No fire risk+fast charging Japan develops more secure lithium batteries

Original title: Japan develops safer lithium batteries

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, November 24th. A research team in Japan has developed a new lithium -ion battery with water replacement of combustible organic solvent materials and nano -grade molybdenum oxides. This battery is high without worrying about the fire accident, and it can be charged quickly.

The electrolytes of lithium -ion batteries used by mobile phones and electric vehicles use flammable organic solvents, so they are in danger of fire. People try to find a safer electrolyte material.

Research teams from Japan Yokohama National University and Sumitomo Electric Industry Corporation use water as an electrolyte with water, and find electrode materials that can not reduce battery performance. Researchers have found that the use of nano -class molybdenum oxides is used as a battery negative electrode, and the battery performance can reach a practical level.

Because this battery does not have a fire risk and can be charged quickly, even if it is repeatedly charged and discharged 2000 times, the battery capacity is only less than 30%. Therefore, it is expected to be used for energy storage batteries or short -range electric vehicles. The goal of the research team is to use this new battery after 3 years.

Related research papers were published in the latest issue of the American Academy of Sciences.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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