This year’s cold air is really disappointed. I remember that I had a cold air -conditioned sleep a week ago. Now I have put on a high -necked bottom shirt …

This is the rhythm that is directly going to winter, and I haven’t given autumn opportunities at all!

It seems that it is time to clean up the long -sealed clothes in the wardrobe.

To say the indispensable wearing items in autumn and winter, then wuli cold artifact

“Little Takaitar”

Must have a name!

The simple and versatile version, whether it is single or overlapped

Showing temperament

Essence I do n’t know how to put on clothes when I go out, it ’s right to choose it!

Today, liya comes to the things about the “small high collar” with the fairy, and open it.

Winter fashion


It’s him!

What are you waiting for, let’s slide your little fingers!

Small high collar+coat

Look 1

It must be indispensable in autumn and winter

woolen coat

The figure is! The stiff silhouette and high -level fabrics look very stylish.


If you choose a jacket with a checkered element, then the solid small turtleneck sweater is too suitable!

“One complex and one simplified”

The combination method is absolutely classic and fashionable.

If you want to add more


You can also stack a color system

Knitting vest

, Will be more styling!

Look 2


Due to his height problems, the fairy may still be a bit difficult to control the long coat.

Then we might as well change my mind and change to wear

Short jacket

It is also full of texture, and it can better optimize the body proportion visually.


In addition, remember to stuff the hem of the inner jacket into the pants so that this can

Increase the waistline

, Even more legs!

Look 3


Non -gender wear

But the “popular player” in the fashion circle, like this set

Chung clothes+small high collar


The combination is cool to fly.

Lower body

Army green straight pants


It is also full of tide, and at the same time, it also has the effect of covering the meat. Sure enough, girls really have nothing to do with boys!

Small high collar+sweater


Look 4


When the soft glutinous knit sweater encounters a warm little high neck, it is like a pair of people who meet each other late

Zhiyin Liangyou


Not only has the common characteristics, but also the advantages of each other to the extreme.

In terms of color, you can choose this

Low saturated khaki color system


There is a kind of elegant and soft visual screen


It feels!

Look 5


There are still unsteady

Twist knitted cardigan

, The three -dimensional line design is very possessive

Ancient sense

Essence Stacking with small black high necks, thin and energetic.


Coupled with casual versatile hair border denim skirt+beret, youthful vitality

Japanese literary girl


You are right!

Look 6

If you want to improve the eye -catching degree of overall shape, liya recommends it in the basic color of black and white and gray

Overlap a bright color


, Can have a good modification effect.

Such as this set


Blue -white

Color matching, choice on top

Short -sleeved sweater

Make stacking, and then expose the sleeves and necklines inside.

In this way, it can neutralize a visual impact and enrich the clothing level, which can be described as one stone!

Small high collar+dress

Look 7

Wearing pants will always worry about exposing the disadvantages of the leg shape. In this case, then you can put it on and down the dress directly.

Solve the thick legs and thick legs

These headaches are problems.



Belt Black skirt+high -necked bottom shirt

The combination, refreshing and age -reducing, can also overlay different types of coats on this basis!

The skirt can be selected for more weight

Cotton fabric

This is more suitable for cold autumn and winter, and it is also very textured.

Look 8


Floral skirt

With a French romantic atmosphere, when you put it on, you will become a book aroma.

Lady Wen Jing


However, a large area of ​​floral elements will inevitably produce a mess. At this time, as long as a small high -neck of a solid color is stacked, it can be effective.

Blended picture

It’s right.


Look 9

If you don’t like layers of layers of dressing, simple and comfortable

Little high -neck dress

Learn about!

I want to save time when I go out in the morning and change it directly


Easy to wear

The dress, add a thick coat to quickly complete a casual and fashionable daily dress,


Learn up yet!

“Little high -collar” is indeed evergreen in the world. As long as there is it in the wardrobe, it is very secure, and there is no need to worry about how to match clothes.

And no matter what style of clothing with it, you can wear a simple and high -level texture. Liya must boast of YYDS!