The steam SPA can be done at home? Know the whole body care for the autumn and winter of 100 yuan

The little fairy daughters are good, and recently found that it is really not easy for our fairy. In spring to worry about allergies, in the summer to remove acne and sunscreen, and in the autumn and winter, the new round of skin challenges have begun. Due to the season The sensitive, dry, horny and other issues caused by characteristics have begun to bother us …

What can I do at this time? Is it still afraid of the fairy daughter who has been a fairy for so many years? All kinds of moisturizing water cream emulsions are used, the moisturizing mask is applied, and the body cream body milk also starts to wipe …

Therefore, today I want to give you a good thing in the autumn and winter period of body care. While exfoliating, it can also play a role of moisturizing and soothing.

However, in terms of body care products, everyone’s sense of use and direction will not be as good as skin care products. Telling the actual sense of use can be much higher than other products.

(It is really not easy to be a delicate pig GIRL)

Keke, to go to the original

This is the one to give you Amway today

Jierma body scrub

Autumn and winter exfoliating moisturizing artifact

You can even make a thermal SPA at home

This autumn and winter is about to fall in love with a bath ~



Malnite sea salt+moisturizing body milk

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It is super hot in Italy

It is the first exfoliating product of sales

Top fashion magazines all call it crazy for it

Overseas Stars, INS fashion bloggers

More person a can

It contains a variety of essential oil ingredients

Drying chicken skin, acne muscles and skin

They all have a certain effect

Pay attention to the details of the body in winter, isn’t it?

There is actually a certain difference between body care and facial moisturizing

I found it when doing physical care

Add an exfoliating operation before moisturizing

Can I get more effort ~

But we are discussing exfoliating

Should I still discuss what the keratin is

So, here is a wave of popular sciences here

This is the homework that I spent a lot of time doing it

First of all, we must clarify a central thought

Not only “chicken skin” talents need to be exfoliated

Everyone’s skin must be removed regularly

“Horn” is actually the dead skin we say

It belongs to the outermost layer of our skin epidermis layer

Also known as the human body’s first natural barrier

We must not underestimate these “dead skin”, it directly affects our skin quality: the skin is “bright and shiny” because the healthy stratum corneum can reflect the light in the light, so it looks bright and moving; and the skin is rough; and the skin is rough. “Dark and light” is because the strangers cannot reflect light to make the skin look darker.

In fact, the horny is updated by ourselves in an ideal state, but with the growth of our age, the pressure of work, life, environmental damage, etc., the stratum corneum cannot be dropped naturally. At this time With a bottle of scrub to help it metabolize.

If the horny accumulation cannot be metabolized, the pores will be blocked to form “chicken skin”. The human legs, arms, elbows, hips, and ankles are parts that are prone to aging keratin. Don’t believe you look at your elbow, knee and ankle, is it relatively dark? It’s rough than other parts? Still easy to appear dry lines?

These are because lazy body care is not in place! Therefore, we must develop the habit of regular exfoliation so that we can maintain the skin smooth and healthy ~


Popular science is over

We will continue to return to the grass time

Hanging everyone’s appetite for so long

“Jierma body scrub sea salt”

Where is the sacred?

This scrub is originally imported by Italy. The brand of Geerma, which is specially carried out for 60 years of body care, contains five gem espenic essences and a variety of essential oil ingredients, which can quickly, delicate and whitening skin.

And its salt is not a general salt, but from the dead sea salt that people are rushing to chase. These dead sea salt contain higher minerals and trace elements than ordinary sea salt, which can

Effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin, and can also effectively remove the acne and chicken skin on the body.

In addition to the main Dead Sea salt

A big difference between Jima and other scrubs lies in its ratio

Essence+essential oil+sea salt perfect formula

It is to let you enjoy it at one time

The secret to scrub+bath milk+body milk

Speaking of which, you must introduce you to the products with better use in autumn and winter in autumn and winter -the hot body matte sea salt.

