How to choose children’s ski gloves?

Comprehensive consideration from the following five points:

The first: fabric quality

The quality of the fabric is of course the first element of ski gloves. After all, skiing and wrestling and bumps are unavoidable. Therefore, when we choose ski gloves, the fabric must have a certain good performance of anti -cutting, abrasion and tear -resistant scratch.

Second: Waterproof fabric


Ski gloves must have waterproof performance when used outdoors. Avoid contact with cold air and snow with both hands. Most of them use leather, rubber or chemical fiber materials as external fabrics.


Third: keep warm and breathable


It is the basic requirement as a ski glove to keep warm. Exercise will inevitably produce sweat. If the hand exercise sweats cannot be volatilized in time, the humid inside of the gloves will not be comfortable, and the amount of exercise will also produce a cold feeling. If the hand is sweating and impermeable, it is easy to produce a bad smell, which is unbearable.


Fourth: Fingers Finger Gloves (Poor Demon Plate Requirement)

Sliding double boards need to use finger gloves, so as to ensure flexible finger operations, easy and convenient upper and lower cable cars, zippel in snow, take things, adjust snowboards, sleds, etc. When choosing, the size should be appropriate, and the thickness should be moderate.

Fifth: non -slip performance

The non -slip performance of ski gloves must be possessed, so that we can be more firm and reliable when we grasp. The palm of your finger must be non -slip, which is more convenient to grab the snow battle, snowboard, drag, cable car, etc.


Next, I recommend some practical ski gloves

Torch people B733 Blue Children’s Ski Gloves

The torch children’s ski gloves gather the advantages of warmth, pills, water splashing, and anti -slip resistance. The double-layer warm velvet cycles are used for children aged 4-6. The inner layer is filled with silk to keep it warm; the outer windproof fabric is matched with thick short plush, soft and skin -friendly, effectively blocking cold air, and keeping warm in the gloves. The full palm is made of high -quality soft PU, which enhances friction, high non -slip, high abrasion resistance, and is safer when the baby is playing. There is also the wrist design and magic stickers that are invisible and windproof.


AMENGWEI with velvet thickened children’s ski gloves

This children’s ski gloves in Omonwei are designed with magic stickers, which is convenient to wear, and easy to adjust the gloves. Ploves are comfortable and close to the inside, light and soft, and can resist cold and warm. Palm non -slip, non -slip and wear -resistant, thereby increasing grip. Waterproof fabrics are not afraid of rainfall, so that the gloves are dry and warm. This glove can keep warm, and it will not feel frozen in the cold northern region, making the baby happier.

FILA Felile Children’s wear -resistant ski gloves

Brand: Founded in 1911, Founded in 1911, it is positioned as senior sports fashion, and has developed a series of sports clothing products such as tennis, golf, fitness, skiing, mountaineering, basketball, and the FILA China trademark operation right owned by Baili International in 2009. And responsible for promoting and distributing FILA Chinese trademarks in Greater China. This Floor children’s wear -resistant ski gloves are a new product launched by File.

The fabrics of File children’s ski gloves are nylon, amino and polyester fibers, and there are three styles: full seal, RD trolley and bond of crystal powder. Five -finger ski gloves are made of imported Oxford nylon cloth. With color with brand attributes, fashion keeps warm. This product is newly launched in the winter of 2021, suitable for children over 9 years of age.

Ouyu Children’s Outdoor Ski Warm Gloves


Ou Yu children’s ski gloves add velvet inside, double the wind and warmth effect; the full palm surrounds design, 360 ° locked temperature. Add the inner layer of the cotton, comfortable and warm; the lining is upgraded to the upgrade of coral velvet, soft and comfortable, resisting cold; dense windproof cotton can resist cold air; water -proof water -proof is invisible, water droplets are automatically condensed, and gloves are not immersed. Quartet protection, warmth, and elastic wrist design. The baby is relieved, and the mother is at ease. The palm uses PU leather fabric, non -slip and wear -resistant. Magic stickers can be adjusted tightly, preventing loses can help storage, and it is not easy to lose.

lemonkid children with velvet thick waterproof ski gloves

Brand: Lemon Baby Brand is affiliated with Huzhou Laimeng Children’s Products Co., Ltd. It was founded in 2014. Mainly operate children’s rainware, schoolbags, shoes and hats, and children’s clothing accessories. This LEMONKID children with velvet thick waterproof ski gloves are designed and launched in order to take care of the baby’s delicate little hand.


Lemonkid children’s ski gloves have three layers of warmth, adding inside the velvet, which can effectively prevent wind and cold, and it is not easy to fade. Adopt a full finger insulation design, with a slippery slice at the palm of the palm. Anti -splashing fabric+fine windproof cotton+tais cotton+inside coral velvet, multi -layer warmth. Select thickened soft velvet, comfortable and soft inside, can keep warm to keep warm, and keep the warmth inside the gloves. The newly upgraded waterproof fabric, the droplets are automatically condensed, the gloves are dry, and the skiing is not afraid of freezing. Connecting buckle design to prevent single loss and easy storage and carrying.

KK tree Kocotree children’s ski gloves

Brand: Kocotree is a Korean children’s accessories brand. The Chinese name is Fun. The Korean KOCOTREE brand is mainly dedicated to mid -to -high -end green environmental protection children’s products. Kocotree’s series of products are colorful, unique, practical, and good in quality. This Kocotree’s children’s gloves are suitable, the quality is also very good, and it has good cost performance.

KK tree children’s ski gloves use thickened fine velvet, warm and skinny and comfortable. The outer layer of water splashing fabrics can easily respond to rain and snow, and play in winter. The palm of the rabbits and unicorn has a non -slip dot glue particle design, and it is easy to play with snow; the elastic wrist design, the elasticity does not leak wind, the expansion is free of hand, which can adapt to different hands. After professional quality inspection certification, this product meets the quality inspection standards of Class A, and the mother is more assured.