The second-generation Changan Yidong XT was launched for 779-109,900 yuan

On August 29, Changan Automobile’s second -generation Yidong XT was officially launched in Chengdu. The new car launched a total of 7 models for consumers to choose from, and the entire system was equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine. The transmission system was manual and 6 The gearbox of the hand is held, and the official guidance price range is 77,900 to 1.099 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that at the launch conference site, the manufacturer also prepared five major gifts for consumers who bought cars before October 31, 2018.

Appearance: Great young elements

The new generation of Yidong XT uses the latest “butterfly wing” front face shape of Changan Automobile. The lines of the intake grille and the front bumper are quite sharp and very young. The outline of the headlights is more slender than the “Yidong” model of the same door. Some models also provide the automatic opening and closing function of the headlight, while the LED daytime running lights are standard configuration.

As a compact hatchback, the side lines of the new generation of Yidong XT are quite beautiful and capable. The “engraving lines” at the front and rear eyebrows and the bulging lines of the rear fenders have further strengthened the car’s visual impact. The key point is that the keyless entry and external vision of electric folding can be seen on the new car. In terms of appearance size, the car’s length, width, height is 4505mm, 1820mm, and 1505mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2700mm.

Compared with the previous face, the movement of the lines of the new car’s rear can be described as beyond the time. The sharp L -shaped tail light group, with the horizontal lines in the middle of the rear door, greatly strengthened the layered and visual width of the rear of the new car. Not only that, the rear bumper with a wind duct and tail throat, which highlights the “performance model” of the new car.

Interior: simple and textured

The new Yidong XT’s interior has a family -based design style. The silver and bronze trim inlaid in the middle can be described as bright. While creating a stylish atmosphere, the overall experience is relatively simple. The large -size central control screen embedded in it not only strengthened the car’s sense of technology, but also equipped with the Incall 3.0 smart vehicle interconnection system, but also provides drivers with real -time road conditions, online voice, remote vehicle condition query and navigation and other functions. Essence

Not only that, the configuration of the four -way adjustment of the steering wheel, electric sunroof, leather seats, front/rear armrests, car Bluetooth and automatic air conditioners can be seen on the new car. In addition, some models will also provide the entire car 6 airbags, adaptive cruise, original driving recorder and active safety system, while the body’s stable control, reversing radar and reversing images are standard in the entire system.

Performance: The 1.6L engine is equipped in the early stages

The new generation of Yipomai XT models launched this time, all of which are equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, and their maximum power and torque are 94kW and 168N ยท m, which are matched with 5 gear and 6 -speed hand -in transmission gearboxes. Essence In the future, 1.4T models will be launched, and it is planned to be officially launched in the summer of 2019.


As a replacement model of the current Yidong XT, the appearance of the new car is extremely sporty and younger elements. For young consumers, it can be described as “lethal”. It is an indisputable fact that the hatchback model is more fashionable. In other words, some differentiation at the positioning level, with a reasonable price range and rich internal configuration, seizing more market share may only be a matter of time.

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