The crowd still kept his nose at the door.

Ye Xuan’er’s legs were sour. She secretly poked Ye Yaxi and muttered her mouth: “Sister, I can’t stand it anymore, is this Xue Tai cured?”

Ye Yaxi’s eyebrows were locked, because she heard the three sisters in it in the words of Xue Taiyi just now.

She is very puzzled at this moment. What can Ye Qingxuan do it inside?

Feeling someone poke her, just when she turned her head, Ye Xuan’er was complaining. She sighed slightly: “Xuan Er, Dad is waiting, you can bear it first, okay?”

“Hmm …” Ye Xuan’er reluctantly replied: “Okay.”

Although this Ye Xuan’er is one month older than Ye Ling’er, this brain is really not as good as Ye Ling’er, and her behavior is slightly simple.

Probably, after another, the door of the room was finally opened from the inside.

Ye Qingzheng came out from the inside and glanced at Ye Weicheng, and said coldly: “The poison has been solved, and the five sisters will wake up tonight. I also hope that my father will remember that condition. The Taiyi was present, and she was not afraid that Ye Weicheng would play.

Li didn’t care about anything, and rushed into the house in a hurry to see Ye Ling’er.

Ye Weicheng faced Ye Qingzheng’s sharp eyes and stunned, and then said coldly: “I know.” No need to remind you.

After that, I rushed into the house and went to see my daughter.

Ye Qingzheng was about to leave, but she was at Ye Yaxi’s gaze, but Ye Yaxi held her lightly without any expression.

Ye Qingzheng just glanced at a faint glance and turned away.

She was so tired that she had to go back to sleep well.

When Ye Qingzheng left, Ye Yaxi took Ye Xuan’er into the house.

At this moment, Xue Taiyi was accepted the prescriptions given by Ye Qingzheng and said at Ye Weicheng: “The prime minister, the lower official will go back to the medicine first, and wait for the matching to let people send it.”

Ye Weicheng nodded, “Thank you, Xue Xue.”

Xue Taiyi smiled slightly: “The prime minister, this is the credit of Miss San, and the officer just started.”

Ye Qingzheng’s credit?

Ye Yaxi glanced at Ye Xuan’er, who was ignorant, and said: Ye Qingyi would detoxify?

She also inquired about it, knowing that Ye Ling’er was poisoned, and she was also surprised.

Li and Ye Weicheng quickly ran to the bed, and saw Ye Ling’er’s face, and his hands were bandaged with white cloth, and the bag was like mummy.

However, it should be a lot of it, at least it doesn’t look as swollen as that.

In the end, Ye Yaxi and Ye Xuan’er looked at Ye Ling’er. They left without saying anything.

Only Li’s keeps Ye Ling’er. As for Ye Weicheng, since he is okay, he will leave with confidence to deal with the rumors outside today.


Ye Qingzheng just stepped into Qingwanyuan, and a 13 -year -old girl immediately rushed into her arms.

She stepped back a few steps, and the little girl quickly came out of her arms and cried: “Miss!”

Ye Qingzheng saw it clearly. The little girl was her girl. She followed the original owner since she was a child. At the same time she was locked up by Ye Ling’er yesterday, Xiaoyu was also locked up by Ye Ling’er.

She cared about: “Xiaoyu, Ye Ling’er didn’t bully you last night?”

The original owner was beaten for only a breath, and he was thrown into the wilderness. Therefore, the original owner’s maid, Ye Ling’er will definitely not let go.

Xiaoyu calmed down and said, “Miss, after the slave was closed by Miss Wu last night, Miss Wu never appeared again, so she did not bully the slave. I just didn’t know what was going on, and the slaves were released again.”


Ye Qingxin said: Maybe it was released by Ye Weicheng?

Ye Qingzheng patted Xiaoyu’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Xiaoyu, can you cook? I’m so hungry!”

“Miss, of course, slavery, and lady, aren’t you the food made by slavery the most?” Xiaoyu smiled.

“Oh,” Ye Qingzheng scratched his head: “I’m not afraid that you will be closed last night, and the craftsmanship is sparse.”

Xiaoyu laughed: “How is it possible, lady, slaves do now.”

After that, Xiaoyu immediately fucking to cook Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingzheng returned to his room, closed the door, and conflicted the ring on his forehead, narrowed his eyes, and saw the soul ring system.

She wanted to go in for a lap. After all, Xue Taiyi was here. She was really not good for staying in it for too long. In some places, she hadn’t visited it.

Suddenly, she found a book in the Tibetan Pavilion, a book about Tianxuan Continent.

After opening it, she knew that there were four major powers in this place, namely: Nanning State, Dongying Kingdom, Xikang State, and Northern Qi Kingdom.

Moreover, her country at this moment is Nanning, the women of Nanning can sing and dance, and they are proficient in piano and calligraphy.

Therefore, the original owner would always be looked down on by the people in the house and looked down on by the sisters.

However, she now has a golden finger and is good at medical poison.

In other words, she can use the soul ring system to have a more powerful poisonous technique.


Ye Qingzheng had woke up, and at this moment she stared at the ceiling above her head bored.

When I was thinking about who was poisoned by Ye Ling’er, I heard someone on the roof. Although the other party was very powerful, as a agent, she could not escape her ears.

She quickly climbed up the roof, and saw that there was a dark shadow looking around not far away, as if she was looking for something.

She quickly chased it, but soon the other party noticed that a cold wind suddenly struck Ye Qingyu, and Ye Qingxuan flickered agile and avoided it.

The man in black stopped, and turned to stare at Ye Qingyu vigorously, saying coldly, “Isn’t it you?” Isn’t she dead? And died for three years.

Ye Qing’s lips raised a smile, which was very surprised: “Do you know me?”

The other party did not speak, but took out the sword and cut it directly towards Ye Qingyu, with a cold wind on the sword.

Ye Qingzheng’s figure flashed and avoided this sword.

She has noticed it, and the other party wants to test whether she will martial arts, and to force her to shoot. However, she didn’t shot because she couldn’t expose herself.

The man in black seemed to be unwilling. This time, he added 80 % of the internal force. He jumped up and jumped behind Ye Qingzheng, and he hit the internal force.

Ye Qingxuan had no time to dodge this time, and she subconsciously reached out to block the internal force. Who knew that the internal force was directly collected by the soul ring system.

In order to prevent the people in black from discovering the soul ring, Ye Qingzheng quickly covered the soul ring with another hand.

The man in black looked at the opposite person to bear his internal force, and he was unharmed. He was surprised but surprised in his eyes: “You actually …” Can I bear my 80 % internal force?

Suddenly thinking about something, his eyes flashed, and he turned and ran.

Ye Qingzheng wanted to catch up, but the grandson running the thief is fast!

In a blink of an eye, there was no trace that disappeared …!