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Hello everyone, I am yours




I met you for the first time in 2022, and what’s going on with a little excitement!

Isn’t this almost New Year, Taobao also happens to have

“New Year’s Day” activity

Of course, I have sorted it out for you a wave of good things worth buying in the New Year’s Day.

Not only amazing

Essence, water milk and shampoo products

There are good wearing


Intersection Anyway, the little friends in the temple are squatting early, just wait for the post and then quickly start.

Not much to say, let’s take a look together quickly

What do you need, take advantage of the discount

Right ~

Yu Nifang micro 800 hyaluronic acid essence

Recommender: Jelly

refer to

Price: ¥ 409 / (2 boxes in total 40)

Hyaluronic acid


Everyone is very familiar

Natural moisturizing factor

Although many scholars think that external hyaluronic acid can also penetrate the skin dermis layer to play a repair effect, but it is limited by process and other reasons. Most of the hyaluronic acid

The molecular amount is too large, and most of the skin surface.


What I didn’t expect is,

The first thing that gets the break first is Yudi Fang

, Cooperated with Academician Chen Jian’s team to develop

Only 800 Dalton’s hyaluronic acid


The molecules are small, and it is easier to penetrate in the skin. The test results of the classic pig skin transparent skin absorption rate are indeed the same.

12h to the leather layer

The transparent absorption rate reached 44.9


The effect of human testing is also very good! In the test of SGS and Shanghai Dermatology Hospital,


After 4 weeks of use

The thickness of the skin has been significantly improved

, Dive respectively

7.29% and 9.1%



Hyaluronic acid 2%

Add high concentration, combined with 2% Icoto, hydroxylcerin, no fragrance, alcohol, preservatives,

Settle and repair


Light skin, very good absorption

There is no sticky feeling at all. I have used it for a few weeks,

The skin has always been stable

Essence In the past year, it was always easy to change the face, but this year’s skin is extremely calm!


Sensitive muscle

Daily repair

Or early C and night A use the irritating ingredients


, Or deal with in winter

Dry and reddish

They are all very good.

Original price ¥ 499, During the New Year’s Day (

20:00 on January 9th to 24:00 on January 15th

), Just want

¥ 409


Buy a box (20) and get 15 and give 15


Goddess “

Give 5 more to 40 in total, which is equivalent to usual

4.1 % off


Go on a password


Copy the following password and open Taobao

48 letter S5A42YWRWDU letter

Perlaya Ruby Essence 2.0

Recommender: radish


Test price: ¥ 279/(30+22.5) ml

Newly upgraded last year “

Perlaya ruby ​​essence 2.0

“Word of mouth has been rising, and it is also a product that I and I have repurchased, because in it

Dilute fine lines, delicate pores

The effect is very good ~

Although there are already a lot of alcohol essence on the market, ruby ​​essence

The characteristics are still prominent

First of all, add to the addition, or find a way

Enhance the effect of A alcohol


Vacuum bottle

Can maximize

Preservation activity

, Soybean extraction complexes as “

Efficacy push agent


Absorb faster and light pattern effect is better

Secondly, the ruby ​​essence has taken into account the different perspectives of wrinkle improvement:

20% high-concentration acetyl sixth peptide-1, better

Inhibit the emoji

Bydium -Palmichicatic hydroxyticine help

Slow down the degradation of collagen

Anti -free radical help

Reduce ultraviolet damage

Third, A alcohol is highly irritating and makes novices feel unfriendly. Ruby Essence Added

Multiple soothing ingredients

, And use it


Lisido -molecule package technology

Come to slowly release A alcohol (ZL201910681023.6), make the product gentle and novice!

at last,

Skin and use very good

Essence The texture is refreshing and not greasy, the absorption feeling is very good, and at the same time, it has a certain moisturizing degree, it is a

It is very comfortable and without burden

The product.

So what kind of product do you ask?

Brand, formula, and sense of use are reliable

It is like a ruby ​​essence!


¥ 279

To 1.75 bottles,


Send again

4 dual anti -masks!

Activity price ¥ 319, superimposed ¥ 20 full minus and ¥ 20 coupons,

7.5ml small X3.

Place the order again, send

Double anti -mask X2; place order

Remark “Goddess

“, Send again

Double anti -mask X2.

January 9 20:00

At the beginning of the event, first

Led coupon

Buying car

78 ¥ ABZP2BWXBH4 ¥/

Ximuyuan CBS series water milk

Recommender: fish ball

Reference price: ¥ 249/set

At the end of last year, “Pop’s Laboratory”

Reader’s annual love

A friend saw

Ximuyuan Mountain Camellia

Selected, let me ask me what recommendations have any recommendations in her family.

What I think of instantly is

CBS water milk

It is not only my own heart, but even Pop is a set by me. More importantly, because I used it for more than a month

The effect is very satisfied


, Not only the skin becomes tender and smooth, but the dullness caused by staying up late also feels relieved.

