For professional basketball players, basketball shoes are indispensable in life. Whether it is training or playing games, it directly determines the comfort and the performance of the field. It can be seen that it is important to choose a good pair of basketball shoes.

Different from other shoes, when choosing basketball shoes, many people will make very low -level errors. They believe that the lighter the sneakers, the better the sole. In fact, the following 5 “buy shoes misunderstandings”, see if you step on the thunder?

Misunderstanding 1: The lighter the shoe is, the better


In the stereotype of most people, I feel that the lighter the basketball shoes, the better, and the overweight shoes are not conducive to the performance of the court, and it even looks a little clumsy. Therefore, pursuing “lightweight” has become a buying basketball. One of the standards of shoes.

For professional basketball players, “lightweight” sneakers help increase the speed, and due to long -term training, their own muscle strength is developed, which can relieve the pressure brought by the knee and ankle during acceleration.


For us ordinary people

, The muscle strength itself is not as good as a professional basketball player. Without sufficient core strength support,

Compared with the super lightest basketball shoes, it actually requires a pair of basketball shoes with stability and good cushioning effects.


Misunderstanding 2: The softened the sole, the better

The birth of Boost’s birth has led many people to take “stepping on shit” as the standard for measuring the quality of a pair of basketball shoes, and the softened the sole when buying.

According to many years of basketball experience, when the soles are too soft, basketball shoes are accompanied by fast running and jumping, the whole pair of shoes will give people a feeling of stepping on the sponge, it is easy to collapse and have no rebound. Playing is more difficult.

in summary:

“Stepping on shit” is more suitable for pressing the road, and when choosing basketball shoes, pay more attention to “energy feedback”.

Misunderstanding 3: Buy basketball shoes and don’t pay attention to the shoe code

Considering the comfort of wearing, most people choose the appropriate shoe code when buying basketball shoes. It is not big or small. The purpose is to avoid the sneakers falling off when playing the game.



The best shoe code suitable for basketball players should be more than half size than casual shoes


Because during the game, the feet will become more congested with the longer exercise time. If you choose the shoe code you usually wear, it is easy to squeeze your feet.

If the instep height and the width of the feet, it is best to buy a size.


Misunderstanding 4: High -ranking and low -top safety


In traditional cognition, it is generally believed that high -ranking basketball shoes are safer than low -top gangs. Thanks to their version advantages, it helps protect the ankle to reduce the risk of sprains.

But in fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement, and according to actual combat experience, high or low sneakers have no direct connection with their safety, but because of

Sneakers, support, and anti -anti -sides


Let’s decide. Therefore, when choosing low or high -top basketball shoes, consider these three factors to consider.

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