Xinjiang Flying Tigers won the championship.

The CBA champion Xinjiang team hat is priced at 139 yuan.

The CBA champion Xinjiang team commemorates T -shirt. The price of physical stores and online flagship stores is 199 yuan.

Li Ning’s specialized railway bureau Huijia store, the model shows the same T -shirt of the Flying Tigers.

CBA Champion Xinjiang Flying Tigers’ Memorial Hat, T -shirt and Boots.

CBA Xinjiang Champions Memorial Shoes, 639 yuan.

Xinjiang Morning News (Text/Picture Reporter Li Wen) Xinjiang’s 2016-2017 season CBA championship, Xinjiang Feihu’s outstanding performance in the competition has also inspired fans’ consumption enthusiasm. Today, a reporter from Xinjiang Morning News visited many Li Ning specialty stores in the capital to learn that the limited edition champion of sports caps, T -shirts, and basketball shoes of the same models are very “favored”, and the same models printed with the Flying Tigers LOGO are also hot. It is expected to arrive on the store on April 16.

It is understood that the same hat of the Flying Tigers champion is 139 yuan, T -shirt 199 yuan, and basketball shoes 639 yuan. Located on the Li Ning store in Beijing Road Huijia Times Square, from April 8th to 10th, three days have sold 180 champion T -shirts, 8 pairs of basketball shoes, and 50 of the same sports caps have been exhausted.

“Now there are only 180 and 185 large -size models left in T -shirts, and only 4 pairs of basketball shoes are 39 and 40.” Ms. Ma Ms. Ma said that because it is a limited edition, the amount of goods is not large. There are only 12 stores in the city’s 53 stores in the same championship.

The shop clerk Zheng Dongbin is a hardcore fan. After working on April 8, he immediately bought a championship T -shirt for himself, and then opened the “busiest year” model. “The first customer was just 11 o’clock when we came. We were still cleaning. He took a T -shirt and a hat, and the two legs were not idle on the weekend, and kept picking up the goods.” Fans who come to buy the champion have a teenage middle school student, young people in their twenties and 30 years old, and middle -aged middle -aged people in their 40s.

However, while many fans grabbed the championship, some fans still attached to the pre -sale version of the printed with the Flying Tiger LOGO. “The same championship is divided into two stages. First of all, the Xinjiang champion of the Xinjiang champion sold began in April 8. T -shirts, hats, and basketball shoes are prepared in advance; The same model of the team, after all, it takes time to drive up the clothing. “Ms. Ma said that the store currently receives more than 70 pre -sale T -shirts from customers.

Li Ning specialty store staff told the Xinjiang Morning News reporter that the store’s championship was also very hot. Multiple pre -sale orders. “

The 26 -year -old citizen Li Gang is a fan. This time, he bought a commemorative T -shirt and basketball boots in the physical store, and ordered the newly -flying champion hat of Xinjiang Feihu online. The growth of Xinjiang this time, let me understand that there will always be a return. I think that the success of Feihu is enough to affect my life.

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