The weather is getting hotter and less and less clothes.

Many people have bought sunscreens, and there are many types of sunscreen clothes, but it is not necessarily true if it can really be sunscreen.

Moreover, many people have also followed the sunscreen. It is really easy to rusty, or too much sports and leisure, and the applicable scenarios are limited.

How to choose, how to match this season’s sunscreen clothes, more fashionable and elegant. Today, I will share some small experience with you today.


How to choose sunscreen?

Most of the transparent and light shirt -type sunscreen, or thin needles, can only play a little physical “light blocking”, not a real sunscreen.

The principle of sunscreen clothes is also simple, that is, special treatment of clothes fabrics, increasing sunscreen coating, reflecting and scattering of ultraviolet rays, reducing damage to the skin.

The regular sunscreen will indicate the UPF sunscreen index. The higher the index, the better the sun protection effect. In 2011, our country already issued the “Evaluation of Textiles and UV resistance”. The standard stipulates that only when the UPF is greater than 30, and the UVA (long wave ultraviolet) is less than 5%, it can be called “anti -ultraviolet product”.

Therefore, if you want to buy a sunscreen with a really sunscreen effect, you must look at the UPF and UVA index. The color of sunscreen also affects the effect of sunscreen. The yellow sunscreen is the lowest, the black and red phase exposure is relatively high, and the effects of other colors are not much worse.

In addition, it is best not to wash it with laundry powder often, because washing may cause losses of sunscreen coating and reduce the sun protection effect. It is best to use water to wash sunscreen.


How to put sunscreen?


Generally speaking, this type of sunscreen with a hat is leisurely. How can we match the look of fashion or suitable for work and commute?


① Japanese commuting: sunscreen+T -shirt+jeans

This match seems to be ordinary, the key is the choice of single. First of all, sunscreen can be selected with low saturation color. Generally, cold colors are easier to show temperament than warm colors. Then, the t -shirt neckline of the inside is relatively high, it is best to be a small round neck, which will look more formal.


Jeans can be selected according to the shape of the legs. If you wear it at work, it is best to prefer or straight trousers. It is also very extra points for a thin brown belt. Bags and shoes are not suitable for choosing too rigorous styles, such as straw -edited tab or white canvas shoes, which can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

The blue denim skirt with a length of the knee is light blue sunscreen, which is also gentle and white, and compared to knitwear, this style of sunscreen also has the effect of reducing age.


② Significant leisure: sunscreen+shorts


The combination of sunscreen and shorts, the unique girl’s summer freshness. Tie a high ponytail, full of vitality, is very suitable for fitness or outdoor travel.

You can also put a pair of leggings on the basis of shorts, sweat and sunscreen, and sunscreen, which is suitable for outdoor fitness.


Changeing double shoes can make this set more interesting: black leather shoes+the same color middle socks, shorts should not choose the style of Tai Sports, the five -point “little boy pants” style is the British college, neutral fashionable Essence

③ Fashionable and handsome: sunscreen+sports BRA

The self -confidence of the body can challenge the advanced method of wearing. The sunscreen is made of sports BRA.

If you do n’t change it on the top, paired with denim pants, and a fisherman hat, the style is more neutral. Of course, the conservative one can also pull the zipper and put it on, and at the same time, the corners of the clothes are stuffed into the pants. It is better to wear a ordinary top.

Okay, today

Sunscreen wear

That’s it. Did the cool girls take notes?

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