How to take a forklift certificate and judge the question bank! Come and practice your hands! (9)

41. Forklift and tractor uses hinged frames. (×)

42. The forklift and tractor use the overall frame. (√)

43. The ZL50 loader uses an overall rack. (×)

44. The suspension is connected to the frame and wheels, and various forces are conveyed between the frame and the wheel. (√)

45. The suspension is divided into elastic suspension and rigid suspension. (√)

46. ​​The front and rear bridges of the forklift use rigid suspension, and the tractor uses elastic suspension. (√)

47. The tractor uses rigid suspension. (×) chinuokejihulaoshi

48. ZL loader uses elastic suspension. (√)

49. Forklifts have drive bridges, steering bridges, turning to drive bridges and supporting bridges. (×)

50. The forklift uses a fist to turn to the shaft. (×)

51. Forklift uses a fork -type steering bridge, and the loader uses a fist -type steering bridge. (√)

52. The loader uses a fork -type steering shaft. (×)

53. Forklifts, loaders and tractors should be equipped with support bridges. (×)

54. Forklifts, loaders and tractors should be equipped with a steering -driven bridge. (×)

55. Low -voltage tires have better elasticity and buffering performance than high -pressure tires, so they are used on tractors. (√)

56. The inflatable pressure of low-voltage tires is between 150kPa-450kPa, and high-voltage tire inflation pressure is between 450kPa-700KPa. (√)

57.12.00-16 means high-pressure tires. (×)

58.24*8 Tire outer diameter 860mm. (×)

59. The function of the steering system is to control the driving direction of the vehicle. (√)

60. The steering method of cars is divided into two categories: steering wheel steering and steering frame steering. (√)

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