised for high scrap. It is worth mentioning that when the top cover is lifted, you can see that there will be a blue LED indicator inside, which indicates that the working state is normal. With LED lights, it is also easy for users to use at night.

Let’s look at the situation in the trash can can, a grid opening is designed at the bottom of it, and a fan is installed inside it, combined with the garbage bag detection receiving device and the garbage bag detection and sending device to coordinate and cooperate, so that when we replace the garbage bag, the fan will pump away the air in the trash can, so that the garbage bag fits more closely with the cylinder wall.

After talking about the details, let’s actually experience it, the induction mode is the most commonly used, when there is garbage to throw, just throw it directly like an ordinary trash can, it will accurately sense your actions and open the lid, after throwing the garbage yourself will automatically close the lid.

Let’s talk about the normally open mode, we only need to touch the front button, hear a “drip” sound, this time the barrel lid is in normally open mode, we do not close it will not automatically close. This mode is very suitable for home gatherings, cleaning, watching TV and snorting melon seeds. We only need to touch the front button, hear a “drip” sound, this time the barrel lid is in normally open mode, is it very simple.

The last one is overload mode, in our lives, it is inevitable to encounter larger garbage waste, so it can’t be sealed? You really underestimate it, when the garbage in the bucket is overloaded, let it be sealed at this time, it will show a trick to lift the entire upper lid, and at the same time pull up the garbage bag, so that it is easy to encapsulate the overloaded garbage, isn’t it amazing.

The experience of this Tuoniu T1s smart trash can is coming to an end, and a few words will be briefly summarized at the end.

Summary of the experience:

This new T1s smart trash can has been experienced for a few days now, and you can experience a full sense of technology in the simple garbage throwing process. This Tuoniu T1s trash can can have a lot of remarkable places, simple and fashionable and versatile design, a variety of modes to choose from, can be used in a variety of scenes, and good sealing, effectively prevent odor emission. Automatic packaging allows users to completely free their hands, reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, overall practicality is still very strong, like friends can pay attention.

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