In the past few years, the prevention and treatment of agricultural pests is more difficult. Many pests have just happened in a few days, especially those who are odd, flour picking, and the life of the generation is too high, basically 5 to 7 days. It will occur twice. So how can we eliminate these stubborn agricultural pests? Today, I will share a way to extend the tossing period by spraying killing ovic-pyrid ethers!

Understand pyridyl ether

The pyridyl ether is a novel insect killing ovibe, which is a few-but mass synthetic inhibitors of insects, mainly by inhibiting the hatching of eggs, the proliferation of larvae, and feathering of puquis.

The main object of prevention and treatment has thistle, aphids, metro, vegetable greenworms, sneakers, etc., and the control spectrum is very wide. According to the relevant data, except the red-white spider and other mites, almost the eggs of all pests are effective! At present, pyridoprium ether on the market is mainly based on 100 g / liter pyridine ether emulsifer. In addition, there are many excellent compound components, such as 10% pyridyl ether. Pyridine suspending agents, 20% methyl salts. Pyridopyl ether suspending agents, 30% pyridyl ether. Aeronitrile suspension.

Pyridopyl ether insects

1) The pyridyl ether is highly active.

Theoretically, one million concentrations can effectively kill eggs


. This means that when we actually play, we can effectively kill the eggs!



There are many ways to form pyridyl ether, and you can give your pests.


Not only directly flicker, but also inhibit the molty of larvae, the feather of


Through this series of effects, the later pests are very small.


The anti-insect spectrum is particularly wide, and almost all pesty eggs can be effectively killed.

This also means that we can join a pack of pyridyl ether to simultaneously kill a variety of pests such as arsena, thriller, and the truly save money!


Effects of chicken chores.

In addition to the murder, the pyridyl ether is given by agricultural production practice, and can replace the killing phosphorus, in accordance with agricultural production practice.

Using pyridyl ether with a pyridium, it takes only 5 to 7 days to effectively insect, and the growers of fruit trees cannot miss this ingredient!


The pyridyl ether can kill eggs at any time, which is the greatest difference in it and the traditional kill.

See the ovulation, there is no period of time, can inhibit the ovity of the adults, so that the eggs produced by the adult milk!


Pyridopyl ether application technology

1) Prevent aphids, thrips, mutual pests and other pests, can be used with 10% pyridyl ether 1500-2000 times spray using thiamazine / pyridine / furus.

2) Prevention and treatment of pests such as greenworms, smoke and greenworms, corn borer, can use methiler salt, insects, indoxan, etc. with 10% pyridyl ether 750-1000 times!

3) Prevention and treatment of 蚧 蚧, single-use effect, generally 10% pyridyl ether 1000-1500 times can effectively alphanity; however, in order to improve insecticidal speed, it is recommended to match inner monohydrid, cis haloithmoxyl ester. !

4) Prevention and treatment of pests specifically short in the interval of rumors, aphids, and white fifases, etc.

It is recommended to use two days in the pest, interval, and two more pyridyl ether, the effect will be great. Even two times, the eggs are killed, and the back worm is certain!

Precautions for use of pyridyl ether

1) It is not recommended to use pyridyl ether alone because its main role is to kill eggs. The single use effect is not obvious, and the effect of killing adult drugs is better!

2) When using pyridyl ether, there are silkworm farming, should be cautious, may affect silkworms!

3) Pay attention to the use of the rotation, and the use of pyridyl ether for a long time can also produce resistance, and can be used to use other types of killings, such as 脲, etc., rotation!

The anti-insects are not killing ovulation, because many kinds of pests, in its high-incidence, its insects, eggs are existing, only to take off the adult, not killing eggs, then in a few days, the pests must have happened again. So you must use ovic!