The skin tone is also white and translucent

Its formula is developed in cooperation with the Japanese professional R & D team. It seems to be ordinary but there are many “mysteries” in it.

The main ingredient “Hydrolysis shell hard protein + tea extract + silk protein” found in the experiment that it can help

Promote the synthesis of collagen

, Can also

Inhibit the activity of tyrosine.

Acetylated hyaluronic acid and patented ingredient “Tremella Polymphane” (patent number: ZL200510029746.6) provides a very good repair effect for the product,

Improve skin barriers,

Make the skin more durable.

It can be added to the essence milk

Inhibit “three enzymes and one vegetarian”

Classic ingredients cuminonin and soaring acid, and then cooperate with melanin transfer


, Very good

Uniform skin tone, improving dullness




Moisturizing but not sticky,


The moist and silky, dry skin oil will like it. Combined with a micro -milk transmission system,

Absorption is also particularly good

Original price ¥ 329 CBS Ryu Guangshui, now descending ¥ 81

Only ¥ 248

Add ¥ 1


Value ¥ 429 formal emulsion, equivalent to

¥ 249/set

, Very cost -effective!

Weizi X EDG joint limited gift box

Reference price: ¥ 268/set

as a”


“For more than ten years, I don’t know how many dandruff shampoo has been tried. But in terms of comprehensive effects, sense of use, price, smell, I am myself


It is

Weizi Dercos series


Moreover, this game girl recently discovered that the Vizi series actually came out

EDG joint name

This is simply a kiss, you must talk to everyone.

The gift box includes

Green label shampoo


Powder Shampoo

X1, Weizi X EDG

Co -branded e -sports mouse pads, wrist care



The design is also very beautiful!

It is the relative of the Vizi series

More powerful

The main character


1% sulfide

0.9% Shui Yang


It can be used 2-3 times a week, and the effect of improving dandruff is very good.


Powder is suitable for daily use

, Add pyrockone and salicylic acid, cleaning agent mainly sodium taurine of methyl coconut oil, and red -no -alcohol to make it overall

Mild and soothing


Dandruff is still obvious

(Pup said 但), but after using the combination of Weizi

Dandruff has improved significantly.

And, wash your hair

The fluffyness is also very good

It seems that the amount of hair is much more! Feeling after washing is also very good, even if you do not need to be conditioned, you will not appear astringent hair and unsatisfactory after washing.

The sense of use is also particularly great 特

Now pay ¥ 30 deposit, including

3 bottles


Send water + +

Limited surrounding joint gift boxes are only ¥ 268

It is more cost -effective than buying 3 bottles of shampoo, and

Also send ¥ 50 repurchase coupons!

You can participate in the lottery if you buy

Five lucky buyers can

Open the black with EDG

Of course, watching EDG playing games is worse than playing games with EDG!

77 ¥ AYK92ZQ1idr ¥ ¥

Vegetarian Muscle Goods Jelly Bar underwear


Reference price: ¥ 159/piece

Looking back on the n things I have tried this year, I have always liked that there is no “happy new and hate the old”.

Vegetarians of Lianglou Jelly Bar underwear

It is definitely one of them.

Not only yourself

After wearing a whole year

,not only

Amway, the whole company

Even the people around them were in the pit.

As a prime muscle good product jelly strip

No steel ring underwear

, Not only did there not be a common loosening deformation of steel ring underwear, but also a good one



, Super comfortable.

It can do so, inseparable from “

Soft support for the jelly bars of vegetarian muscle

Technology, it replaces the traditional Slocked steel ring, allowing the entire underwear

Soft and close



Still properly online, usually wearing jumping and not worried about the empty cups and shifts. It is not afraid that the underwear is rushing on the underwear, avoiding the embarrassment of organizing underwear.

One point that makes me particularly likes, is

The fabric feels soft and silky


One -piece design

Behind the upper body

Basically there is no underwear trace

, Close clothes with tight -fitting base!

Adjust after upgrade

Shoulder strap buckle position


The problem of the old version of the shoulders was also solved.

the most important is,

Energy washing!

A few of my turns have been washed for more than half a year, so far

Nor loose deformation

, Called the gospel of lazy people.

There are many colors and advanced

, I can buy such a good underwear for more than 100 at ¥ 100, I am very satisfied with!

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

¥ 300 minus ¥ 80

, Overlay New Year’s Eve

¥ 200 minus ¥ 20


Full 2 ​​underwear


Equivalent to

Settlement ¥ 120 plus gifts

¥ 39 Customized washing bag 1!

89 ¥ RPNF2YDI6UO ¥ ¥

Dabao refreshing sun exposure SPF20 PA +++

Recommender: Xiaoyu

Reference price: ¥ 45.9/two (75G/branch)


Speaking of Dabao, everyone should be familiar with. I just watched “

Dabao see every day

When I grow up, Dabao SOD honey is the taste of mother in memory. When you grow up, you still do this

National brand

Very good.




