In the past, the absolute incident of salary increase and benefits was happy, but now Ran Kelan is not happy.

She even wondered if Lu Yu broke her mind?

“The next time I dare to resign with me, it is not only the person in the data department, but also your Ran family.” Lu Yu released a fierce words.

Ran Kelan looked at Lu Yu, who was frightened by Ran Kelan’s face, what he said was frightening.

He is definitely a demon! It’s Satan!

Seeing that Ran Kelan stopped talking, he showed the default attitude. Lu Yu said with a whisper, “This time, Grandpa is really seriously ill.”

Ran Kelan suddenly realized that all he did for the old man.

“Okay, I’ll stay!”

Ran Kelan’s phrase is like a key, which opened every psychological lock.

After solving concerns and calming the anger, Lu Yu had a leisurely mood and looked at Ran Kelan.

What is she wearing? It’s like a goddess.

Bastard is ugly!

“Who asked you to wear it like this? See what is it?” Lu Yu pulled the skirt of Ran Kelan’s body: “The skirt is so big!” Det again Don’t tie! “Staring at her feet:” A pair of white shoes, is it good?

Speaking little by little by little by little, the face of the data department has more black lines on the face.

Very suitable!

Where is ugly!

Many people think about this natural beauty of nature, and they can’t think of it!

Ran Kelan did not take his words at all: “If you want to be punished, you will be punished, but your appreciation is really unhappy.”

Lu Yu was in a good mood and didn’t care about her: “Today, you can take a vacation!” Then he turned and left.

As soon as I was stirred up by the president early in the morning, all people were equal to picking up their lives from the edge of life and death. If they didn’t celebrate well, they were really sorry for themselves, and naturally they lost their minds.

As soon as the president left, everyone began to discuss the joy of going to get off work after work after work. After a while, they decided to go to K song.

“Who are you invited?”

“Well!” Everyone’s eyes looked at the most eye-catching person today-Ran Kelan!

“Well, I invite everyone to K song after class!” Ran Kelan took the heavy responsibility.

Who asked her to involve the entire department!

“Team, where did you buy this skirt on you? Why have I never seen it?”

Someone reached out to touch Ran Kelan’s body and touched it again.

The fabric of this skirt on her body is very slippery, thin, very light, feel very comfortable, and exquisite in workmanship. It is really not a common material on the market.

“I don’t know where I can buy it, it was sent by others.” This was bought for her when I took a bath last night. Know how much money.

“Group leader, ask your friend, we want to buy too.”

Women’s minds are the same, and they want to have anyone who is good.

Seeing so many pairs of eyes looked at himself, Ran Kelan was difficult to feel affection. In addition, because of her today, all people were scared by Lu Yu for half death. For the compensation mentality, she took out her mobile phone to find the morning. Number, the first time I called Shi Feng’s call.

Half a minute later, the phone passed. Because of her colleague, she dared not expose the other party’s name, so he had to say, “I am Ran Kelan.”

“Huh? Is there something?” Shi Feng’s voice was particularly attractive on the phone and was full of magnetic.

Ran Kelan turned his head slightly and opened the distance, fearing that colleagues heard the content of the phone: “Girlfriend, girlfriend …”

There was a smile on the phone.

Ran Kelan’s cheeks became red immediately. Isn’t it to cheat these ears in front of him?

“My colleague wants to ask where I bought the skirt I wore? They have never seen it, and they want to find a place.”

“Wait for me twenty minutes.”

“Ah? Oh!” Ran Kelan hung up before Ran Kelan reacted.

“How is it? Where did you buy it?”

Ran Kelan shook his head helplessly, so he had to wait for 20 minutes to wait for the phone.

Shi Feng may be busy.

Even twenty minutes, the girls were not idle.

“Team, your skin is good, what skin care products do you use?”

Ran Kelan touched her face, what high -end people who saved like her?

“I don’t use any brand of skin care products, I just make a bottle of mask. After each time I finish washing, I wiped some hydration and moisturizing.”

“Homemade mask? How to do it?”

Everyone here is interested.

“White vinegar and gly glycerin! Based on a ratio of 2: 1, use it three times a day to whiten the skin in one month to remove the dark spots.” Ran Kelan said his secret recipe.

“Really so amazing?”

“You can try.”

“I must try it. I have used this for half a year. The expensive life has not been good at the skin of the team leader. It is really angry.”

Everyone took this self -made formula with notes.

“Leader Ran Kelan Ran, the data department, you have a package!”

As the voice fell, the fifteen exquisite packaging gift boxes were neatly sent in.

“There are fifteen in total, please sign.”

“I don’t have shopping, are you wrong?” Ran Kelan shook his head quickly.

“Are you called Ran Kelan?”


“That’s right.”


A pen was sent to her hand, and she glanced at her name, but she was empty.

“Who sent it to me?”

“I don’t know, sign it quickly, I will send the next family.”

“Oh, thank you!” Ran Kelan signed his name.

Fifteen boxes were quiet on the table, and Ran Kelan looked at them in a daze.

“Team, what are you buying?” Someone couldn’t help it.

Ran Kelan shook her head, she didn’t shop online at all. Where did the package come from? If it wasn’t for her own name, she thought it was wrong.

“Open it, I often forget what I bought, and I have to remember it after opening it.”

Ran Kelan picked up one of the boxes to come to the ribbon. After opening, she was stunned.

In the box is a purple skirt, the fabric and style are the one wearing it.

It turned out that this was sent by Shi Yanfeng. The twenty minutes he said was the time to send.

He was too fast. She had no psychological preparations, but just wanted to ask the address, so she received so many gifts for no reason.

“Wow, so many skirts?” Everyone’s eyes looked straight, and their faces were envious.

“Leader, you are so generous.”

Fifteen …

Ran Kelan silently counted her group of people. Without her, there were not many, and there were just fifteen.

Ran Kelan understood Shi Yan Feng’s meaning, and said quietly: “These are all for you.”

“It’s all for us?”



Suddenly, a cheerful laughter broke out.

“Then we are not polite.”

“You can get it yourself.” Ran Kelan was also dumbfounded.

She can only put these fifteen skirts now.