1118 square meters! Rui Chi settled in the No. 1 store in Shanxi, and the original design of the broken circle home

On March 26, 2022, the global investment ceremony of Red Star Merrust Shanxi Store 1 was launched in Taiyuan. The fall of the No. 1 store in Shanxi will not only become another “bright sword” of Red Star Macalline in the North China market, but also form a new pattern of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Taiyuan. The first is also the largest and highest specified original design theme hall, breaking the original design ceiling and reshaping the market structure!

Among them, the pioneer brand of Chinese contemporary furniture Ruichi furniture will be upgraded with a large operating area and new space of 1118 square meters to create a new benchmark for high -end home consumption. From the “minority” to “internationalization”, from the “group circle” to “breaking the circle”, how can Rui Chi take the Shanxi No. 1 store as a new starting point and move towards the world’s first -class brand array? Where will Red Star Macalline Shanxi Store 1 will lead the original Chinese design? Home micro -observation will be revealed.


The “minority” in the original design

In 17 years, insisted on letting “Rui Chi” self -contained

Established in 2005, Rui Chi was established in 2005. In the Chinese home furnishing industry at that time, classical furniture prevailed and market plagiarism became a wind. “A few factions in the industry”, and Rui Chi’s uniqueness is still not there.

As the pioneer of Chinese contemporary furniture, Rui Chi has given a new interpretation and deeper connotation of contemporary design, such as the new thinking of the “point of the point and line” of the starting point and the direction, the new thinking of “making design and desire pure and true”. It has opened a new wave of design for the Chinese home furnishing industry.

For a long time, Rui Chi has adhered to the people -oriented design concept. In every process of product design to entering the user, Rui Chi will constantly ask himself to discover and meet the real needs of consumers.

“Furniture is not just an object, it should be a member of the family, and it is a necessary product to have an emotional link with others,”

Xu Jicun, president of Rui Chi Furniture Operation.

Xu Jicun, president of Ruichi Furniture Operation

The practice of treating objects is very different from the “family member”. From many details, it is enough to reflect the design concept of Rui Chi from the function, so that every detail of life is caring. For example, when the PUZZLE chair was originally designed, the length, width, and angle of the back and seat surface were developed and designed on the basis of the golden ratio. After hundreds of experiments and details of the R & D team, they also invited colleagues of various figures inside and outside the company to try to try. After the final summary of the test opinion, they continued to compare the cut surface and size of each angle. Practic. After the product was officially launched, it was well received once the market.

Puzzle chair

Not only that, Rui Chi always insisted on product iteration. Unlike other design brands that frequently launch new products,

In Rui Chi, creating a product that can stand the test of time is the direction of hard work.

Rui Chi will continue to make product iterations on its needs, size, materials and other customer needs, so that the products always meet the aesthetics and preferences of modern consumers, and enter more and more consumers’ homes. Rui Chi believes that “sustainable design” is one of the essential conditions for high -quality products.

Ruichi original design home work

Ruichi’s unique R & D center has cultivated and transported a large number of design talents for the Chinese home furnishing industry.

“Rui Chi has become an adjective”,

Dealers and consumers often describe a stunning furniture with “this product is very sharp”. When a brand rises into an adjective, it is enough to show the energy behind it.

When many original design brands are thinking about how to go to the world, Rui Chi has achieved two feet walking. At present, Ruichi’s marketing network has covered the world. It has stores in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania, and overseas stores have been sold well. They have been widely recognized internationally. One of the best examples.

“Because of the existence of Rui Chi, many original design brands in China have seen hope.”

The deputy director of the design living room business department of Red Star Macalline Households has affirmed the existence of Rui Chi. It is not only a minority, but also a leader in the minority.


The largest Shanxi! 1118 square meters!

“The King of the Head Brand X Store King” creates market king!

As a new species in the home industry, Red Star Macalline No. 1 Store has the largest single volume, the most complete category, the best brand structure, the most radiation range, the highest positioning, the most widely customer base, and the strongest ecology. Follow the position of King of the King of the Home Furnishing Industry.

The Shanxi Store No. 1 not only perfectly inherits all the genes of the “No. 1 Store”, but also links with the long -term mall and Guojin Mall of the Taiyuan market in the Taiyuan market. Selling the province, radiating 34.8 million people.

The No. 1 store is the tower of Red Star Macalline. In terms of brand selection, it is even more important to choose the head of the head with unique appeal, trend trends, and quality assurance. The introduction of the Chinese contemporary design leading brand, including Ruichi, not only broke the Chinese original design ceiling, but also aims to continue to empower Chinese original design.

