Sitting into a medical programmer for a long time, how to choose a cervical spine massage instrument, a variety of physical multi -dimensional comparison

When people reach middle age, changes from the body quietly occur. for example,

I have no energy to play games overnight again at night

Essence Another example,

There are always a few days a few days suffering from the pain of cervical spine

Essence Bubbing wolfberry in the thermal insulation cup can no longer meet my health needs. I started to care about massage and massage.

As a representative profession of sedentary, programmers will work facing the computer day by day. Most people cannot guarantee that there are correct sitting positions at all times, and multi -screen, vision and other factors have further led to bad sitting positions. Over time, the occurrence of cervical spondylosis.

This kind of thing happened too much around me, of course, I am also one of them. The sedentary occupation cannot get rid of this

Career disease

The occurrence, unless it is out of this industry. However, when I realized this kind of problem, I started passing

Cervical vertebral massage instrument is mainly relaxed and supplemented by exercise

The way to slow down this process.

Why is it mainly relaxed by a massage instrument

In fact, everyone knows how to relieve or eliminate cervical spondylosis, but this occupational disease has happened.

Because life is too helpless


I got a second card in the blind massage store, but I haven’t finished it yet, because it takes an hour to massage once, and the effect that it can’t persist is average. I tried to skip rope and run in the community every night, but after I went home for dinner, after playing with the child for a while, I found that it was 9 o’clock in the evening.

After many attempts, I finally chose to use it

Cervical massage

The main way, and keep it, the effect is pretty good. Of course, there are many attempts and trials in the process of choosing a massage instrument. Now there are


The cervical spine massage instrument is the West House U209 cervical massage, SKG K5, SKG G7, and ease of M2.

Next, through the comparison of the product, I will share some experience of choosing some cervical massage instruments, which only represents the words of the family, for reference only.

What aspects of choosing a massage instrument

The role of the cervical massage instrument is massage, so follow the next step.

Massage method, massage range, wearing experience, hot compress method

Analysis of different angles. Those with a small product gap can be analyzed from the aspects of product brands, appearance and other aspects.


The mainstream massage method of the massage instrument is now

Pulse massage, physical massage

Essence Judging from the current market market, physical massage is more popular than pulse massage.

The pulse massage method is a bit covered with ears. The current stimulus will make you remember the current stimulation and shortly forget the muscle soreness. Live massage methods include “pressing, rubbing, pushing, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, scooping, dots, taps, rolling, pinching” and other methods. The more the massage instrument can simulate the better.


The pulse massage method is used to release the pulse at the same time through the four -sided electrode, which makes the skin feel numb. Users with dry skin,


Special strong. The coating gel attached to the product can alleviate the current discomfort to a certain extent, but the amount of gel has a small amount and the sticky experience is very poor. Old people and children do not recommend using this. The children at home are curious to be scared by the sudden current tingling. Later, it was unnecessary.


It is an upgraded model after SKG K5, which began to use physical massage. There are a total of 9 massage heads, and each massage head has a fingertips size. It simulates the method of “pressing” the human hand through a vibration manner. But to be honest, the physical massage of G7

Single method

And massage head

Small contacts and gentle strength

Can you imagine the scene where the cervical soreness was relieved by pressing a small finger?

Easy M2

It is also a product that uses physical massage. It can be able to “press, knead, pinch” the method to relieve neck fatigue. In terms of massage method, the M2 experience is good. The only disadvantage is to simulate less real massage.

West House U209 cervical vertebral massage instrument

The use of physical massage methods can simulate the method of “pressing, rubbing, pushing, rubbing, rolling, pinching, and pinching”, and can more authenticly restore the process of real people massage. After combined, the massage and technique of the Musch of the West House U209 are the closest to the manual massage, which has become my most commonly used massage instrument.

Conclusion: Physical massage> pulse massage, the more physical simulation massage, the better.

SKG K5: k

SKG G7: 7

Easy M2: m

West House U209: 2


The 4 -faced electrode can only massage the hind neck. It is impossible to target sores on both sides of the neck caused by long -term side heads. For example, I often look at the secondary screen on the side.

It is also able to massage to the back neck, and the G7’s touch head is too small, and the unit touch area is small, so the effect of massage is very limited.

It can also massage to the back of the neck. However, the two massage heads of M2 have a total of 10 contacts, so massage can be performed on the upper and lower sides of the back neck. Compared with SKG K5 and G7 massage range.

Use 4 massage heads, 24 beads, and 360 ° wrapped neck. Compared with the M2, the M2 is equivalent to double the massage range. The four massage heads can surround the sides of the neck, which can massage the diamond muscle to relax the neck more muscle groups.

