Sony: new flagship of dual core noise reduction, WH-1000XM5 evaluation

The Sony WH-1000XM5, the flagship of Sony, is finally coming. As the fifth generation of noise reduction headphones, the appearance of this generation has been greatly upgraded compared with the previous generation. At least when you wear it, others will know that you have replaced the XM5.

Compared with the previous generation, Sony has made the headgear more detailed, and made the adjustment part of the headgear infinitely adjustable. The part connecting the earphones also uses a mute spindle, which makes you want to adjust and wear the earphones in a quiet environment without disturbing the people around you. The small design is very considerate.

The appearance is more concise, the sense of sophistication has been improved, and the interior is more delicious. In terms of wearing comfort, the earmuffs are made of soft and pressure reducing leather, which is more skin friendly and has strong extensibility. They can fit the head shape and reduce the ear pinching feeling, so that strong noise reduction and wearing comfort can be truly considered.

However, the appearance change of this generation makes it impossible for the WH-1000XM5 to fold into a small state and put it in the storage bag. The larger storage bag will also have a certain impact on the carrying of the headset after storage. However, the structure of this headset bag can better protect the headset stored in it and make it more secure to store.

Take a closer look at the inner part of the earmuff. Compared with the distance sensor of the previous generation, the earmuff has also been replaced. While improving the detection accuracy, the opening of the sensor is almost invisible on the appearance. It looks more integrated and beautiful.

Talking about the noise reduction performance of the headset itself, Sony once again proved with the WH-1000XM5 that it is still the “leader” in this field, which is still the strongest noise reduction headset at present. First of all, the earphone is equipped with a noise reduction system consisting of 8 microphones, 3 on the lateral side for external noise collection, and 1 for noise collection inside the earmuff.

After the noise is collected, the data will be transmitted to the HD noise reduction processor QN1 built into the headset for noise processing. This generation also has a new integrated processor V1, which enables the headset to fully and quickly process the environmental noise data collected from eight microphones. This also makes the noise reduction of the WH-1000XM5 much better than that of the XM4,

In addition, the adaptive sound control function can also be enabled in the headset’s own app to automatically detect the current activity status and location, learn to identify frequently visited places, and automatically switch the preset ambient sound or noise reduction scheme.

For example, in the process of travel and commuting, active noise reduction will be enabled, allowing you to listen to music more attentively and not be disturbed by noise. When walking, it will automatically turn on the ambient sound mode to enjoy music while protecting its own safety. While waiting for the train to stop, the background noise will be reduced, the voice broadcast will not be filtered, and the voice broadcast at the station will not be missed.

The WH-1000XM5 has upgraded the 30mm drive unit with new materials to enhance the low-frequency effect, as well as the carbon fiber reinforced dome, making the diaphragm more rigid and retaining the medium and high frequency details. In fact, the drum beat of XM5 will be more powerful, and the voice is very clear. This kind of hearing makes people fall in love with it the first time they listen.

With the support of DSEE Extreme Digital Sound Enhancement Engine Advanced Edition, it can improve the quality of music and enable wireless headphones to enjoy the Hi Res Wireless audio quality experience. In fact, it is very clear. Most mobile phones on the market can turn on LDAC to bring a more stable and clear music experience.

There is also 360 degree live sound effect. After opening, it seems that you are in a live concert. The musical instruments surround your ears, and the effect is very impressive.

With the WH-1000XM5, you can easily use voice reply messages, or make direct calls. After all, there are beam forming technology and deep neural network learning, which can accurately identify and remove the environmental noise during the call, and accurately capture the voice of the user during the call. Even in a noisy environment, the call can still have a very clear effect. Moreover, the three microphones on the outside are designed to resist wind noise, so that even when talking in a windy environment, there is still a very clear communication effect.

There is also the upgrade of interaction logic. Two devices can be connected at the same time, and can be switched freely between different devices. If one device listens to music and the other device calls, just press Answer to switch to the other device to start a call.

Moreover, the smart no take off call function is very practical. If the headset recognizes that you are ready to speak, it will automatically turn on the ambient sound mode and pause the music, so you can immediately communicate with the other party without taking off the headset, which is very convenient. If you just want to chat with the other person temporarily, you can also cover one side of the headset with your hand to quickly turn on the ambient sound mode, which is also convenient and fast.

In addition, the WH-1000XM5 also supports PD charging this time. It only takes 3 minutes of charging to play for 3 hours. Moreover, it has a 30 hour battery life, which can fully meet the requirements of listening to music all day long. Even if it is a long journey, there will be no power anxiety.

Sony WH-1000XM5 has proved that it is still the strongest wireless noise reduction headset in terms of appearance design and texture, as well as sound quality and noise reduction effect. This upgrade has solved many pain points of the previous generation and is more worthy of purchase.

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