It is a must -have product for all years, but! I don’t use it as a sunscreen, but


Hand cream ~


The sunscreen coefficient is not high

And I don’t particularly like the skin on my face. but,

The texture of my hand, the skin feels the skin, makes me very like

And the price is not high, so I usually use it as a hand cream.

I don’t like to use hand cream before it. I always feel that I can’t touch it after finishing the sticky and greasy greasy. But Dabao this

Very refreshing, you can absorb it immediately

, Lotion texture,

Moisturizing is also exactly enough

The cold winter in the north is not afraid.

Do sunscreen on the hand

During the epidemic period, the habit of frequent washing has been developed.

Hand sunscreen two -in -one

“Finally realized.

After last summer, it is complete

No “black hand”

, Winter until now

No dry crack peeling

At least some credit decides to give it ~

Although this usage may be a bit unconventional, I still want to say this sunscreen

Cheap large bowl

, Now it’s a good thing that I can’t travel at home!


Original price ¥ 79/2, the Tmall New Year Festival only needs

¥ 45.9/2

For example, it is cheap when buying. Participate

Platform full reduction

It is also possible to use a order ~


The Forbidden City Taobao Cultural Innovation Twelve Flower God Solid Balm

Recommender: Guagua

Reference price: ¥ 76.5/box

In the modern times of the national tide revival, there are always many good things that combine ancient and modern design aesthetics and very clever things, just like this

Twelve Flower God’s solid balm



Its box is

The silk enamel fragrance box in the Forbidden City

Created for the prototype, the shape is elegant and timeless. It is small and exquisite in my hand. It is placed on the dressing table for decoration, which is also very simple and charming.

There are a total of


It’s all walking

Oriental style atmosphere and quiet line

For example, it belongs to

August osmanthus fragrance

Front tone

It is oranges and citrus. The natural fruity aroma combines the freshness of tea.


It is the rich and warm fragrance of osmanthus and Xiao Canglan. At the same time, it will not be sweet and thick, and it is very comfortable and comfortable.



It is the wooden fragrance of leather, sandalwood, and apricot, which makes people feel like a forest -like quiet and far away.

The method of use of the balm also has antique artistic conception, and you need you

Take a little balm with your fingers

, Evenly apply behind the ears, wrists, collarbone, etc.


As well

Open the box

, Place it on the car, bedroom, toilet, as

No aroma



Details everywhere

It is also quite perfect. The twelve patterns drawn on the glaze are different. Flowers, grass, birds and rabbits are vivid. They also describe gold in detail on some flower wings.

There is a thread at the mouth of the box

It can be tightened without falling off, and the sealing fragrance is not scattered.

In short, whether it is self -use or giving away, it is a joyful,

Daily good products from the Forbidden City


Yeah ~

Original price ¥ 85/10g,


Two of the New Year’s Day


(20: 00-22: 00 on January 9) 90 % off,

¥ 76.5 free shipping

If you buy more, there are many kinds of ¥ 199, ¥ 300, ¥ 600 full reduction and gift ~

19, hzna2y6p0sx,

Wheat socks, cotton vertical stripes, thick socks

Reference price: ¥ 7.9/double

Every autumn and winter, I will become incarnate

Socks mad demon

All kinds of socks are not heavy every day, colorful and flower branches are showing, and they will get better when they look at it.

Recently, in order to consolidate the “steady adult”, the socks have basically been replaced

Pure color knitted basic model

Don’t look at the socks simple and pair, but I spent a lot of effort to pick the most suitable one ~ So I can’t wait to share it with you today!

Let’s talk about the material first. This series of socks are all


It is soft to wear, it will not be hard, and


Breathable sweat absorption

Sometimes we wear too much in the heating room and do not feel boring.


Let’s talk about the color, this series has a total

Ten colors

Intersection And each one is very actual. My favorite recently is

Tibetan blue and brown

Wearing loafers or small leather shoes, it looks good.



















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Copy the following password and open Taobao

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Send again

Recommender: fish ball


Green label shampoo







It is very comfortable to wear,

Sock tube is relatively long


, Warm can be protected, warm and peaceful.

I won’t go down, and the sock tube is not cheerful

I have washed several times, and I haven’t found a loose situation for the time being.The price is also good, ¥ 7.9 a pair, can be worn for a long time.

His socks

There are really many styles

Every time I can go shopping for a long time, what kind of basis I want.The price will be slightly different according to the material and length, but

The most expensive one is this ¥ 7.9 …

Go on a password

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39!EPLV2Y69isz micro

That’s it for today’s recommendation. What good things do you buy or what good things you want to see, remember

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Tell me!

I wish you all a happy weekend, let’s see it next time ~

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