Hot -sensitive body scrub sea salt

Imagine that you can make a hot and steaming hot -sensitive SPA by the way when taking a hot bath in winter, which is definitely a super happy thing ~

Yes, Geomar’s thermal screened sea salt is so amazing. During the use process, heat will produce heat to help open the pores to better clean and absorb. This magical effect comes from the natalty methal ester in the papaya extract in its ingredients. These papaya extracts can also help uniform skin tone and make the skin more shiny.

Don’t look at the body scrub sea salt, but the sea salt particles in it are very delicate. When used

Can’t be gravitated too strong, causing a sense of scratching

At the same time, it combines essential oils and essences to form a small layer of small foam. When cleaning, it will not have a greasy feeling that is not clean. It can be said that it is very comfortable to use.

House Sir prefers to call it banana flavored scrub sea salt, because it smells a sweet banana aroma, and with the fever when using it, it makes people feel like it is on the Hawaii Island ~

This matte sea salt also contains

Salicylic acid

The ingredients of the ingredients control also know that salicylic acid is a kind of ingredient that can promote the metabolism of the new city of the skin and remove the blackhead acnes. But Geomar can help the whole body to enjoy this kind of care. It can be said that it is “equal -seeking” ~

Original price 188 yuan limited time special offer 129


Strawberry essential oil moisturizing matte

In addition, in winter, I also like to use their strawberry essential oil to moisturize and matte. It is the product with the most essential oils in the full series of Geomar, moisturizing and hydrating effects ~

Because the extract containing strawberries (can even see strawberry pulp in it), it contains

Rich antioxidant ingredients, both whitening and nursing functions

It is said that your body skin does not need to antioxidant well ~ and the taste is also sweet strawberry aroma. Every time I take a bath, I feel that there are pink bubbles around them ~

Geomar’s most cost -effective part is that each of its scratching sea salt comes with essence and essential oils, because we will rub our skin when using high temperature bathing. At this time The timing fully absorbs these essence elements, how can it not be better ~

Chocolate mousse scrub

Chocolate frosted sea salt belongs to the special version of GEOMAR frosted sea salt. It is different from other matte sea salt. It is mousse texture, the paste is thick, and the fragrance of its rich chocolate, it makes people want to use a spoon to scoop a spoon. How to taste the taste of the spoon four …

When you use it, you need to stir it well with a spoon, and then push it away on your body. After the granular melting, there will be a delicate small foam, which is very easy to clean. It is just a chocolate. When taking a bath, I always feel as comfortable as drinking a cup of warm chocolate in winter. After bathing, there will be a faint chocolate fragrance on the skin. Girls who like milk and chocolate incense will definitely fall in love with it ~

The ingredients of cocoa and cocoa can keep the skin elastic and moisture after washing white. It is just a slippery to send it. This weather feels that the hand cream and body milk are already began. Of course, the moisturizing work is better and better ~

Jierma’s body milk

The body milk is a outsider today. Here I simply give everyone Amway because I feel that the whole step of the bathing skin care can be more effective in one go, and their body milk is divided into two types -bright and moisturizing.

Unlike other body milk, these two body milk of Jierma is distinguished according to your personal skin. Generally speaking, most of the friends who are troubled by dry skin are neutral or dry skin. And Liang Ze’s body milk is suitable for dry skin.

Because of the shea butter oil ingredients contained in its formula, it has a soft characteristics and can keep the skin soft and moist. In addition, the olive ingredients and niacin amine will make your skin look more delicate ~ The taste is also a good aroma of the orchid, which is lighter. After use, you just want to hug yourself ~

Moisturizing body milk can help our skin restore appropriate water and softness. It is more suitable for neutral skin. Because it contains lotus extracts and almond milk, it is quite capable in moisturizing skin. The taste is more fragrant. The elegant aroma of jasmine and orange blossoms ~

Jierma is just a magical product that makes me fall in love with a bath. After all, autumn and winter is coming, and I still need to cherish every inch of my body in my body ~

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Jierma frosted sea salt+moisturizing body milk

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Malnite sea salt+moisturizing body milk

Original price starting at 188 yuan Limited time special offer 129

From the beginning of the yuan

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