In this society where everyone is pursuing an elite, even the bed is the same. After the panel beds are connected to the artificial board with hardware and hardware, it has the characteristics of changing, stylish appearance, disassembly, difficulty deformation, and stability of quality. In addition, plate beds have an advantage in price than other materials, which meets the dual standards of exquisite and economical. The following editors will introduce you to the detailed steps of board bed purchase.

「板式床选购」板式床好吗 板式床选购步骤详解

Related knowledge of board bed


The board bed refers to a bed that is connected to the basic materials and connects to the hardware. Generally, the style is relatively simple, and it is the most seen in the market. The size of the board bed is generally about 2.2 meters, and the bedside is 1 meter high. It is made of artificial board, which is very suitable for small living rooms.

Types of board bed:

Divided into: single -board bed and double board bed

1. Single board bed: refers to a board bed that is suitable for one person to sleep.

「板式床选购」板式床好吗 板式床选购步骤详解

2. Double board bed: refers to a board bed for two people sleeping

It can be divided into: positive flip beds and side converted beds according to the flip -side angle

1. Positive turning bed: refers to the plate bed inlaid from the front bed inlaid from the front.

2. Side flipping bed: It refers to a board bed inlaid inlaid from the side.

Advantages of board beds:

「板式床选购」板式床好吗 板式床选购步骤详解

The difference between board bed and solid wood bed


Which of the panel bed and solid wood bed is better?

1. The difference between board bed and solid wood bed -characteristic style

The solid wood bed is a type of bedding created by natural wood as the main material. In order to highlight the wood grain color of solid wood raw materials, the solid wood bed style is mostly Chinese -style essence. The appearance depicts more modern fashion styles, which can meet the fashion needs of modern consumers.

2. The difference between board bed and solid wood bed -environmental protection function

In terms of gap connection, the combination of the hardware accessories of the board bed is obviously more environmentally friendly than the adhesive adhesive selected by the solid wood bed. Due to the differences in the environmental protection function of the wood itself, the solid wood bed made of natural solid wood is generally less pollution formed by home. Today, today’s human beings are increasingly advocating green environmental protection today, solid wood beds will undoubtedly fit the consumer’s home concept.

「板式床选购」板式床好吗 板式床选购步骤详解

3. The difference between board bed and solid wood bed -disassembling and maintenance

As we already know the different combination methods of solid wood beds and plate beds, as far as this is concerned, the disassembly and transfer of plate beds are more convenient than solid wood beds. Because the artificial board has experienced mechanical processing, it is not easy to crack and deform, so the plate bed made of artificial boards is more stable in function. There are relatively many matters that need to be noticed in the normal maintenance work of solid wood beds. To prevent drying and moisture, avoid direct sunlight.

Step of the purchase of board beds


How to buy on board bed

Pay attention to matching

The style and space are always the first consideration of buying furniture. Considering the color of the furniture and the indoor wall surface, the color of the floor is coordinated, and whether the function meets the actual needs.

Check quality

The surface of the surface is clear and natural, smooth and flat, and has good visual effects and feel. There are no scratches, inscriptions, water traces, bubbles and glue residues on the decorative point. Symmetric furniture should pay attention to the color of the two plates, the consistency and coordination of the lines, so that the board looks like one.

Check the paint film

The lacquer spraying is an important criterion for testing a bed craft. Looking at the paint film, you have to look at the small parts, such as the corners of the corner of the bed, the corner of the bedside, and other corners; there are places often sitting on both sides of the bed. There are more frictions in this place, which is also a place where the paint film is thick.

Ranked skeleton

When buying, you can use your hands to test the skeleton to perceive its elasticity, and you can also stand on the two ribs to measure the weight. In addition, the thickness and quantity of the skeleton skeleton should be taken. There are 26 ribs, and there are about 18 to 22 ordinary ones.

Environmental protection

The environmental protection of materials is also one of the key links that cannot be ignored. At present, the environmental rating is divided into 6 levels from the E0 to E5, which is reduced in order. The international ring bid is E1 and the domestic ring bid is E2. Generally, as long as the E2 standard is met, it is a qualified product.

Pay attention

For example, the door gap and drawer seam are suitable and balanced in the gap, and the door and the drawer should be free and smooth when the door is opened and closed. There is no noise. It also depends on whether the surface of the hardware accessories is peeled off. Whether the edge of the board is collapsed, uneven, and warpage. The good edge should be strictly pasted with the board, the surface is smooth and there is no rough feeling.