Technical method of laser carving machine carving wood material

Ordinary mechanical sculptures cannot sculpt the thickness in the way of economy, so it does not have a gray -degree expression. Laser carving machines are carved in dots, which has a natural advantage in grayscale performance. For this reason, the gray expression is used as gray performance during the carving design. This advantage is that on the one hand, it reduces the coloring process and saves costs; on the other hand, it is rich in the manifestation of carving and increases the level of the graph. When using the user, first fill in the graphics in different grayscale (the text should be transformed first), and the carving output selects the black and white mode. You can try the effect of different outlets. The accuracy generally does not exceed 500dpi.


Logwood (unprocessed wood)

Wood is the most commonly used so far

laser processing

Materials, it’s easy

Carving and cutting

Essence Light -colored wood is like birch, cherry wood or maple wood can be easily available in laser, so it is more suitable for carving. Each wood has its own characteristics, and some dense, such as hardwood, use greater laser power when carving or cutting. We recommend that before the carving is not familiar with wood, we must first study the carving characteristics.


The carving on the plywood is actually not much different from the carving on the wood, but there is one thing to pay attention to that the carving depth should not be too deep. The edge of the cut plywood will also be dark like wood. The key is to make the plywood use that kind of wood.

Wood carving

Generally speaking, carving on wood is usually yin sculpture, and the deepening depth of sculpture is generally deeper. In this way, the power is generally high. In case of harder wood, it may make the carved graphic color darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can increase the sculpture speed and try to sculpt several times. Some wood will produce some oil fumes on the surface of the wood during carving. If there is paint on the wood, you can use a wet cloth to carefully wipe it. If the paint may not be cleaned, it will cause the finished product surface.

Wood cutting

The depth of cutting wood for laser carvings is generally not deep. The maximum cutting depth depends on the power of the wood and the power of the laser. If it is necessary to cut the thick wood, it can slow down the cutting speed, but it may cause the burning of the wood. You can try to use a large -scale lens and use repeated cutting methods during the specific operation.


After the wood is carved, there is generally a burning feeling. It has a primitive artistic beauty with the color of the wood. The depth of its color mainly depends on the laser power and carving speed. But some wood is usually a soft texture, and you can’t change its color (such as birch) anyway. Polyclysis for finished products can be used.

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