Red Star Macron Shanxi Store 1

“Shanxi No. 1 store is large, full, high in positioning, and wide radiation. Its landing will upgrade and upgrade the new experience of home scene scenes for Shanxi consumers to lead the trend design.”

Xu Jicun, president of Ruichi Furniture Operation, highly affirmed the leading and demonstration role of Shanxi Store.

Consumption upgrades entered the second half, and consumer consumer behavior began to transition from the demand of quantity to quality. As the leading brand of China’s home furnishing industry, Red Star Macalline has always been able to understand the changes in consumption upgrades first. Different from the conventional model of traditional focus quality and service,

Shanxi No. 1 store directly starts from the high -level play of consumer experience upgrades to make the consumer’s sense of experience before. With the refinement of the kernel system and the two -name assembly of the head, it will define and reconstruct the high -end lifestyle.

Based on a good location advantage, Shanxi No. 1 store will become the “head geese” of Red Star Macalline in the North China market, leading other shopping malls to seize the commanding heights of markets at all levels in North China.

As the representative brand of original design, Rui Chi and Red Star Macalline have always been the in -depth strategic cooperation alliance, and they have appeared at the Shanghai Hongqiao Show each year. Xu Jicun, president of Ruichi Furniture Operation, said:

“After learning that Red Star Macalline invested heavily in building Shanxi No. 1 store, Rui Chi decided to follow Red Star Macalline. Be sure to land in the Shanxi Store flagship store, and the area must be large.

Only in this way can Ruichi’s latest image, the most beautiful space, the most complete products, and the more pure and more life -oriented contemporary life scene. “

Ji Wenya, the market manager of Rui Chi, introduced,

At present, the Ruichi Store has iterated to the fifth generation. In the construction of the Ruichi flagship store in Shanxi No. 1 Store, it will pay more attention to the customer experience. In addition to the basic product display area, it will also plan the reception service area, design material area, and apartment type. Simulation areas, etc., form a new store attitude that drives sales and services to expand the market.

Cheng Wei, executive deputy general manager of Hongxingmei Kailong Shanxi Camp Fa Center

High -end home consumers pay particular attention to design, culture, experience, and services, but as low -frequency consumption, product value is often unable to be fully perceived when purchasing. Opening the end of the end industry with “new scenarios, new experiences, new stores, new marketing”, it will establish a core barrier of high -end home furnishings for stores and brands.

In the future, the Shanxi Store will continue to leverage traffic leverage to form a new business model of product strength, service, and experience.

In this regard, Cheng Wei, the executive deputy general manager of the Red Star Macalline Shanxi Provincial Yingfa Center, already has a clear plan: “At present, the No. 1 store in Shanxi has gathered rich designer resources, which will form dealers, designers, and customers in the future. In -depth operation model of the three -party aggregation. In addition, in terms of communication and promotion, Shanxi No. 1 store will punch card through KOL, and use new media platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin to create full coverage of online and offline ports to leverage the huge traffic. At the same time, Shanxi The No. 1 store will continue to empower the original design category. In addition to the four major kings of the original design, it will also introduce head brands such as Huayi Space to further leverage the original design market of Shanxi. “


Breaking the circle never stopped

Chinese original design starts the “Golden Age”

At present, China ’s home furnishing industry has reached a crossroads. When a high -speed growth period becomes an inflection point. Only by relying on original design can we create new development opportunities and upward space. The brand represented by Rui Chi finally waited for the aesthetics and consumption awakening of Chinese consumers. Ma Weijie, general manager of the design living room business department of Red Star Macalline Home Group, revealed that

At present, Rui Chi is almost 70%of the new stores every year in Red Star Macron. Such a high number also reflects the explosive growth of Ruichi and the original furniture brand has ushered in a new opportunity for the rise.

As a furniture person, there is responsibility and obligation to promote the better development of Chinese original design.

Ma Weijie, General Manager of Red Star Macalline Home Design Living Room Division

“Red Star Macalline, as the first platform of the Chinese home furnishing industry, must give full play to the power of the platform and give these brands better soil, thereby meeting the longing for good home life at different levels and aesthetic levels.”

This is a circle between industry, consumers, and brands. Under the “domestic and international dual -cycle” pattern, it will run through the main line of the future development of the Chinese home home industry. The “golden age” of China’s original design may start!

Ruichi original design home work

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