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my country is already the most veritable wind power country. Under the “double carbon” goal, wind power, as one of the clean energy sources, will also usher in further high -speed development.

According to statistics, the cumulative installed capacity of my country’s wind power in 2020 has reached 281 million kilowatts, ranking first in the world for many years. In the first half of this year, China surpassed the UK on the accumulated aircraft installed at sea, and won another “world first in the new energy field. “”.

Among the many components of the wind turbine, the wind testing sensor is the only wind power sensor installed outside the cabin. It mainly relies on imports before 2015. Now the domesticization rate of this product has exceeded 80%. Zhejiang Beiliangfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beliangfeng”) is the first person of “breaking”. The 21st issue of “Wenzhou Good Products”, pay attention to how Bei Liangfeng can make the wind generator have China’s own “eyes” and “ears”.

Wind -power generators control the working status through wind direction tracking and wind speed measurement. Wind sensor is equivalent to the information collector of the wind power generator. At present, the internationally used wind speed and wind direction measurement technology has mechanical measurement and ultrasonic measurement. Bei Liangfeng can focus on the latter. Its independently developed ultrasonic wind speed direction instrument uses the speed difference between the transmission of ultrasonic waves on the smooth wind and anti -wind path to determine the wind speed.

Bei Liangfeng’s ultrasonic wind speed direction instrument also innovated and reduced the volume of the equipment. The scope of applications was wider, and transportation and storage saved more space. At the same time, the product also optimizes the performance of anti -freezing and freezing rain. In extremely cold weather, even if the ultrasonic probe is covered by ice and snow, the wind sensor will not fail.

In 2015, the BLF1-C ultrasonic wind speed wind direction instrument was launched, and for the first time in the domestic wind power market, a domestic batch application was realized, breaking the monopoly situation of foreign products. In the past six years, Beliangfeng has been able to supply more than 60,000 sets of ultrasonic wind speed direction (nearly 50,000 units), and the size of the installation has reached 90GW, accounting for 15.2%of the total total installed capacity of the world, 6 consecutive consecutive consecutive way The annual market share is the number one in the country.

Bei Liangfeng was established in 2008. It is currently the largest domestic and core domestic supplier design, research and development, manufacturing, and service. In 2009, the company established the Beiliangfeng R & D Center, and continued to invest in huge funding to purchase R & D equipment. There were four independent standardized wind tunnel laboratories. Intercourse, dust, rain (frozen rain), salt fog, aging, EMC and other environmental laboratories. Its independent research and development of wind speed wind -oriented sensors and rotation limit switches have formed more than 20 varieties of three series. Cumulative 8 models of wind direction wind speed sensors are included in provincial -level industrial new product development projects. , India, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Panama, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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