On April 19, actor Jia Jingwen posted a recent photo of two daughters on the social platform, and said that “there is a mother and a daughter, this kind of courage is natural, and it is really interesting to explore the ecology of crawling animals.” Essence


From the picture, it can be seen that Jia Jingwen’s 5 -year -old daughter was wearing glasses and masks, and a long snake hanging on her neck, which made people look scared, but she still enjoyed it very much. She dared to watch the snake. It looks like a snake, and he is even more afraid of it.

Jia Jingwen’s two younger daughters were inherited to her mother’s appearance. Since childhood, they have been cute and beautiful, and their eyes are shining.

However, Jia Jingwen had sent a long text that he was unfortunately suffering from congenital amblyopia. The degree between her two eyes was 600 degrees, but the doctor said that there was a high degree of visual differences from naturalness, but there was no earlier discovery. Now I have put on glasses to correct it, but the cricket wearing glasses is still beautiful, and the ancient spirit is weird.


Jia Jingwen gave birth to two daughters after she got married with her husband Xiu Jiekai. She took her daughter to participate in the variety show “Mom is Superman” and let her daughter enter the audience’s vision. The daughter’s performance in the show depends on her mother.


Jia Jingwen and her husband paid great attention to their children’s companionship, and never absent from any important stage of their growth. A few days ago, she also showed photos of her birthday to celebrate her daughter. The younger sister celebrated her birthday, and the family’s atmosphere was very harmonious.

In the future, I also wish that I can grow up healthily and happily, and I am very happy to live in such a happy family. I also wish Jia Jingwen and her husband a better development in their careers.