At 5:7:00 on February 20th, the Long March 2 Ding Yunzai Rockets ignited at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center for the first time. The four new technology test satellites were successfully sent to the scheduled track by one arrow and four -star way.

This launch was the first space launch in my country after the Spring Festival this year. The launching task has achieved a complete success during the special period of anti -fighting epidemic, announcing the official “resumption” of Chinese aerospace.

Three breakthroughs in the Rockets

The Long March 2 Ding Lae Rocket is a second -level carrier rocket developed by the Eighth Hospital of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group. It has single -star and multi -star launch capabilities.

In this task, the Long March 2 Ding achieved three new breakthroughs:

The first is to perform tasks at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center for the first time. The R & D team has conducted a number of adaptive design changes in combination with the requirements of the launch site, detailed and improved the launching field using operating test documents, and implemented table -based management throughout the process to ensure that the launch task is carried out smoothly.

The second is the first use of the new type of measurement and control integrated equipment. The R & D team actively communicated with the launch site, coordinated equipment resettlement, cable laying and other related matters, and adhered to the principle of the maximum generalization rate, and specially designed and developed a set of new types of measurement and control integrated equipment. The scale of the equipment was reduced from the original 16 cabinets to 10, and the software configuration items were reduced from 31 to 15, and the generalization rate of the Long March 4 series of carrier rockets reached 90%.

The third is the launch layout of the four -star string parallel. This configuration is based on the previous two -star connection and double -star parallel. Among the three satellites of the upper co -connected parallel, by increasing the transition cabin to raise the height of a satellite, the wrong layer layout is achieved to meet the package requirements of each satellite. Due to the increase in the transition cabin, the height of the whole arrow increased to 46.7 meters, nearly 6 meters more than the conventional state, which brought a lot of challenges to the design of the rocket system.

This launch is a special period of fighting the new type of coronary virus pneumonia all over the country. The task cycle spans the Spring Festival. The Star Arrow Test Team of the Eighth Hospital strives to fight against the prevention and control of the epidemic and the fight against scientific research and production tasks, strictly implement the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control, through the advance command, optimize the process, refine the plan nodes, strengthen risk identification, scientific allocation of resources, etc. The measures ensure that the task is missing and the prevention and control is not missing.

The youth commando holds the satellite

Among the 4 new technology test satellites launched this time, the F star was developed by the Aerospace Oriental Red Satellite Co., Ltd. of the Fifth Hospital of Aerospace Technology Group. In order to ensure the successful success of the model launch task, the new technology test satellite F -star youth commando team faces severe epidemic challenges, and is in front of equipment handling and expansion, overtime testing, tower duty, players’ physical temperature statistics, and distribution of epidemic prevention materials. It contributed youthful power to seize model launch tasks and epidemic prevention and control.

After the 30th year, the dispatcher Zhao Shuo entered the protection anxiety cycle mode: “What can we do besides wearing a mask? Do I want to bring a goggles? Will the goggles not take a sunglasses? “Everyone joked, let him declare that he needs to be isolated from Beijing, so he does not have to go to the launch field. He took it seriously: “The launch field must go, the key is how we protect it.” This kind of “timid” that is afraid of “biased towards Hushan”, let everyone admire.

“Insert and remove” is one of the key steps for the launch site. In order to ensure the completion of the task, the experimental player Yang Lei has trained over and over again during the joint inspection. The ground is cold and the cabin is small. He can only see how he operates in half of his body in the rectifier, and no one can see it. Because the operation room on the tower is too small, it is not possible to meet the interval between one meter and one meter during the epidemic prevention, and Yang Lei actively demands that he is standing outside the operation room. The severe winter tower was cold, and he was wrapped tightly with down jackets, and he couldn’t see a trace of complaints on his face. With him withdrawing the cable, the rescue team has him, everyone’s evaluation of him is one word- “stable”.

There are also many young people like them who use youth and blood to make extraordinary struggles in ordinary positions. In the future, the 60 young commando teams of the Fifth Hospital will always adhere to “the epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, and the scientific research tasks are constantly moving.”

Epidemic prevention war in the depth of the ocean

In addition to the satellite and Rockets test teams for the “resumption of work” of Chinese aerospace, there are Yuanwang 3 ships that go to the ocean to complete the maritime measurement and control missions at the ocean.

To keep the epidemic prevention and control bottom line, you can do a good job of the main task line. Dong Xiangkui, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yuanwang No. 3, said that in order to ensure the steady mission during the epidemic and ensure the physical and mental health of the crew, a number of protective measures were implemented on board.

After sailing, every day at 10 pm, the person in charge of the regional epidemic prevention shall be fully eliminated on the workshop workplace and office area. Every morning, the crew can go to the work area after confirming their own conditions and body temperature. In addition, the person in charge of each system also needs to perform secondary body temperature measurement outside the computer room, and then officially take the job after passing.

At the same time, Yuanwang No. 3 ships a mask and disinfection supplies for each crew, and organizes the sea medical team to establish a system of diagnosis and patrol. Essence

On this basis, according to the time node arranged by the task plan, various system listening orders on the board to carry out various preparations in an orderly manner, and closely organize the joint equipment joint and task documents of the ship, conduct technical exchange dialogue, emergency plan drill and test verification technical status. In -depth analysis of the characteristics of the target signal, optimize the equipment participation strategy, highlight the practical exercises of targeted tasks, effectively control the risk and special difficulties of tasks, and continuously improve the ability of the participants.

A series of active and effective protection measures ensure the smooth implementation of the task. In the early morning of the 20th, the depths of Yuanwang 3 ships in the depths of the ocean cooperated with each other, and the target capture was timely, accurate measurement measurement, and complete and effective data acquisition. Duan measurement and 4 new technical test satellite active segments and the first lap test control tasks.

Editor -in -chief: Li Wenyao