“Leave marks for love”, express personality, and go to tattoos with blood, but did not expect to launch a hidden danger. When you want to wash off your tattoos, but there is no “regret medicine”, washing the text is more painful and difficult than the tattoo itself, and it is difficult to clean it.

In recent years, the popularity of the tattoo social society has increased and the phenomenon of aging has occurred. Minor humanities have caused social attention. Minors blindly follow the wind, harm geometry? Cultural stores provide tattoo services for minors. Is it infringement? What should I control the blindness of the minors to be blind? Reporters conducted an investigation.


Minors blindly follow the wind body

In recent years, the influence and acceptance of tattoos in my country’s minor group have been significantly up.

In the short video platform, by searching for tattoos, “the first tattoo, you must watch it!” Both are hundreds of thousands or even one million levels. The impact of pattern, novel behavior, and idol impact, the superposition of these factors has attracted many minors to follow the follow -up.

The reporter found through software search such as public comments and Meituan that in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, tattoo stores generally charge for hours, and the charging standards ranged from 200 yuan to 2,000 yuan. Some tattoo patterns are exaggerated and dark.

Earlier, the people’s procuratorate in Zhejiang Province visited the People’s Procuratorate of Zhejiang Province and found that some tattoo shops were set up near the campus of primary and secondary schools. At the same time, none of the business licenses of these tattoo venues showed that they contained tattoo projects, and tattoos were mostly attached to other industries such as beauty and hairdressing.

Industry insiders told reporters that some small -scale shops at present have indeed existence of over -scope of operation and even incomplete licenses; especially in some county and townships in the town studios, the technical level of the tattoo studio is low and the site sanitary conditions are worrying. Some minors are limited to economic conditions and tend to choose low -end places.

In fact, there is no clear regulations in my country to make prohibitions on minors’ humanities. Can the tattoo store provide tattoo service for minors? Lan Jin, a lawyer of Furide Law Firm from the southern Guangdong, believes that from the “most conducive to the principles of minors”, the court tends to determine that tattoo behavior will damage the physical and mental health of minors to a certain extent. Judging from the existing jurisprudence, even if the minor voluntarily tattoos or signing an agreement, if there is no consent and recognition of the guardian, the court is also inclined to identify the infringement or agreement of the operator of the tattoo store.


“The Civil Code stipulates that in order to restrict the ability of civil behavior, minors over eight years of age need to be acting or recognized by the legal agent or by the legal agent, but they can independently implement purely beneficial civil legal acts or with them. Civil legal acts that are compatible with age and intelligence. The behavior of the tattoos of minors is not compatible with its age and intelligence. Therefore, it must be obtained by the consent and recognition of its legal agent to have the effectiveness of civil law. “Xiang Lan Jin said.

Minor humanistic body hidden dangers

Contemporary aesthetic diversity and tolerance, adults use tattoos as ways to express personality, it is understandable. However, for minors who have not yet matured in their bodies and mental development, what are the hidden dangers of blindness?

The essence of modern tattoos is to pierce the skin with ink with a high -frequency needle into the skin with a high -frequency needle, leaving patterns and colors. Guo Qing, the second -level chief physician of the dermatology department of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that the skin is a natural barrier of the human body, which will exclude dyes and cause allergic reactions. If the disinfection is not good, it can also cause bacteria and fungal infections of skin wounds. There is no special medical training in the tattoo division, the operation is irregular, and the risk of skin infection is higher. The development of the immune system of minors is not yet mature, and it is more likely to be infringed.

“What’s more noteworthy is that tattoos have high requirements for sanitary conditions. Tattical needle acts on the skin and may become a medium to spread diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis.” Guo Qing said.

Some minors are exaggerated, some cover large areas of skin, some stay on their faces, and some marks are permanent and difficult to clean and remove.

Guo Qing said that the current tattoos are mainly used to use laser treatment methods to use special lasers to disperse dyes. Dye dyes of different colors are different. For example, red and yellow dyes are more difficult to remove than black and ink -colored dyes. Sometimes they do 5 to 10 laser treatment, and they may not be able to completely disperse dye residues. The general price of a public hospital washed at 1 square centimeter is 300 yuan each time. If a large area of ​​tattoos are cleaned multiple times, it costs at least 10,000 yuan.

In addition, minors’ body will also have an impact on their future joining the army and applying for special requirements for physical conditions. It is the regret of the “post -00s” Xiaolong (pseudonym) because the tattoo cannot sign up for the army. “I made a tattoo at the age of 15, and now I really regret it.” Xiaolong said that he had a mechanical picture on the right half -leg, and a god beast was written on the entire left arm. One does not meet the requirements of the medical examination, and he has lost his dream with the dream of participating in the army.

The reporter noticed that according to the “Standards for the Inspection of Citizens’ Physical Physical Physical Examination”, the facial neck tattoos, the troops with a troop -based physical training suit with a long diameter of more than 3 cm, and other parts of more than 10 cm in other parts are deemed to be a physical examination. Not qualified. Some civil servants’ positions with special requirements for physical conditions, such as the people’s police’s recruitment medical examination, if they have tattoos, they are also deemed to be unqualified in physical examination.

Legislative norms, juvenile humanities voices are rising

In recent years, the issue of minors’ humanities has gradually been paid attention to. Some people interviewed by the legal profession suggested that tattoo can be included in the prohibited behavior of minors, like smoking, drinking and other behaviors.

In response to the prohibited provisions of the humanities of minors without clear regulations in my country, Rao Baoqin, a representative of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, suggested that the legal specifications or judicial interpretations of minor humanities in humanities as soon as possible to make clear restrictions on the age of the tattoo. People do tattoo behavior.

The reporter learned that at present, relevant specifications have been issued in Shaoxing and other places in Zhejiang, such as clarifying the risk prompt form of the tattoo venues; the identity must be checked; This method can be promoted.

In addition, the tattoo institutions are currently not included in the category of medical beauty in my country, and the qualifications and practice rules of tattoo personnel are in a state of lack of supervision. The competent authorities of minors’ humanities are also unclear, the duties of various departments have deviations, and law enforcement authority is unclear.

Rao Baoqin suggested that it should increase its efforts to govern the tattoo industry and introduce relevant industry standards as soon as possible. For example, the qualifications of employees, sources of tattoos, and processing mechanisms are given clear norms and limits.

Minor humanities governance is a systematic project. Rao Baoqin also suggested that guardians and school teachers start from education to give timely psychological counseling and education guidance to minors, so that minors understand the nature of literary cultural nature and possible adverse effects. Let minors consciously resist tattoos. At the same time, the school cannot simply refuse the school, and the school can persuade students to clean the tattoos through education.

Edit: Wang Xing