Korean VT tiger mask, moisturizing mask for acne muscle

Wake up early in the morning,

Xiaobian found that I had acne on my face! Intersection Intersection

Since acne has grown,

It is not easy to get rid of it easily, sadness ~

The formation of acne has a lot to do with your own endocrine.

Sometimes it ’s not just to look at the dermatology,

Even turn left to see gynecology.

Seeing the VT CICA Tiger Mask recommended by Zhang Shaohan on Xiaohongshu,

It has the effect of repairing and soothing,

The editor immediately bought it.

Can I apply the mask when I have acne?

Pay attention to the mask of the acne muscle

Various acne ingredients will make the skin worse and worse

It is best to choose a mask with natural herbs.

Korean VT tiger anti -acne mask

The legendary “acne muscle savior”

100 pieces of repair mask are not as good as it

Korean VT tiger mask contains herbal plants

“Fighting Power School”!

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Korean VT


Maybe everyone is more unfamiliar with VT,

But VANT air cushion is not too unfamiliar,

It can be said to be hot in the previous two years.

In fact, VT is Vant after brand upgrade,

The entire brand is also more concise and fashionable.

CICA originated from Spanish Cicatriz,

It means scar.

So this series of CICA is a series of partial drugs,

Skin care products with soothing and acne effects,

It can calm the sensitivity caused by external stimuli such as haze and ultraviolet rays,

Relieve acne that has emerged from the skin,

Moisturize the skin while replenishing the skin while soothing and repairing the skin.

Vt tiger mask

This is a very high satisfaction acne mask

The main herbal plants in this mask are Clacm

It’s okay to fight acne and acne marks!

It’s not that this mask can be used only with acne muscles ~

Before and after our physiological period

Or when the skin is unstable

This mask is the first choice ~

It can effectively relieve acne and first -aid repair

Super fast water replenishment effect, adjust the balance of water and oil

Improve skin immunity

Can prevent skin problems that babies will happen!

Moisture at any time to restore the skin’s elasticity

Repair before going to bed for first aid status

Because of the power of plant essence

So don’t be afraid to stay up late!

VT mask can help you reach the bottom layer of the skin to repair the skin ~

In the morning, call alive to wake up the “confused muscle”

The fragrance of the herbal medicine wakes up the skin that is still sleeping

Moisture with the skin with a bit of moisture

Pre -makeup Water Mask Serving Dry Muscle

When makeup, I always do because of acne card powder

VT mask can effectively relieve acne

Reduce dry peeling to make the makeup more convincing ~

Repair after the sun to improve the damaged muscle

Relieve red tingling after the sun

Repair skin sensitive and discomfort

Fully upgrade

Ingredient upgrade

Newly added cica hyaluronic acid material more hydration

The new version strengthens “Tiger Plus double essence mask”

CICA ingredient concentration is much higher than the first generation

CICA is the patent component of VT family

Organize the four types of citrus ingredients with three different hyaluronic acid with three different types of hyaluronic acid

The essence also increased from 25G to 28G

Double concentration

The concentration of snow grass is doubled, and the repair effect is strengthened

Mask paper upgrade, easy to absorb

Tiansi silk+Tiansi cotton = VT second -generation tiger repair mask mask paper

Using non -irritating medical -grade gauze mask paper

The design of the network format, tightly lock the essence

Effectively send water to the depths of the skin

Natural formula

Snow grass concentration doubles skin repairability double

Clampstrokes can promote the regeneration of skin collagen

Protect the skin from external damage

Sodium hyaluronate

Moisturizing and firming skin

Rouge cactus

Promoting absorption of soft skin

Baihuachun Yellow Chrysanthemum

踧踖 skin metabolism


Adjust water and oil balance

So what skin can be used?

In summary

Skin oil and acne, use!

Sensitive pain and itchy, use!

Red and sunburned red blood, use it!

Pregnant mother breastfeeding, use!

Ordinary skin is dry and dry, use!

experience feelings

As soon as you tear the mask, you can smell VT’s consistent snow and grass flavor

The taste alone gives the problem with the sense of security of the skin

The faint herbal taste, it is very comfortable to smell

Double -layer design, white protective film+mask paper

The white protective film plays a role in protecting dust and dustproof

Unlike ordinary mask paper

Vt mask paper = Tiansi Lisiling+Tiansi cotton

Light and soft, closely serving, mild and non -exciting

The web format design, tightly locks the essence, and penetrates efficiently until absorption

The mask is the kind of moisturized, and the essence is sufficient

Mask paper is made of gauze

The breathability is beyond doubt

Snow grass extract has xiu to protect the skin

Improve the effect of relaxation, so there will be a little Chinese medicine flavor

The effect of acne is super obvious

You can obviously feel the skin’s water light in the first use

The red blood on the face is a little less

Auntie also insisted on using

Acne obviously lack a lot of acne marks and acne pits, which have faded

It is also very good to use it after the sun!

Can soothe skin

There will be no traces after the sun

The point is that this mask is applied without washing the mask

The essence of residual can be used as a sleep mask

Let the essence have one night of absorption time, the effect is better

The pH value is close to 6 as weakly acidic

Is the pH value of affinity skin and tears

Through no stimulus detection

Stimulate skin O, gently protect skin sebum

Mask classroom

Q: Can this mask really remove acne?

A: The metabolism cycle of the skin is 28 days

Adhere to the use of acne and acne marks will improve

Due to the different effects of the skin and skin, different effects will be different

Q: What kind of skin is suitable for this mask?

A: This mask is suitable for all skin quality ~

Dry skin, oil skin, acne muscle, and sensitive muscles can be used with confidence ~

Quality product recommendation: acne masks