Conclusion: The local massage effect is limited, and the massage range should be covered as much as possible.

Wearing experience

SKG K5 and G7 two use the same way of wear–

Wear neck

Essence When we are playing with mobile phones or reading books, we wear our necks well. We can liberate our hands and do other things. But when we move the neck, such as cleaning, the massage cannot be closely fitted with the neck, which will cause an enhanced power stimulation.

Easy M2

There is no experience to say

It is completely anti -human design. When wearing, you need to pull your hands to fix the neck massage in the neck. When wearing, you cannot liberate your hands to do other things. After the massage is pulled for a long time, the arms are sore, which is equivalent to the soreness of the neck to the arm.

The wearing experience of the West House U209 massage instrument is more satisfactory,

“U -shaped pillow+massage instrument”

The design can also be used as a U -shaped pillow when not massaging. So I got the company, and the lunch break was a dragon, and I fell asleep without knowing it during the massage process, because the role of the U -shaped pillow would not cause neck soreness due to the partial head. In winter, it can be used as a bib to prevent the neck from being cold.

U209 adopted

4 -gear magnetic buckle

Methods, the use of different personnel at home can be loosened and tightly adjusted according to the thickness of the neck. After the absorbing buckle is tight, you can firmly stabilize the neck. In this way, whether it is reading, playing with mobile phones or cleaning housework, you can enjoy a fitting experience.

Conclusion: It is not good or bad to wear, but please do not counter human operation.

SKG K5: k

SKG G7: 7

Easy M2: m

Hot compress method

SKG K5 and M2 easy M2 adopt

Heat thermal fever

The hot compress method. Heating iron sheets directly contact the skin to conduct heat. On the one hand, this method can only stay on the surface of the body, and on the other hand, the method of direct contact with the skin directly can cause the skin to become red or burned.

West House U209 massage instrument and SKG G7 adopt

Far infrared hot compress

Way. Far infrared heat compresses are most commonly used in the medical field. The heat can penetrate into the body. It takes a long time to stay in the body, which can promote blood circulation and quickly relieve uncomfortable neck pain. Combining the massage of the touch head can achieve double relaxation effect.

SKG G7’s hot compress range is small, which is limited to the one behind the neck.

The West House U209 massage instrument can be worn on the neck like a bib, and the heat compress range is large.

Insulation effect


Conclusion: Far infrared hot compresses> Electric films are hot compresses.

SKG K5: k

Easy M2: m


The SKG K5 and G7 use a similar appearance. The design of the hanging neck is white, but it can see the cheap plastic sense of K5 and G7.

The ease of M2 is also made of plastic material, but with dark yellow color, the grade of the entire product is instantly reduced.

The West House U209 uses memory sponges, with good rebound and deformation. The outer layer uses a detachable Xinhao cotton pillow cover, soft and skin -friendly and easy to clean. And U209 uses gray -green color, and can be versatile in terms of work, leisure or business trips.

Brand and price

Western House in 136 US Centennial Brands, the world’s Fortune 500 companies. Its products are not only used for home use, but also in aviation and other fields. Personal products such as mattresses and massage chairs are also good reputation. The price of U209 cervical massage device is also more affordable.

As a domestic new brand, SKG has endorsed the popular stars, and in recent years has been eating the “Internet celebrity” bonus. As a result, the prices of the two products of K5 and G7 are high, which is inconsistent with the actual product value.

As the old domestic brand, it faces many old -fashioned companies. It is conservative in product design innovation, resulting in insufficient product competitiveness, and the price of M2 is also high.

final conclusion

In order to facilitate our horizontal comparison, I make a form for different aspects above, so that everyone can view it.

These four products are used, I am most commonly used and recommended

West House U209 Cervical Cervical Massage

Essence In terms of massage, the massage method is used in physical massage, 24 beads, and the range of the four -stage magnetic buckle U -shaped pillow design is better and the hot compress uses medical far -infrared therapy technology. These aspects have advantages. In addition, as an old brand, the price is more affordable. At the same time, it can be used as a neck pillow when U209 does not massage. It is not limited to the neck, which is more than one fell swoop.

SKG K5 has been eating ash because of the current problem. The G7 massage is too small and the daughter -in -law occasionally use it. It is easy to get the m2 without shot.

As a sedentary medical programmer, the above is some of my analysis of the choice of neck massage instruments. Code words are not easy, share it with everyone, I hope to provide some reference when everyone buys.



Easy M2

West House U209 cervical vertebral massage instrument

SKG K5: k

SKG G7: 7

Easy M2: m

West House U209: 2

West House U209: 2

West House U209: 2

SKG G7: 7

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